The new daddy masseur

Paco gay daddy masseur

The new daddy masseur

A Daddy masseur is an experienced professional. Though not always!

What is all the information you need to make the right decision?

I always recommend that you check not just your physical and age preferences but also the professional experience. Otherwise you are risking your money on someone who won’t give you the service you initially wanetd!

For a start, I am this hairy, tall and strong masseur. Many guys told me I am their ideal well built masseur.

Many young customers call me “daddy” because I am not that teen-age therapist anymore.

Paco: contact me!

So I am an experienced masseur! This has many an advantages for you.

Let me also introduce you to Dani, an amazingly expert and huge masseur. In many aspects though!

Daddy masseur

Yes I just got over 40 years old. It’s just a tag for many, or a mere number, but always an advantage. While this is the way I see it: life is learning, and learning is experience.

Because being more expert makes you more generous. And also much better at your job!

The military give you badges for each accomplished mission. So badges are a statement that shows publicly what you have achieved.

Experience and wisdom come with age —and working! Massage is my full-time job. I am giving many massages a day. So you can easily say I gave thousands of massages in the last fifteen years.

I also met thousands of men. Each and every single customer has been and is a unique body, a unique history, a unique friend.

You can be the next! Discover the ultimate sensual bliss my bodywork is able to give you.

I usually remember things about the previous sessions. Anyway, many men tell me:

“You push all my buttons. I got the feeling you know me for a long time!”

But that’s just the first session. The following ones are even better.

This is a consequence of experience and passion. I just love my job!

“You are a passionate masseur. I felt it since the first minute”.

Gay Daddy masseur

To many young guys the attractive daddy is the ultimate turn-on. Because a daddy know his ways, knows how to treat you. Ultimately the daddy knows how to spoil you while making you feel safe.

“I had a crush on my daddy. You just cured me though. Now I have a crush on you!”

“My dad always made me feel safe and confident. Like nothing bad could ever happen to me. I lost him to cancer some years ago. You give me the same feeling of protection”.

And on top of all that I know how to turn you on. That’s the way I’ll take you to the limit of pleasure with my erotic massage.

Daddy masseur in Barcelona

So I am living and working in Barcelona these days.

I had been living in Germany though. Also in Brazil and in Turkey some years ago.

Finally I settled in Barcelona for many reasons. One of them is the balanced climate, the welcoming gay community and the open minded citizens. Because Barcelona is rich and varied in culture and in the world of pleasure.

Welcome in Barcelona!

I am also certain many good things are going to happen to you in this wonderful city!

Discrete masseur for out-call

Here in Barcelona you are able to enjoy the best erotic Tantra massage ever!

Call me for an out-call massage to your hotel room —no transport fees!

Or visit me at my gay massage studio in the true city center. Please call to make an appointment as soon as possible. Just to ensure my availability.

You can also choose a young gay masseur. These guys are working with me and are 100 % safe and guaranteed!

Gay massage prices

I can also offer you a wide range of massage styles and prices. Affordable massages for many price ranges. Massage for students and for seniors, budget massages and lush massages.

There are significant differences between them though. Please check the specific menus, each features and prices and choose the one you desire!

I can also offer you a variety of fetish massages. Though if you can’t find yours just let me know!

Call your daddy masseur

Paco: contact me!

There is much more information like the most surpising FAQs and the weirdest testimonials!

See you soon!

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