Reviews and testimonials about fantastic massage experiences

Testimonials are extremely relevant for new clients. Because all these words I got from my customers after a male massage session with me (Paco) describe their expectations and what they finally experience.

I got many as SMS or whatsApp messages, others as e-mails and some of others are spoken words during and after finishing the massage session.

Everybody lives up my massage in a different way. Because you have your own background, your own previous experiences in life and your own criteria. These reviews are just intended to bring some inspiring descriptions.

We started to add testimonials about all the masseurs in our team serving Barcelona and Sitges.

Recent testimonials

A glimpse into Tantra

“I Have always been very curious about this Tantra stuff. Finally I had the chance and enough trust to try one of these masseurs. I must say I had a glimpse into this intriguing world of intimacy and connection. One hour is too short, so next time I will probably have the two hours session. The guy who served me was simply amazing, beyond professional.”


“I haven’t been touched by a man for ages —since it is prohibited in my country. So now I am in Barcelona l wanted to know what it feels like to be with a man but yet I do not dare to have sex. Usually I panic under the idea of sex. Your massage though has been something really special and I am afraid a regular sex partner will be unable to deliver the same momentum of warmth, control and balance. Your job is exquisite!”

Far beyond expected

“I did not plan to have two massages in two days. After trying Paco I found I had discovered a new language in sex. Then I thought Tom would be a somewhat deceiving experience to compare with. Though the aftermath was even more amazing. Because both are so different, so unique, so special. It’s hard to tell who’s best. Both deliver experiences far beyond expectations”.

Must admit

“I hate the word “best” when it is used for self describing. Though I must admit it is appropriate to describe your services. After trying Leo in Sitges I tried Paco in Barcelona and then Hugo in Madrid. And this adjective is true for all of them.”


“I haven’t been touched by a man for ages —since it is prohibited in my country. So now I am in Barcelona l wanted to know what it feels like to be with a man but yet I do not dare to have sex. Usually I panic under the idea of sex. Your massage though has been something really special and I am afraid a regular sex partner will be unable to deliver the same momentum of warmth, control and balance. Your job is exquisite!”

Amazing Jorge

“Jorge is not my body type. But he is my type in many other aspects! He is such a cheerful, optimistic guy! He made my day delivering an amazingly passionate, sexy and natural massage”.

Very nice studio

“I have been visiting Paco once a year since 2011. All the studios where he’s been working for have always been really nice. He finally runs his personal studio, which is really neat. I especially enjoyed the fact it is his very own and personal space”.

I’m a stubborn guy

“My mom always says I’m so stubborn. After too many times visiting the same cheap place I finally dared to visit you. I didn’t know how much my money is worth until I tried your massages though! They say it’s never too late. You go boys!”

More than synergy

“Sometimes erotic masseurs go the easy way of adding up some clumsy stroking after a silly massage. That’s not you though: you blend everything together into an extremely mindful touch. I guess you are unable to separate touch from eroticism! So yours is a new kind of massage, very personal. I enjoyed it more than I thought I would!”

Paco’s touch is magnetic

“I enjoy massages every week in my hometown. Call me pretentious but I do get to know any given masseur just with his first touch. Paco’s first touch was magnetic so I upgraded to the most expensive massage in one second.”

I prefer the best

“I prefer enjoying one excellent massage than two or three mediocre ones. It is not about just climaxing. To me it’s the whole thing that has to be satisfying. From personal connection to massage skills. And the way it all flows. It’s hard to imagine a better massage than yours.”

All guys are excellent

“I’m coming back to Barcelona once a year. I have been trying new guys in the team. All the guys I tried happened to be amazing. Some guys quit, but I guess the new ones will also be excellent! I can’t wait to come back next year!”

I didn’t choose Leo

“Though he was the only guy available at the only gap I had in my schedule. He happened to deliver an amazingly hot and passionate massage! Now I see that choosing by pictures is not the only way.”

Amazing Jorge!

“I’m such a fan of fitness trainers. And Jorge is the perfect body —and perfect extra something— for my taste! Of course he also delivered an amazing massage!”

One more thing…

“Your erotic massage involves one more thing which sex is usually lacking. Sex has —or should have— passion, communication, emotion and sensitivity. Your job adds INTELLIGENCE to all these. My compliments for your amazing job!”


“I don’t know how to describe your job. It is no sex, it is no regular erotic massage. In one word: it’s magic.”

Feels like oral sex

“It felt like having you suck my dick… Once I looked up to check you were using your hands… that’s real art!”

Mystic Yamal

“Yamal has exactly the same look as on the picture: deep, peaceful and slow. He takes his time to start his job, and it feels as a ritual. Little by little I am aware now that I lost track of everything. Suddenly I was wrapped in a magic world where my body was weightless”.

