FAQs are here to help you! Since it is absolutely normal that you have doubts or questions before booking. Especially before deciding if this is the service to satisfy your needs and expectations.

If you can’t find the question and answer you are thinking of please contact us. We will be happy to answer you personally over the phone!


In case you are looking for the price list, please check Interactive Tantric Massage.

As you can see, the topics we cover go from payment to protocol issues. Also who are the professional masseurs advertising here. Since these FAQs are the genuine questions we get from our clients, we also explain some intimate aspects about body parts.

Last but not least, we are honest at all times. So expect us to be very straightforward by answering all these FAQs.

FAQs about our background

What are your covid-19 precautions?

Especially now our service strives for the maximum safety —more than ever— because we use all the known precautions before, during and after every massage session. We added all covid-19 precautions to all the strict safety measures we have always been using.

Please check these updates! With us you can be certain there is no risk as long as we both follow all these measures.

We do disinfections before and after every massage session using cleaning products and sprays to celan the surfaces and the air. Even night we also use the ozone-ioniser to kill all remaining viruses and bacteria.

As you know from our safety guidelines, we don’t re-use paper sheets, paper slippers and fusion covers; they are all trashed immediately after every session. After every use, we wash all towels in highest temperature using disinfecting soap; then the towels are dried and ironed.

If you have any specific questions about our procedures please contact us directly over the phone.

Why contacting us?

Because contacting the male masseur team you’ll be safe in absolutely all departments. From health precautions to personal safety!

Booking us has many additional advantages. First off, with us you are safe you are getting the highest quality in gay massage and also in all service before, during and after.

Besides, booking our massage service allows you to schedule your visit in Barcelona.

So you always in control with your agenda and all your decisions. Hiring our professional services you won’t need to hang out drifting from bars to saunas or even dark rooms seeking —and not finding— during countless hours. You will seldom find somebody suitable for what you want at the exact moment you need it —unless you plan it with a professional team.

Also avoid the spending money on stuff that won’t bring you any pleasure nor satisfaction. So save drinks, taxis, undercover escorts, last minute surprises. Don’t waste your time. Don’t spend money on risky places or services.

Finally, go the easy —and safest— way. Don’t risk being infected with covid-19!


Our gay massage service is absolutely discrete. It is the natural consequence of honesty and humbleness.

Besides, we are nor curious nor interested in the customer’s identity or profile. We never expose customers to any kind of uncomfortable situations at hotel lobbies or public places.

So we focus on our job, and it unfolds in the privacy of a hotel room or at our gay massage studio.

Finally, erotic massage is our calling. So our only goal is performing a wonderful massage for your satisfaction.

“How expert are you?”

Paco started giving massages in 2003.

All other exclusive masseurs started at different points in their lives, so please check them individually.

For most of us this is our only job, so what you call a full-time job.

We don’t work with masseurs who have no training and no experience.

Suggesting the perfect masseur!

Of course Paco knows perfectly all the male masseurs advertising on this website. After all he selected, trained and trusts each of them. Paco has also performed 4-hands massages with all of them, so he knows how they work and what sort of chemistry they are capable of.

Consequently Paco is in the right position to suggest the best option for your given preferences.

Though sometimes we tend to trust more a picture than a recommendation. Massage service is not only visual, but also a tactile experience involving personal chemistry and attitude.

Because the unique energies, talents and the personal magic do play a relevant part in the massage experience we deliver.

So please listen and trust Paco’s opinions about recommending a masseur!

“Who are your customers?”

Our customers are all sorts of men. International and also local businessmen, tourists or just curious men. Of all ages though always older than 21. Additionally, our customers are not only gay men, but also bisensual and straight curious men.

What else can we say about the first time massages?

“Do I have to meet any conditions?”

You don’t have to meet any specific conditions to enjoy our gay massage service! Of course as long as you are older than 21 years of age. It is relevant though that you share with us the importance of personal hygiene. Mutual respect is also relevant.


Cash is the safest way and the only we can accept. You are welcomed to pay before enjoying our services.

We accept cash everywhere: in Barcelona, Madrid, Ibiza, Sitges, Valencia and Benidorm. Also when enjoying our services in Manhattan and Paris.

Cash is not only the best and safest payment form, it also feels like saving money if you compare it to credit card payment—subject to sometimes abusive bank commissions.

Credit Cards?

