Dos and donts of out-call massage

Dos and donts of out-call massage

Dos and donts of out-call massage

Dos and donts are usually seen as an annoying facet about any job. Learning these professional secrets is sometimes boring because you think you already know it. But you can be surprised by things that are not too obvious —or even seem to be irrelevant— once they happen.

The reason for this post is that everyone thinks this is service is very easy to do. Though if you want it to work smoothly, you need to have in mind quite a bunch of things.

These are some tips and tricks I learned thanks to my own experience. I wish I was told before many of these weird situations!

Nevertheless I bet learning from my own experience is much better. The proof is some of the guys working with me don’t believe me when I warn them. Maybe I would not have listened to somebody else either!

So these are the professional secrets I also share with my team!

Dos and donts of out-call massage

As a gay erotic Tantra masseur I am also offering out-call massage. Many local customers in Barcelona enjoy the convenience of being served at their homes. And that’s also “out-call”. Out-call is having your massage wherever you are.

Since businessmen from around the world are also using this very convenient, time-saving and money-saving service. This is why I also perform my best gay massages inside your hotel room.

If you are visiting Madrid I can also suggest the best guys there! Just visit gay massage in Madrid.

Now let’s get to the point though!

Dos and donts checklist

These are some tips I always teach the masseurs who want to join my team. As a result, I know our customers are very happy with us!

Avoid gossiping

Gossiping just at the first moment of entering the customers’ apartment. That’s un-sexy and can be a serious turn-off. Some guys even feel this like an intrusion. So don’t be the first to be too talkative. Some customers are, though they might be putting you on test. Don’t disclose any information about other customers, where you are just coming from or going to next. Previous or next customers are especially a no-no. Your customer could be thinking you’ll speak about him to the next one.

Once a customer told me:

We’ve been speaking too much. Now I repent of disclosing so much information about myself. Will you be able to forget it, please?”

The best way is not even going there. I understand though that after such an intimate massage it feels really nice to lay on the bed and spend some time talking. Something we call pillow talk? Prudence is always a good advisor.

Commode sense will tell you to keep private confessions in a small dose. It’s better to leave too early than too late. Additionally, if you leave the client with thinned for some more time, he’ll probably call us again the next day.

Dont’ ask for a drink

Usually it is the customer offering it. So let him feel like the master at his own place. Many customers enjoy it. Yes, they like to serve you! Because this is a way to be nice, also polite. Many others want to go straight to the massage though. It might be getting late to them or they may forget it. Don’t be the one asking for it. You don’t want to listen to an answer as “I don’t have any!”

On ou point of view, sometimes a guy requesting us to stay more time feels abusive. Customers know we have other appointments, and we don’t want to be late serving the next client.

“The guy yesterday wanted to stay here with me. I felt embarrassed to tell him I have a meeting”.

This is also a reason for us to avoid it. It can easily turn from a nice detail into a weird moment.

Don’t touch stuff

Sometimes you are left alone in the hall. Just a minute. Or for a short moment that feels too long. While the guy is looking for the money or on the phone. Dont’ touch his books, his stuff on the coffee table, nor look too close at his framed family pictures.

Commenting art items or antiques is also risky. Your customer might be paranoid and think you are collecting information about expensive goods. In Spain some delivery services are connected to burglars who collect interesting addresses for the Summer robbery campaign.

We never do that. Our job is massage, not commenting about anybody’s items.

Avoid personal comments

This guy showed me his ex-boyfriend on a picture with him, and I went:

Wow, was he handsome!”

This customer felt immediately jealous because he took it as he was not as sexy as his ex. So that’s a mistake. We need to be always extremely discrete. Silence is always the smartest option.

The unexpected

What the masseur feels every second is very relevant to sense if the situation is right or not. Sometimes failure comes with the most unexpected situations. It is hard to foresee, but holding back, not acting or keeping silent are always the best advise. And these are the opposite concepts of risk. So don’t take risks.

Don’t touch the money

You might think the money on the counter is for you. Don’t assume anything though! Let the customer be the one handing it to you.

I use to have a customer who is always putting the money on the night stand. To me this is some very “escortish” stuff. Time and again I always wait for him to point at it. I just wait. He knows.

Grabbing it might feel as too greedy from the masseur’s part. Patience is always a virtue. And much more elegant!

Finally, if the client forgets to pay you, it’s smarter to ask for it than just take it from the counter.

Dos and donts Conclusions

I know the word “common sense” is always a safe tip. But frequently it is much easier to evaluate situations when it’s too late. However, common sense is the least common of all senses.

Trust the small angel-voice in your head. She always says the opposite of the evil-voice that feels tempting and risky!

Don’t pee in the shower

Use the toilet. Your are not home. The pee smell could be hard to go away from the bath-tub and the customer might feel uncomfortable about it.

This is also true when playing water sports though! I once received a golden shower by a customer —as an extra fetish massage service. So I assumed he would not mind me peeing in the shower after he came. He was really disgusted though. He only likes the smell of his own pee.

The best advise always is “do just what they are asking you to do”.

Do you have any suggestions about these dos and donts of out-call massage? Please get back at me!

Finally, I will be very happy to serve you! Paco: +34 676 648 226

Go on exploring my site, there is much more stuff about specific subjects:

See you soon in Barcelona and Madrid!

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