Just what I needed

“Your massage session has given me all I needed: finally some precious and deep relaxing to forget the world. Some male tenderness, warmth, also an increasingly sexy feeling. Until I went crazy and could not hold back. And thank you for letting me touch you!”


“I write to tell you that I tremendously enjoyed meeting you and the massage which you rendered oh so professionally and stimulating. Gracias! Continue to do what you do best and take care!”

Massage in my hotel

“From the moment you entered my hotel room I could feel it. And it showed during the entire session: you know what you’re doing.”

Grounded and passionate

“You are a grounded yet passionate guy. Balanced in your attitude and passionate in your job.”

A safe bridge to a thrilling experience

“It was a long time I wanted to try something between two men. But not sex for the first time. So now I think massage has been the right formula. I only dared here in Barcelona, far from my family and my environment. Just to feel safe. I was so sure I was going to enjoy it like crazy. Not everybody is suited to guide me through such a key moment though. The clue to feel safe has been you. Thank you for laying this safe bridge towards a thrilling oasis I always wanted to explore”.

Michelin stars: maximum quality

“I don’t want to bore your readers with the checklist I am always using to score the masseurs. You are excelling in all of the little details I put my eyes on. If there were Michelin stars for erotic massage you’d score the top. Congratulations!”

You are worth each and every second of your price!

“Let’s be honest. You are not “low-cost”! But boy are you worth what I paid for each and every single second! I was afraid to be wasting 300 € but instead I discovered something I really enjoyed. Craving for more —blink!”

Colt Studios fan

“I’m a Colt Studios models fan. You could be one of their featured male sexy models. This is why I chose you for my massage. So I enjoyed everything, watching you and also your amazing bodywork.”


“This massage has overridden all my fantasies and expectations. I really didn’t know what it was all about, but your massage has gone way beyond anything I could have ever imagined.”

Extremely talented

“You set the standards for massage so high that from now on you’ll be my reference. The masseurs I will try from now on will have a hard task to match your skills.”


“Hell, this can’t be good for my health! This massage is addictive!”


“Fantastic, brutal, incredible… your massage is priceless.”

Spectacular website

“So I thought your massage would not match your website. But hell it does!”

Was it a dream?

“After you finished the massage I fell asleep. I woke up only in the next morning, wondering if you had been a dream. But you were not: I could still smell the scent of your body and the massage oil on my skin.”


“You are a unique guy. So please don’t ever change.”

Out of words

“It has been like an improvised choreography, something impressive, unexpected, I have no words…”

Sexy is not enough

“Let’s face it; there are sexier and more handsome guys than you (Paco) —probably escorts. What makes you pop out among all the others is your talent, your impeccable service, your professional attitude.”

My sexual attraction is switching to men

“I think of myself as a straight man. Because I have always been attracted to women. Now after the the passing of years I feel more and more curious about intimate contact to men. So I wanted to test how it feels to be with a man without having to go that “all the way” thing —which scares me.

To cut the long story short, I felt really good sharing this session with you. Because you also allowed me to touch you. In a very natural way. I guess you do have some expertise.

This time with you has been like opening a new window to my life. Finally I know I can feel very at ease. Somehow you helped me to overcome that fear.”

How you do it is the clue

“Not what you do but how you’re doing it. That’s the clue to your absolutely personal massage style. Keep it up!”

Love and wisdom

“My spouse knows how to bake the best cheesecake in the world. She always tells me “because I do it with love”. And I always answer her “love alone wouldn’t be of any f***** help if you didn’t know how the heck it’s done”. Same thing for you!”


“Suddenly I was traveling to another dimension. I lost track of time. This has been like a trance, a wonderful trance”.


“The music you bring along is stunning, it matches the whole atmosphere you are creating. You are a very elegant guy of exquisite taste and so is your service”.


“This kind of Tantra massage has always the risk of ending up in a tacky or tasteless trick. Your style though is elegant, sexy, professional, responsible and thus unique.”


“On time, to the point, no surprise, everything as described and as promised. You are one of the few honest masseurs out there. I had so many disappointments even here in Barcelona. You are the guy on the pics and you come up to everything you promise. My compliments!”


“When I opened the door and saw your face I instantly knew I could trust you.”


“I tried other masseurs in Barcelona, London, Paris, Berlin and Milano. But I always have you in mind. I can’t avoid comparing others to you.”

Looking for reasons to call back

“After your first massage I’m always making up business reasons to visit Barcelona.”

Like a bronze sculpture

“As you undressed and I saw your naked body you made me think of the bronze statues of those Greek soldiers in Riace, southern Italy.”

