“Your First Gay Massage Is A New Experience”

First time gay massage

“Your First Gay Massage Is A New Experience”

The first massage sometimes means you have been thinking about it for a long time, apr you had second thoughts before taking the firm decision.

As a new experience, it should be worth it. How can you make sure it will really work?

You should always feel absolutely safe when ordering your first gay massage!

These days you also need to value all the covid-19 sanitary precautions. After reading these, you will probably feel much safer if you visit me.

Additionally to all these, I can tell many an anecdote. Since I have been told many weird stories by bisensual men visiting masseurs.

I can tell you these anecdotes because after enjoying my tantric massage sometimes we speak for a short while —that’s what we call pillow talk.

Let’s get back to our subject though!

Who is having his first gay massage these days?

  • First erotic massage for gay men
  • Straight men who are feeling curious
  • Bisensual men in search of new experiences

Let’s check them all!

First gay massage testimonials

Sometimes my clients —no matter what orientation— like to empty their hearts after our massage. That’s when confessions find the right moment. Words of honesty, worries, also thankfulness among that mix of feelings.

Sometimes we can’t avoid sharing our worries. Especially when the one who’s listening to you is not in your family and friends circle, as me.

Some other times we just need to compare what we just had with some previous experiences. Like when you savour a new wine, for instance.

That guy in Miami didn’t respect my limits. I almost felt like raped by him! So this time with you I wanted to make clear that I’m still considering myself as a straight man. Because I want my limits to be respected. Man on man massage is just a way to explore feelings I can hardly put my finger on”.

Because to me the word “respect” is not just a bunch of letters. It is an extremely relevant attitude. This is something I probably have written in my DNA.

So mutual respect is sacred to me. You can find more testimonials sent in by previous clients.

First gay massage
First gay massage

Why having the first gay massage

There are hundreds of reasons to have it! From curiosity to undergoing a self-test. Though guilt and fear are common reasons as well that delay the decision.

“Since I quit High School I always wanted to have some m4m action again. I am a straight married man though. But I needed to feel this excitement again. Maybe I waited for too long. But I felt this is the right time and place for it”.

I guess it is never too late. And never too early!

“Sexual excitement with men works differently on me than with ladies. I can let you touch my dick, but don’t expect me to touch yours. Does this make sense?”

Everything personal makes sense! Because each and every man is unique.

“I always feel very guilty when getting excited by a male. So I’m trying to work on this. This time with you felt absolutely wonderful. I just forgot all the guilt. Everything felt so natural and spontaneous! You do a great job with your cautious attitude!”

The first gay experience far from home

Though guilt may show up the least expected, knowing you are far from home might be a relevant help to many men!

“I will probably never visit Barcelona with my spouse. So this is the right place to get naked with another man. I don’t want to have sex, just sharing soft touch and some mutual stroking”.

First erotic massage ever

There is also a first time for many gay men though! Believe me that having some erotic massages is not that common.

“To me this equals to paying for sex. There is some sensual pleasure involved in your massage, so I have been delaying it for years now”.

Well, sex and erotic massage are some different practices. Though I understand there are some similarities. Because both are extremely intimate services.

“I heard about tantric massage before. So I decided I need to know what it is like. I guess I tested many a thing gay men tried so far. Though never a sensual massage. This is great! I will have it again soon!”

More reasons to feel safe are all the sanitary precautions and protocols we are always using —not just now, though we added some new ones.

towels massage
Towels massage: each masseur has his own.

Book your first gay massage

Yep! It is as easy as contacting me!

For those who like a daddy masseur I’ll see you soon in Barcelona!

If you have other preferences about ages and physical types, please check the exclusive gay masseurs!

Finally, gentlemen who prefer a gay escort got some interesting options with Benito, Jorge, Victor and Dylan!

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