Interactive tantric massage

Interactive Tantric massage

Interactive Tantric massage means there is nothing further if you still want to call it “massage”. Consequently this bodywork will help you forget about stress and worries.

Paco and all the exclusive masseurs advertising here are offering this massage menu. On all locations!

Erotic intensity is so high in this massage that you will feel tempted to go one step too far. You’ll crave to cross all the red lines of massage. Though we don’t do it since we keep it limited to massage. Please go on reading or call us to find out about everything you need to know.

Enjoy the extremely erotic massage!


45 minutes Extremely Erotic Massage

150 €

60 minutes Extremely Erotic Massage

200 €

75 minutes Extremely Erotic Massage

250 €

90 minutes Extremely Erotic Massage

300 €

120 minutes Extremely Erotic Massage

400 €

30 minutes Extremely Erotic Massage

120 €

Only available by Paco in Barcelona.

All the exclusive masseurs

All the male masseurs advertising on this website are offering this interactive tantric massage! Check the guys in Barcelona, Madrid and Sitges!

Check all other locations as Ibiza, Benidorm, Granada, Valencia, Paris, Amsterdam and Manhattan!

Most popular: interactive Tantric massage

Interactive Tantric massage is the most popular protocol we are serving ! Because it is the first choice for all sorts of men by far!

The reason is because it satisfies all the expectations a man has when needing the most excellent massage.

Besides this is the menu all the adevrtising masseurs are offering. In other words, you are free to choose any of the masseurs in our team for this menu —except John!

Massage description
60 minutes Extremely Erotic Gay massage

During this extremely erotic and blissful massage on the tatami or Japanese bed we will work your whole body, from head to toes. We will also use our own whole bodies to awaken your most intimate and wildest sensual energies. Ever heard about the sexy body to body massage? Well, this is one of the clues! Besides working your perianal area, testicles and stimulating the anus areas. You will probably achieve climax combining prostate, testicle and lingam massage. This is the only massage we perform totally naked. You are allowed to caress your masseur all over his body —no limits! Finally, discover and enjoy a long, fulfilling and abundant release!

Price: 200 €

90 minutes Extremely Erotic Gay massage

Additionally to the previous session length, it starts with what we call “mutual discovering”. Something unique on us you won’t experience with any other masseur in the world. This 90 minutes session is the most intense and intimate massage, one inch before you can call it something else. Really close! Dangerously close. Discover and enjoy a long, fulfilling and abundant release. Multiple climaxes can happen and are also included.

Book this 90 minutes massage length if you’d like to enjoy the extremely hot shower as well! Both of us using some soap on our bodies and having fun under the hot water!

Price: 300 €

45 minutes Extremely Erotic Gay massage

The shorter “express massage version” is for men in a hurry or with such a short time between meetings. Since the time is compressed the body-to-body time is also shorter, though also on a Japanese bed. It obviously includes happy ending. Since this is the hottest and most intimate massage menu your masseur will be naked and you are allowed to touch him. The focus on this massage menu is achieving a really exciting state of intensity to forget stress and trouble.

Price: 150 €

120 minutes Extremely Extended Erotic Gay massage

This is the longest and most intimate extremely erotic and blissful massage. Ideal for the most demanding massage fans!

We will enjoy it on your hotel bed or on the tatami or Japanese bed in our gay massage studio.

Consequently this is the most panoramic session for the interactive Tantric massage you’ll ever experience.

After some time of amazing mutual body discovering we will work your whole body, from head to toes. We will use our whole body to awaken your most intimate and wildest energies. Very spiritual for a start, though gradually more and more intense. We will also work your perianal area, testicles and the outer and inner sides of your anus. We will probably discover new features as nipples massage and armpit massage. So you will probably release several times combining prostate, nipples, testicle and lingam massage. Of course we will both be totally naked. You are allowed to caress your masseur at all times and all over his body.

This massage is the longest journey across male sensuality. Many of our clients discover aspects they didn’t know about themselves.

Additionally, you can also include our extremely sexy erotic shower. This means sharing some mutual soaping on our bodies and having fun under the hot water!

Price: 400 €

30 minutes Extremely Erotic Gay massage

Finally, you can also choose what we call the “flash massage”, as short and intense as just 30 minutes. Though don’t expect to enjoy all the techniques that a longer session allows us to put in practice —common sense. This is the ideal session for low budget guys and gentlemen in a hurry!

Price: 120 €

Interactive Tantric massage

Our special Interactive Tantric massage is a huge container showcasing many uncommon massage features —not just grips! This is an amazing experience that holds not only your desires but also new discoverings.

Are you ready to live it up with us?

Ejaculation control: edging

Since we still want to call it “massage” we will not fall into the tacky and common practice of oral jobs. That’s too easy —though you can also request it as an extra! Instead we will play an extremely hot and intimate game that will control your apotheosis and will prevent you from releasing too soon. Ever hear about “edging”? Well this is something close, and involving some really hot bodywork. Wanna try it?


The difference between Nuru-massage and our interactive Tantric massage is merely the use of nuru-gel. This Japanese gel is made of sea-weed and allows an incredibly gliding effect during body to body contact.

Unique massage in the world

Needless to say that you won’t find a massage like this elsewhere in Spain or in Barcelona. Only a rare and really small amount of Tantric masseurs have learned all the secrets we are using. This massage styles needs the genuine erotic talent that all of our team masseurs share. Consequently, this massage can’t be done like a simple “copy and paste” of a piece of text.

Customers who have enjoyed a really large amount of different massages in the world told us the massage we are performing are really special experiences. As you will read on some reviews they say “it’s some kind of magic”.

Beyond eroticism

The interactive Tantric massage is the last and the top of our range of massage menus, according to the increasing erotic intensity.

We previously called it “Extremely Erotic Massage”.

You can choose the time length of this massage, as you can with the other massage menus. Your freedom of choice is important to us. Granting your satisfaction is extremely relevant to us!

In-call and out-call gay massage: the same price

Your choice should be always according to your convenience. Though not choosing the most affordable or most expensive option. Think of what feels better for you! Because your freedom is our pleasure, and your pleasure is our satisfaction.

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