Body to body massage

Body to body massage

Body to body massage is one of the hottest and most intimate massage styles. Because massage therapies have as many flavors as colors you can recognize. From subtle to shiny and lively. From greyish hues to basic and cheerful.

Gay massage can also communicate an incredible range of physical and emotional shades!

Intense body to body massage

Besides, body to body massage belongs into the category of shiny and intense massage therapies. Because this kind of bodywork is very requested. Especially by men who ere in the need of experiencing a very intimate massage session.

As you already guessed “body to body” means there is a close skin on skin contact between both our bodies. Just imagine a close hug, a lasting hug. And from there we go into a sensual experience created for your enjoyment.

This is much much more than just a hug though. It includes mutual body rubbing. Some men tell m:

“It feels like s snake-ish move, slow, sensual and very sexy. This is something absolutely new to me though. And believe me I am 70 years old and have tried a bunch of different stuff in my life!”

So don’t be shy and go on reading. This massage technique might arouse your forbidden feelings and desires. But don’t be ashamed either! It is legitimate to abandon yourself into a new and very fulfilling massage therapy between to men.

Isn’t some male on male action sexy to you!

Body to body massage by a bear

It is important to choose carefully your male masseur though. Your choice should always be according to your desired body profile. What kind of men do you prefer? I am a tall, strong and hairy masseur. I shave my head and grow my beard. As you can see on the pictures. Many men say I fit in the “bear” style of gay men.

I am just stating these facts because you want to enjoy an intimate bodywork. And it feels much spicier if you have it with the man who feels sexy to you.

I am also this very sought after daddy masseur.

But you can also choose among young gay masseurs! Because your preferences rule!

Sexy male masseur for an intense massage

You are welcomed to visit all of my pictures published at my gallery on There is also the video on gay massage where you can see me speaking and talking to you.

If your desire is enjoying the sexiest, hottest and spiciest body to body massage you just found the right professional. That’s me.

My customers come to me after they choose me among many other masseurs in Barcelona. My customers think I am very sexy. This is jut one of the reasons to choose me, though. There are some more.

I get amazingly wonderful reviews from a very high percentage of customers. Having a sexy body is not enough to be recommended by so many customers though.

To perform the best body to body massage you need some talent, some training, some attitude and some experience. This means a long time of job to master the highest quality body to body massage. I started in 2002.

Come and enjoy the most intense and intimate body to body massage ever! Whatever session you book, whether the 60, 90 or 120 minutes, it will feel too short.

Naked massage

Prostate massage

Relaxing massage

Now check all the differences among these therapies. And also the different prices!

“The most satisfying massage”

This is exactly what my customers tell me after enjoying a body to body massage. I cannot go into details here, but I can assure you will enjoy it from the very first minute.

“It feels amazingly sexy to be naked with you on the massage surface. I forgot my whole life before and after this moment”.

It is not an adventurous at all to order such an intense massage session though. Because this massage therapy feels absolutely natural to everybody. There is no lollypop and no penetration. With me you have the guarantee that anything you don’t want will ever happen. One of my most relevant terms is “mutual respect”.

See you soon in Barcelona!

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