Better than my favorite masseur

“I thought I had found the best masseur in Paris, where I am living. Now I must admit you are superior, though unfortunately not in Paris”.

Unexpected Barcelona

“Someone told me “Barcelona is going to surprise you in many ways”. You are one of them.”

Word of mouth

“A friend recommended your service. This has been my first erotic Tantra massage. Surprised to ejaculate 3 times in a row… Btw. you look better in real life than on the pictures and the video.”

The magic beyond anatomy

“I am a surgeon. When you started your massage I was tracking the names of the muscles and bones you were working on. Suddenly I realized your job was not about anatomy anymore. I don’t believe in those so-called “energies”, so can’t explain what you did on my whole being. See you next time in Bcn.”

Too expensive

“I was looking for an affordable budget massage. I hired a guy who was asking half the price you do. I thought you are too expensive though I obviously preferred you judging by your pictures. But I chose the cheaper guy.

After that other guy’s massage I felt so deceived and frustrated that I decided to give you a try, risking the spending of more money. I thought to myself “it couldn’t be worse”.

The issue is not how better you are. You just did what I was looking for. I give in: your bodywork is a different level in a different universe. Now I understand there is a reason for your price. Aw, and I ended up spending more money than I wanted anyway! At the end of the day cheaper stuff makes it all more expensive.”

One hour in paradise

“When you asked me how I was feeling I told you “in Formentera”. You looked speechless. Because Formentera is my paradise on earth.”

Fake masseurs

“There are so many fake masseurs out there. I knew I found me the right masseur in Barcelona just by reading your website. And you proved it!”

Greedy masseurs

“You are not the regular greedy masseur who is just in for the money. Absolutely nice from the start, you performed a wonderful massage. Even for your most affordable rate. You are THE PRO”.

Not a good masseur

Good masseurs are usually arrogant. And you Paco have many reasons to be arrogant, but I guess you are in the category of excellent masseurs: those who are humble and balanced”.

The bad side to higher level Tantra massage

“Back home I enjoy my little Tantra massages every once in a while. I discovered your amazing website and was very curious about your “personal approach” as you say. I guess you go much further than regular Tantra, though it shows it is your cornerstone. Your personal and unique energies have been able to take me to a whole new level. The negative side to this: it’s really hard to find someone with your skills.”

I hate those masseurs…

“…who groan and cry faking some sexual enjoyment. That’s so phony. You are honest and genuine and not faking anything”.

Unveiling secrets

“You made me discover new sensations on my skin, my body and my sexuality. This was our second time but I keep unveiling secrets about myself”.

Colt Studios model

“I am a big fan of “Colt Studios” male models and videos. So you are the kind of man I worship. Hairy, daddy-style, strong, terribly sexy, attractive and on top of that you are talented as a masseur —which I didn’t expect. Yes I did hire you for your looks. Though yours has been the best in many many years”.

A man’s man

“There are far too many waxed sissies out there, for my taste. I confess I was reluctant to hire you because of your prices. But I absolutely love your smell, your touch, you masculinity. So this is enjoying a man”.

I need you to fuck me

“After I met you in Barcelona I decided to enjoy other masseurs in all the cities on my trip around Europe. I was lucky in Prague and in Budapest, but I felt a bit deceived because nobody got close to what you delivered. Now I need you to **** me”.

Lacking service

“Pen****tion and oral *** are the only things your service is lacking. You should consider offering it. Finally, you can’t guess how many men would scream “you made my day!”


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“Your massage started with a frozen pace. After a while your coldness started to burn my skin, as ice does when you touch it for more than 10 seconds. You get sticked to the ice and feel like burning. Then my body and my mind started to melt. Sorry this may sound weird but this is how I’d describe your amazing Tantra”.

My dick is too big and sexy

“Paco, first off let me write this to you as a way to thank you. So please don’t misunderstand me. You massaged me last week. I hope you remember me. I think you probably do because not many men are my size. I just wanted to thank you because unlike my sexual encounters, the sexual work you have performed on me has been really professional and thorough.

Let me try to explain it. All my sexual partners focus on my dick as soon as they see it. Though I’d like them to stimulate many other points on my body instead, and this is what you did. So for the first time in my life I have felt sexual stimulation on all of my body parts and not just on my dick. This has been the hottest and the most satisfying intimate experience ever. This note is to thank you. I hope I have the chance to come back soon because you are the kind of partner I have always been craving for”.

See you next year

“I usually come to Barcelona once a year for business. So I can’t wait for next year to fly back in!”.


For privacy reasons none of these reviews has a real signature nor date. Because I absolutely respect all of our customers privacy.

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