The new hairy male massage

Hairy male massage

The new hairy male massage

Hairy male massage is a legitimate choice. Just as any other kinds of personal preferences, which are also legitimate. So if you prefer a hairy masseur you should enjoy your gay massage with a hairy guy!

And that’s me!

Though please remember I’m not alone here! Go on reading!

Now take my hand and follow me into the world of the sexiest massage.

Hairy male massage

Please let me first introduce myself to you. I am Paco, a “bear”-style professional masseur serving hairy male massage in Barcelona. So my job is erotic massage. A majority of my customers prefer to be served by a hairy daddy. So this is why they choose me.

I take good care of my body in many aspects. Since I am working out 3 times + a week and also take good care of my body hair. I trim it frequently though for it not too grow too long. I also like to be groomed and clean. Always!

Some guys have asked me if being hairy is making the hairy male massage more difficult. Meaning if it feels less slippery than waxed or shaven masseurs.

Smooth or hairy?

In fact hairy masseurs feel much smoother. Because waxed masseurs are frequently itchy. And shaved masseurs as well. The skin quality is also a factor. Because it varies a lot from man to man.

You can expect waxed guys to feel rough. Since they don’t shave or wax every day or either a while before your appointment. And who wants those itchy and burning skins!

Taking care of waxed and shaved bodies is a matter of taking time and money as well. The best body creams are expensive and it takes a while to use them properly. In order to the skin fully absorb it.

So the natural unshaven option is frequently much better, safer and smoother. Besides, it is more pleasing and sensual. This is what a hairy male massage provides for you: a smoother massage and more pleasing massage experience.

But of course the visual and the looks are your decision! Your preferences should always rule!

As you will see, we also have some naturally smooth masseurs, with a really silky skin! Go on reading!

Sexy furry masseur

You might be looking for a sexy hairy masseur to be the one to give you your erotic massage therapy. Well this is me!

Besides I am a natural and humble guy. I have been advised by my web-masters and SEO specialists to use these words to describe myself. It might sound obnoxious because I am writing all these posts personally. Though I am not hiring other people to write about myself and my job. This is my true written “voice”. Everything I’m writing here is my personal experience and personal approach to erotic massage.

By the way, this is an excellent introduction to gay tantra massage! My special!

And with this I also mean m4m massage. Because I am a man serving men. No matter how you describe yourself. As gay, bisensual or straight.

Furry masseur Barcelona
Furry masseur Barcelona

Because this is what my customers tell me: “you are a sexy hairy guy!”. So these are some words that might accurately describe myself. It is the way other guys see me. These other guys are my customers, men who pay to enjoy my service. I guess this fact makes their statements more relevant and trustworthy. My partner might say the same words but you would not trust someone who loves me 😉

Enjoying a massage performed by a hairy male masseur is a blissful experience. Because you are choosing the kind of man following your personal preferences: male, hairy, strong, tall.

Strong male masseur

I am a strong guy as you an see on my pictures. These are all true pictures of me, recent and without retouching.

If you like strong hairy men then you probably like my physical stats. This is the first step to enjoy an amazingly sexy and sensual massage with me.

Besides being a kind of man you like you will most surely enjoy a wonderful massage. All senses are involved in an erotic massage experience:

Visual. See my pictures and myself in real life. I will be knocking at your hotel door in no time if that’s what you request. You can watch me all time while enjoying your massage. Watching my body feels very sexy to many men!

Smell. I smell clean, elegant and sexy. I use nice body creams that smell as a man does. For specific request I can also not shower and not use deodorant.

Touch. My touch feels warm and tender and very masculine. I can be very strong when performing a deep tissue massage.

Listen. If you wish we can play some relaxing music to match our massage session. You can also hear my voice on my video where I’m introducing myself. Some gentlemen also value me groaning during the massage. Just let me know your preferences!

Taste. You won’t obviously taste me like I was a wine or some food. But choosing me for your erotic massage is a matter of god taste. Blink! 😉

Eat. After so many years of constant requests I also introduced some are features as oral. It’s finally included in the Fusion Tantra massage menu.

Almost all exclusive masseurs working with me eventually share these features. Just call to ask!

Other furry masseurs: John and Benito —moderately.

Book your hairy male massage

Now you made up your mind you might want to call me and ask some personal questions. I will be very happy to answer!

In the meantime you can also check the weirdest FAQs and also the unpredictable testimonials.

Finally, why are these erotic stories about my massage sessions so successful?

You are also welcomed to check more specific content as prices and massage descriptions!

See you soon in Barcelona!

Lastly, if you prefer to scroll among several gay escorts, that’s your site!

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