The male masseur you wanted! You finally found him here!

So hello and welcome to Barcelona and to this site about gay massage!
I am Paco, the male masseur specialised in tantric and erotic massages.

Many other exclusive masseurs are advertising on this website. Check them out, they are amazing!

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Don’t forget reading massage versus virus, the way we focus on health and safety.

After Showing my pictures and videos I will also showcase all the different services you are soon going to enjoy!

You have 3 different massage choices for a start, besides 2 different locations!

The expert male masseur in Barcelona

Paco gay massage Barcelona

More and more gay men prefer expert masseurs. Money doesn’t grow on the trees, so this is the safest investment for the perfect massage experience! Paco has his own gay massage studio in Barcelona. He is also available for outcall in Barcelona, Castelldefels, Sitges and the Barcelona metropolitan area.

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Exclusive masseurs
Exclusive masseurs

See even more gay masseurs available in Barcelona! They are showing on this website so you have an abundant choice of excellent professionals! Check all the exclusive masseurs!

From hairy to smooth, from cut to uncut, from young to expert! Ask for the personal talents you prefer!

Male masseur offering gay massage services

Massage styles and prices

Choose among 3 groups of massages:

The most affordable massage is relaxing Tantra massage, the unique experience! So worth it cent by cent!

Prostate massage is the blissful stimulation of chakra number 1, the genuine Tantric experience!

Finally, the most amazing and also most popular interactive tantric massage, the extremely sensual experience because it goes further than just static receiving massage. Consequently it allows you to engage in the sexiest mutual massage.

Visit gay massage center, right in the most convenient area of central Barcelona: the Gay-Eixample!

Always the right temperature: AC for hot Summer days and heated in Winter! Clean, discrete and professional!

The safest environment for your best gay massage in Barcelona: no other clients, full bathroom with shower facilities, also bottled water as a welcome.

Also following the widest range of safety and sanitary guidelines to avoid covid-19.

Absolutely! You can ask your chosen male masseur to visit you in your hotel room. Free of extra charges for traveling inside the city of Barcelona! Besides, always discrete, safe, punctual and reliable!

This is what we call outcall massage to hotels!

Finally, please contact to request availability of the exclusive masseur you prefer for a given time!


Many customers left their reviews of massage and you are absolutely welcomed to check them.
If reviews about massage and testimonials about our erotic service are relevant to you I encourage you to check them. Here you will be able to read quite a lot of more information about my services. Precisely what other customers have felt and how they describe the massage in their own words.

On this link you will be able to see also the reviews about the exclusive masseurs.

Must admit

“I hate the word “best” when it is used for self describing. Though I must admit it is appropriate to describe your services. After trying Paco in Sitges I tried Gustavo in Barcelona and then Hugo in Madrid. And this adjective is true for all of them.”

More testimonials.


“Since this is prohibited in my country I haven’t been touched by a man for ages. Let alone by a male masseur. Now I am in Barcelona l wanted to know what it feels like to be with a man but yet I do not dare to have sex. Because I panic under the idea of sex. But your massage has been something really special. Maybe I am afraid a regular sex partner will be unable to deliver the same momentum of warmth, control and balance. Your job is exquisite!”

More testimonials.

Far beyond expected

“I did not plan to have two massages in two days. After trying Paco I found I had discovered a new language in sex. Then I thought Tom would be a somewhat deceiving experience to compare with. Though the aftermath was even more amazing. Because both are so different, so unique, so special. It’s hard to tell who’s best. Both deliver experiences far beyond expectations”.

More testimonials.

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Choose your male masseur

So are you looking for the hottest gay massage in Barcelona?

I am this male masseur serving both in-call and out-call. My name is Paco, and you will talk to me directly on the phone.

More gay masseurs are advertising their services on this website. Please check these amazing exclusive masseurs!

Setting up an appointment is namely as easy as placing a phone call or sending a text message.

Want it relaxing? Or interactive, hot and full naked? Some men want to discover prostate pleasure as well! As you can see I am offering you 3 indeed different massage styles. Every single menu or option is focusing on some specific aspects! Only the interactive tantric massage reunites them all in one therapy!

For the hottest bodywork you also have many session lengths.

Gay massage in Barcelona and session times

Of course I can also offer you several options as different massage session times. From 45 minutes to the full fledged 2 hours —the most amazing therapy!

Consequently, the differences among all these session times are brutal. You can’t compare a 45 minutes relaxing therapy with the most popular and hottest 90 minutes Extremely Erotic bodywork!

Additionally, there are also many other options in between. I’m always as flexible as it gets! So please contact us to discuss your personal preferences!

Best Gay massage in Barcelona: intensity choices

As you guess, the session length has a strong impact on the resulting erotic intensity. Because the longer the session the more grips we can use!

Gay massage in Barcelona for couples

Some gay couples like to explore new experiences by using a male masseur —or two. As a couple you are free to choose different options according to your level of complicity. In other words, according to the level of jealousy you have. Besides all that, you can choose to share one masseur or have one for each. Also together in the same room or in separate rooms. So please feel free to learn more about all the 90 minutes couple massage options.

Erotic massage Barcelona

Contact Us

In order to enjoy the best gay massage in Barcelona you can use 4 different ways to get in touch with me:

Phone contact

Paco: +34 676 648 226
SMS: +34 676 648 226
WhatsApp: +34 676 648 226

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