Our masseurs in Barcelona


Benito is this Brazilian fitness trainer. His perfect muscular body is jut the envelope of an amazingly expert, wise and frisky masseur. He is in his middle 30’s, 5 feet tall and available for in-call and outcall in Barcelona and Sitges.

Please book ahead of time! Contact


Do you like expert daddies? Jack’s body is impressive: huge, muscular, hairy and tattooed. Jack also offers dominant role-play. He is 6 feet tall, in his early 50’s and with the most humongous balls you have ever seen!

Please book one day ahead to ensure his availability! Contact

Suggested massage therapy: 90 minutes interactive tantric massage.

Jorge gay masseur Barcelona

Jorge is just 29 but very frisky in extremely hot and daring massages. Tall (6 feet plus), lean and defined, Jorge is also very well endowed. He knows how to use his entire body. Jorge is a personal trainer who knows how to take care of his sexy body.

Jorges’ Minimum therapy is the 45 minutes interactive tantric massage of 150 €.


Matt just turned 30. He is very expert and able to satisfy a very wide range of erotic needs. Matt can also welcome you in our massages studio, though he also loves outcall to hotels!

Contact ahead of time to ensure his availability!

Minimum therapies: 90 minutes interactive tantric massage or 60 minutes naked massage with one extra.


Paco is the expert and hairy daddy, in his late 40’s. Extremely wise in all sorts of Tantric and mindful massage experiences. Visit him at his massage studio or let him come to your hotel room, also in Sitges.

Contact Paco having in mind he is very requested!


Tom means “flawless body”, amazing blue eyes, facial beauty and extreme endowment. Tom is in his late 20’s, ideal for long sessions and also boyfriend experience for days.

Please contact ahead of time so we can match your agendas!

Minimum therapies: 90 minutes interactive tantric massage or 60 minutes naked massage with one extra.


Yamal is the perfect option to discover the best kept secrets of Tantra. Yamal is more than 6 feet tall, slender, spiritual, peaceful and very wise in his skin to mind communication.

Please plan ahead to ensure his availability!

Pep gay massage Barcelona

Pep is the all-Catalan guy in his early 30s. Pep masters all sorts of massages. He is very cheerful and has a very optimistic sense of humour, also this transcends to his massage style. Pep is only available the late evening and nights. Please make sure to book him in advance!

Pep’s Minimum therapy is the 45 minutes prostate massage of 120 €.

Robert gay masseur Barcelona

Robert is just 26 and his body style is the one of a “twink”. His facial beauty is flawless, he is also working as an advertising model. Robert’s body is lean and hairy, very well endowed. Despite being so young he’s very expert in the hottest range of erotic and interactive massages.

Robert’s Minimum therapy is the 45 minutes interactive tantric massage of 150 €.

Hello and welcome to Barcelona and to this site about erotic gay massage!
We are a team of erotic masseurs, most of us specialized in tantric erotic massages.
We are Paco, Leo, Tom, Matt, Jack, Benito, and Yamal.
Gay massage team Barcelona


Our massage is more than just erotic massage
Here in Barcelona you will probably experience the best in the world. My erotic Tantra massage always includes lingam massage, body to body massage. Don’t forget you have the choice to order prostate massage. All of these could be tagged as “happy ending massages” as well.

Gay massage center Barcelona

​24 hrs. Hotel Service

We don’t massage just bodies: we massage unique men On this website you will find a lot of information, videos and images regarding my job. Also about the way my 24 hours gay massage is working, our massage prices and also the different options. Learn all the benefits of gay Tantric massage for your enjoyment and pleasure

“You push some buttons only expert masseurs are aware of”


Even if this is the most affordable massage I am performing these days, the relaxing massage, relaxing Tantra massage or sensual massage is a unique experience, and not a cent less worth it.

Prostate massage and perianal area massage are involving specific grips. Of course the goal is always your enjoyment! Chakra number 1 allows you to discover an amazing new state of bliss!

The interactive massage is a very sensual experience. it goes further than just a static massage because it allows the receiver to participate in mutual massage. This means an amazing communion with your therapist!

Visit our gay massage center, right in the most convenient area of central Barcelona! The Gay-Eixample! AC for hot Summer days and the right temperature in Winter! Clean, discrete and professional!

You can ask any of our available masseurs to visit you in your hotel room. No extra charges for traveling in the city of Barcelona! Always safe, punctual, discrete and reliable!


Many customers left their reviews of massage and you are absolutely welcomed to check them.
If reviews about massage and testimonials about our erotic service are relevant to you I encourage you to check them. Here you will be able to read quite a lot of more information about our services. Precisely what other customers have felt and how they describe the massage in their own words.

Must admit

“I hate the word “best” when it is used for self describing. Though I must admit it is appropriate to describe your services. After trying Leo in Sitges I tried Paco in Barcelona and then Hugo in Madrid. And this adjective is true for all of them.”


“I haven’t been touched by a man for ages —it is prohibited in my country. Now I am in Barcelona l wanted to know what it feels like to be with a man but yet I do not dare to have sex. I panic under the idea of sex. Your massage has been something really special and I am afraid a regular sex partner will be unable to deliver the same momentum of warmth, control and balance. Your job is exquisite!”

Far beyond expected

“I did not plan to have two massages in two days. After trying Paco I found I had discovered a new language in sex. Then I thought Tom would be a somewhat deceiving experience to compare with. Though the aftermath was even more amazing. Because both are so different, so unique, so special. It’s hard to tell who’s best. Both deliver experiences far beyond expectations”.

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Are you looking for the hottest gay massage in Barcelona?

Paco and Tom are available in Barcelona. We are serving both in-call and out-call.

Setting up an appointment is as easy as placing a phone call or sending us a text message.

Want it relaxing? Or extremely hot and full naked? We are offering you 3 different massage styles.

For the hottest bodywork you also have many session lengths. Check the prices!

Gay massage in Barcelona and session times

We can offer you several options as massage session times. From 45 minutes to the full fledged 2 hours amazing therapy!

The differences among all these session times are brutal. You can’t compare a 45 minutes relaxing therapy with the most popular and hottest 90 minutes Extremely Erotic bodywork!

Please have in Mind Tom is offering his own limited range of massage therapies. Tom is offering the hottest and the longest massage sessions!

Gay massage in Barcelona: intensity choices

The session length has a strong impact on the resulting erotic intensity. The longer the session the more grips we can use!

Gay massage in Barcelona for couples

Gay couples like to explore new experiences. As a couple you choose different options according to your level of complicity. Or plain said, to the level of jealousy you have. You can choose to share one masseur or have one for each. Check our 90 minutes couple massage options.

Contact Us

You can use 4 different ways to get in touch with us:

Phone contact

Paco: +34 676 648 226
Tom/Matt: +34 692 479 499
Leo: +34 656 714 393
SMS: +34 676 648 226
WhatsApp: +34 676 648 226

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