Best kept secrets of Gay lingam massage

Gay lingam massage

Best kept secrets of Gay lingam massage

Gay lingam massage is this amazing and special experience. Oftentimes this is a great discovering for many men. Because it is the sweet and pleasing intimate pleasure.

What is it all about though?

What is lingam massage?

“Lingam” is the Sanskrit word for “penis“. It was rediscovered during the 80’s decade, together with the concept of Tantric massage. The word “lingam” is to mention the male sexual organ. Though this word is about 3,500 years old!

The story about the powers of Lingam are endless and very interesting. And they will be a part of an upcoming post.

In the meantime you are welcome to experience them!

By the way, all the exclusive masseurs advertising here are also doing this as a part of their erotic services.

Lingam and Tantra traditions

So gay lingam massage is a part of the wider and well known erotic Tantra massage therapies I can offer you. As you already know, erotic massage is about stimulating your sexual energies.

To achieve this I will work on your whole body, from head to toes, never leaving one spot untouched. Including your lingam or penis.

This means I will also stimulate your intimate sexual parts as one more of all your body parts. You will live this up as a very natural massage process. Because nothing is forced, and it all flows following your own pace. I can sense your level of excitement and sexual arousal. Therefore I will be able to adapt to it for you to achieve the highest enjoyment.

Penis massage

Tantra traditions see the lingam massage as a part of the natural body treatment. And it remained like this until our present days.

Gay lingam massage means penis massage on a man performed by a man or a male masseur. As you guess, lingam massage involves dozens of techniques and different grips and pressure tricks. It is an entire discipline by itself.

Really exciting!

Professional lingam massage

You bet Gay lingam massage is much more than plain masturbation. So it requires a specific training. And guess what! Not all erotic masseurs have undergone or are talented for this specific techniques!

Finally, Gay lingam massage also needs a specific and very sexy and intimate attitude by the masseur. Not all erotic masseurs are gifted to succeed in a natural way. Performing these intimate manipulations needs this special magic!

Goals of lingam massage

The goal of gay lingam massage is obviously your pleasure. While many men think the only and final goal is ejaculation. I’d rather say the goal is extending the time of enjoyment as long as possible. It’s the way what matters, not the arrival.

A few men choose not to ejaculate though. This is a way to keep your sexual energy. These guys use it in their private lives. So they see my massage service as a warming. Because some of them keep it up for an upcoming sexual date with another man —sometimes with a lady.

All of my massages therapies include some kind of gay lingam massage. This depends on the erotic intensity you wish to experience. And also on the session length you’ll book with me. But you will always enjoy some really spicy lingam massage!

Lastly, this special massage is available at your hotel room as outcall gay massage.

And also as in-call in my gay massage studio in the city center of Barcelona. All the exclusive masseurs advertising here can also serve you at this beautiful and convenient massage clinic!

The hottest lingam techniques

My customers say I am excellent in all the aspects of my massage service. For the massage in itself, my sexy attitude and the specific gay lingam massage. Though also the sweet prostate massage and the very intimate interactive tantric massage.

The most popular massage menu though is my naked massage.

I will speak abut gay lingam massage in more detailed posts coming soon.

For the time being please check this website:. it offers a wide range of information about many professional aspects and everything a client needs to know. As Faqs and also testimonials.

Or contact me directly! I’ll be happy to speak to you! Contact me!


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