Our gay massage studio

Gay massage studio

Visit the best located gay massage studio in Barcelona. We are serving gay men of all ages and backgrounds.

We know your convenience rules!

Though if you prefer us traveling to your hotel or apartment we also do. For the same prices, not charging transportation fees inside the city of Barcelona!

Welcome at our gay massage studio in Barcelona!

Licensed massage studio Barcelona

We know our customers are the most demanding ones. So we are offering the highest quality in everything. Not just our erotic massage but also everything around it, as our venues!

Our studio is a very discrete apartment. Clean, spacious and planned in detail for professional massage. So this is not somebody’s crib!

This is a licensed, legitimate and lawful massage center in Barcelona. So no risk of police inspections interrupting your session!

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Who can serve you at our studio?

Obviously Paco, the owner. You can also enjoy Tom, Fred or Tyson. Leo, Tom and Jack joined us recently. Of course they can also meet you at our place!

Just ask for them when you contact me.

Quality massage center in Barcelona

Besides, we like to focus on the all-around quality. Because this is exactly what gay men are used to.

For example, new crisp towels, fresh and softly perfumed. One-use paper slippers. Also one use paper sheets for the massage surface.

Quality massage oil, scented or neutral, as you prefer. Excellent hydrating massage cream for your feet.

And many other quality details you’ll appreciate! We also have one-use combs and deodorant. Those who like to have a fresh breath can use some mouth-wash anytime before or after your massage!

Our studio has air conditioning during the summer and is heated in Winter.

We always offer you a welcome drink!

24 hours gay massage studio

We are open during daytime, from 11 AM to 10 PM.

Though we can serve you anytime, also after midnight. So if you make a reservation ahead of time we can open anytime 24 hours. From Monday to Sunday.

Just make your appointment ahead of time!

Discrete massage studio

We also want to stress the fact we are not a massive massage studio. We only want to serve a maximum of two men at one time.

This means you’ll be oftentimes be alone just with your chosen masseur.

We have two separate massage rooms. This way couples and friends are free to choose if they want to be together or in separate cabinets.

So usually nobody else in the next room! No noises and no distractions from your own massage!

Minimal massage studio

Our massage studio is absolutely practical. The focus is on our bodywork, in a very elegant way, with everything we need to make you feel comfortable and pampered.

We have one big suite which we use as the main massage room. The second room is this medium size suite with a Japanese bed and also a professional massage table.

Gay massage studio location

We chose a very broad avenue as Carrer DiputaciĆ³. Just one block away from PlaƧa Universitat. So right at the corner from Metro L1 and L2 Universitat.

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