Gay erotic massage Barcelona

Gay erotic massage Barcelona

Gay erotic massage Barcelona

Gay erotic massage Barcelona is my job! I am a real professional, so please consider hiring me whenever you need an amazing treat! You will relax and re-fuel your body and mind. Bliss is guaranteed!

Please go on reading to learn more about Gay erotic massage Barcelona. Here you can find out what my massage service is all about.

Who’s on the top picture? It’s me, Paco, together with Matt. Please scroll down for more detailed information about us.

Gay erotic massage Barcelona

The name says a lot about this amazing massage treatment. Though let’s analyse step by step what it means.

So what we call “Gay massage” is the massage a man is giving. The receiver is also a man.

You don’t have to be gay though! I also serve straight men and bisexual men. I use the word “gay” to signal that it is a “male to male” therapy. For your enjoyment.

Besides, “erotic massage” means the bodywork is breaking some of the classic boundaries of legitimate massage or therapy massage. Erotic means we are speaking about a sensual massage. So this gets a bit spicier than usual. Erotic also means sexual excitement might be present during the session, if not during the whole session time.

I am using many techniques and grips from Tantra massage. For those who never tried a tantric massage I can just tell you this is an amazing experience!

Sometimes “erotic massages” can get so intense that you might not be able to stop your own ejaculation. In other words, we are getting into the fields of “happy ending massage“.

And finally the word “Barcelona” is the location where you want to enjoy this new massage experience.

Gay erotic massage Barcelona

Gay erotic massage Barcelona

Meet Paco to enjoy your erotic gay massage

I did not introduce myself on this post yet. So I am Paco, the tall, strong and hairy masseur you can see on the pictures. I am a very experienced erotic masseur.

Because my massage styles are blending the best of many massage worlds. It is always just for your pleasure and enjoyment.

I use Tantra techniques, though only the sweetest, Thai techniques, only the most sensual, erotic and sexual massage. I also include body to body massage and the hottest “lingam massage“.

Soon I will be publishing posts about all of these amazing massage grips and massage philosophies.

Where to enjoy your massage

So now you know what I can offer you! Maybe you will be interested to try it. Sure!

Where is the place to enjoy the best gay massage Barcelona? You choose the place: you are welcomed to visit me at my massage studio in the city center. I am currently on Carrer Aragó just a few minutes walk from Passeig de Gràcia. Yes, very close to the famous Gay Eixample area!

And I am also available to visit you at your hotel room or private apartment. This is what we call outcall gay massage.

I am serving any hotel in Barcelona! The prices for both services are exactly the same, including taxis. So this way your hardest choice will only be which massage therapy to enjoy.

Please contact me over the phone if you have any questions. I will be very happy to answer and serve you!

Paco: +34 676 648 226

Matt gay masseur

Besides offering an amazing 4-hands massage together, Matt is also working individually. He is offering similar services as me. He starts with naked massage. Matt can also offer you some even more intimate services. Check his personal website on

Paco: +34 676 648 226

You are also welcomed to e-mail me:

And please check my full personal website. This way you’ll also get familiar with my massage treatments and prices:

See you soon in Barcelona!

If you are more on the escort side please let me suggest Matt.

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