We don’t accept credit card payments.

“Is your service legal?”

Yes, all of the masseurs in our team meet all the legal conditions. Not only professionally trained and licensed but also self-employed. So we pay taxes and report to the Spanish Ministerio de Hacienda —in other words, the tax-man.

Besides, in Spain erotic massage is a legal service. So subject to licenses and taxes as any other industry.

“Is your massage studio legal?”

Yes. Our gay massage center is absolutely legal. We are paying all the licenses and also insurances. We are respected by the neighbors of the building because we are extremely discrete and polite.

This is not a frequent FAQs though we think this information is relevant.

“Is the massage taking place in your own apartment?”

Gay massage is a professional service —to us—, so we never serve at the private home of any of the masseurs advertising here. In Barcelona we have our own gay massage studio, absolutely professional in all aspects. This apartment is set up exclusively for the professional purpose.

In Madrid both Sebastian and Ronaldo have a studio to welcome you. Pleas plan ahead!

In Ibiza Iker laos has his own massage apartment!

“Is your massage studio discrete?”

Absolutely! As opposed to apartments run by escorts. Because our job is massage.

And neighbors of the building understand it like we do: as a therapy service. A special and really intimate bodywork, though therapy at last.

We never serve more than two men at a time, so we keep the clients always separate therefore extremely discrete.

Finally, our recurring clients value not only the quality of our service but also the discretion of our studio.

“Is massage your part-time job?”

Paco and all the exclusive masseurs advertising on this website say: “As a professional erotic masseur this is my calling and my full-time job. I know I am very fortunate because only a few erotic masseurs achieve the status of full-time job”.

So this is the result of our responsible and professional attitude when it comes to job: gay erotic Tantra massage.

Besides, only the excellent masseurs survive. Additionally, excellent masseurs enjoy their job and get word of mouth and an increasing number of customers.

A few specific masseurs in our team have part-time jobs, consequently offering limited availability for massage.


Surprisingly to many clients, we never ask for tips. Because we don’t think this is a professional attitude for any kind of job in Europe. Though you are free to tip us if you enjoyed our service!

How do you calculate 4-hands massage prices?

Gentlemen who wish to enjoy a 4-hands massage are always in search of the most extremely exciting and intense massage experience. This is why we always offer our naked interactive tantric massage to them.

Since there will be two masseurs we need to double the cost of the individual massage session x two. Consequently, the fancy 6-hands session cost 3 times the individual price.


Is teamwork less worth than an individual performance? Ours is a very personal and intimate service for adults. Nothing in our performance is done like mass production. So each professional therapist deserves his full gage. What you want and what you get is an extremely special experience, beyond the usual boundaries of therapy and even tantric massage! As many of our clients say, “it’s worth much than twice the price!


Bargaining or dealing the prices is an absolutely un-cool practice in Europe —almost rude. Though it’s a normal practice by clients visiting from Asia and Arabic countries.

Now think of a restaurant, an airline company or a movie theatre. In our opinion, it is always best to take others’ jobs as seriously as you take your own.

Of course you can make an offer. We can then answer with a description of the service matching your offer.

On the other side, we are frequently offered tips. This gives you an idea about how special our job is!

Fair answer to this FAQs would be “just think the discount equals to your tip!

Location: in-call and out-call

We can offer you both services: in-call and also out-call —as you probably have already read on the website.

This means we can serve you at your private apartment, at your hotel room —we are always discrete— or at our gay massage studio in the city center of Barcelona, Madrid and Ibiza.

Since we value your own conveniences, we always adapt to your choice. So prices are the same for in-call and out-call. Of course the massage you will enjoy is also the same for both kinds of service.

Please note that in Madrid, Sitges, Ibiza and other locations some masseurs only work as outcall massage to hotels. The prices are exactly the same —except for locations far from the city center.

How to contact and book

It is very easy! You have several ways to contact me: call us, send us an SMS or a whatsApp.

We prefer a direct phone call, which allows a quick and efficient conversations. You will sense how well we can adapt to your special requests.

E-mail conversations are sometimes excessively long —taking days or weeks— and require long and elaborate answers we can easily give you best in a voice conversation. So please avoid e-mails and place a phone call! Easy, quick, efficient!

Filling out the form has the same slower answer than e-mails.

“Can I send you an e-mail?”

Sure! Though please have in mind that e-mails are not suited for last minute requests!

E-mails are ideal to ask for several questions. Reading these FAQs might save you time as well, you’ll probably find many answers here!

Answering e-mails needs some extra time to write elaborate answers. Consequently please e-mail us only when planning ahead by days or weeks.

Paco will be answering your e-mails no matter who you prefer as your masseur. Of course you are always free to choose the therapist you fancy!

Finally, a very relevant note. We never answer excessively personal questions by e-mail. If your question is a delicate one please feel free to place a phone call.

“Are you immediately answering?”

We immediately answer calls, SMS and whatsApp messages —except during massage sessions.

If not picking up the phone please imagine that we are all busy —this happens frequently! Of course we will return your call after we finish the current session. Usually 60-75 minutes later.

Please be aware that we are unable to answer blocked caller ewquests ;-)) So please avoid using “blocked caller”.

Planning a session

You can absolutely plan your massage session whenever you want. We can also discuss the openings for a given day or week.

Though you can also call shortly before your desired appointment time. That’s what we call “last minute”, always sort of risky because we usually have many previous requests.

Incidentally we could be available even 30 minutes after your call. Don’t risk it, though 😉

What is better: studio in-call or hotel out-call?

The quality of our bodywork is always the same. It is your personal choice since the prices are exactly the same.

So visiting our gay massage studio or calling us to your hotel room is always your choice.

Please note that hotels far from the city center might need some extra fees to pay taxis.

“Do you carry a massage table to the hotel?”

Since we can’t foresee many last minute requests, we don’t carry a massage table along with us.

Also because hotel staff are prioritising their own hotel in-house services, they won’t let us access your room with a table.

We’d like to use the hotel bed since it also allows a more intimate body to body massage. We are used to all kind of beds and surfaces and can equally adapt the needed pressure and grips.


Since we’d like to serve you, we can be very flexible for any kind of schedule, time and location. Please feel free to ask if you need any special service.

Though please understand that specific requests need a phone conversation.

“Are your photographs real?”

Absolutely real and recent! Since we book professional photo shootings several times a year we keep them current to our real stats.

Because it is as important to us as it might be to you that you choose the massage service performed by the masseur following your preferences.

It would be silly to offer you somebody who looks different from the pictures.

Let us point out that we have seen many of our pictures non-legitimately being used by private masseurs, without asking our permission. It is clear that if you see our pictures somewhere else, you have instant proof they are fake professionals.

Mutual attraction

So does mutual attraction happen? Do we also get aroused during your massage?

We can only answer the moment we meet you. Or after a previous massage session with you!

This is another example of FAQs we can’t cover here because we still don’t know you.

Though yes, it happens frequently!

Sexual role: top or bottom?

That’s also one of the most FAQs!

As you probably know, being a top, bottom or versatile does not interfere or alter a massage session.

Luckily, our massage service is universal!

Please have in mind that massage does not include lollypop nor penetration, so we might see the role as an attitude more than a limitation.

Consequently you will achieve a very intense sensual excitement and will climax and ejaculate if you wish, regardless of your role.

If you intend us to go some extra miles, please say so. Nothing can surprise us anymore because we are used to all sorts of requests since 2003!

Music or silence

It is your choice when enjoying the massage in your hotel room.

You can also choose the play list to match our massage session at your hotel: world music, oriental, relaxing, soft pop, blues or jazz. Exactly as at our professional premises!

Though this is a seldom FAQs, the effect of music on our massage session is relevant. Exactly as the scent!

Are the drinks free?

Absolutely! All the drinks we can offer you at our professional massage clinic in Barcelona are free. Depending on availability I can offer you fresh bottled water, Coke (Zero), sometimes different bottled juices. We also have a Nespresso coffee machine.

Additionally, and for the extremely erotic and naked massage for couples, we usually offer you some catalan Cava or Champagne or Gin&Tonics. This starts the three-some or four-some experience with a special spark! You’ll feel very at easy with us!

Sebastian and Ronaldo in Madrid can offer you some bottled still water, as Iker in Ibiza.

“How many towels can I use?”

You can use as many towels as you need at our professional massage clinic. Usually two of them are enough: one for the welcoming shower and one for the final shower.

You will also be handed some one use slippers so you don’t walk barefoot.

“I’m nervous —it’s my first time”

Don’t be though! Because the massage we offer you is for your pleasure and relaxation. Sensual and erotic massages will never hurt you, especially since this is a bodywork for your enjoyment.

Once we meet you will feel very at ease. We are very nice, polite and careful men. Besides, part of our job is about making you feel comfortable. You and your masseur will be the only men in the world during this massage session!

“Will you be having a hard-on?”

Well, we’re human! And we also enjoy the sensuality we are building on you. So this can happen, absolutely.

Initially we work for you enjoyment and not ours, though sometimes we feel aroused. We hope this does not make us less professional in your eyes 😉

“Do you travel?”

Yes. We understand as traveling any massage session that needs leaving the city.

Please use the phone to discuss the details since this FAQs can’t cover this in full.

Some of our masseurs also offer the coaching, which is much more than just a massage. It is about spending a whole night, a whole day or even a long weekend.

“Should I switch off my cell phone?”

Absolutely! Because it is important that the session happens in peace, privacy and intimacy. Besides, anything disturbing like the ringing of a cell phone will break our connection. So please put your cell-phone on silent or on airplane mode.

If you are expecting an important call please say so before starting the session. That’s ok with us!


If reviews about massage and testimonials about our gay massage service are relevant to you we encourage you to check them. Since you will be able to read quite a lot of more information about our service! Specifically from the point of view of our clients.

Of course we never disclose personal data from the reviewers. No name, no date. Ever!

Are you uncut?

That’s a frequent question, more than you think though!

Some of us are not circumcised, some of us are. We mention this fact because to some Arabic clients this is a relevant aspect.

Please feel free to ask us if you fancy a specific masseur!

Other fetish

This is also a subject we can’t fully cover on this FAQS.

As you know, we respect all sorts of fetish requests. Please call us over the phone to discuss this since it is extremely personal.

You also need to be aware that fetish services are extras to massage. Therefore, you’ll agree it is un upgrade since it is not included in regular massage sessions.


An increasing number of clients are offering to pay our services in Bitcoins. We expect more masseurs to accept Bitcoins in the near future. Please contact us for more information!


Finally, sometimes potential clients are asking us about STDs. All the professional masseurs advertising here do undergo a health check every 3 months. We check all sorts of values, but specifically HIV, Syphilis and Hepatitis.

We also undergo a specific training on how to detect the most common sorts of infectious dermatologic diseases. In case we see something on the client we discuss it immediately. If needed, we cancel the session. Because it is not only about our own health nut also the next client’s.

If you have any doubts about this issue please contact us over the phone!

Why aren't your exclusive masseurs free-lancers?

In fact, they are!

And it is also absolutely legitimate from your part to ask any of our masseurs why they advertise with us here.

The first answer is “because you hired them“. As you can see, this website is a professional platform that solves both the client’s and the masseur’s needs. So it’s a win-win!

Clients like to choose. When I started, back in 2003, I was promoting myself only —I’m Paco. Little by little I was contacted by clients who requested different physical assets, different ages, builds and attitudes. Obviously I can’t satisfy each and every preference and so many different needs. So I started to think about how to satisfy all those different requests and different tastes.

Meanwhile, more and more professional masseurs were contacting me to join me as a duo or as a team. So little by little offer and demand —what rules the market— started to match. And now and here you can see the result. We will go on evolving though! Hopefully you will also take advantage from all the soon to come improvements!

I think it makes sense to offer a service that matches and protects perfectly both the client and the masseur. My goal is your satisfaction: you choose your masseur. I protect your rights and your expectations, exactly as I do for the masseurs. Though let’s be honest: I’m not here o be a referee.

As a Tantric masseur since 2003, I have undergone some odd experiences. Not all clients are as you, because a few of them have a card up their sleeves. Call it trick, abuse, call it “just to try if it works”. In all senses: financially, emotionally and sensually.

As a conclusion, you will understand I’m helping all of you: both clients and masseurs. Finally, let me point out that all the guys advertising here are extremely happy with our system, and therefore don’t need to make a huge investment. As free-lancers they have immediate benefits!

In fact, the professional masseurs advertising here have the benefits from being both a free-lancer and a team member. Because they are also able to choose how far my service should help. As you guess, each professional has a different comfort zone, which is always respected and defended.

As easy as this: just ask and we’ll talk!

I hope I was able to answer your questions! Need more info? Please feel free to call!

FAQs about gay massage
FAQs about gay massage