Massage guide: how to see a masseur

Gay Massage Guide

Massage guide: how to see a masseur

Massage guide can be about many aspects of the massage service. From massage styles and session times, to what we are talking about here now.

What is the best behaviour to face an intimate service like ours?

This is like a best practices guide on what to have in mind and how to behave correctly.

You and your masseur as well!

A massage guide like this is always very useful. Because even if most of our clients know it, a few others others don’t. Incidentally the first time massage clients.

So I thought it’s useful to publish this massage guide to know how to see a masseur.

There are some very easy protocols. Most of them are just common sense!

So welcome to this massage guide or protocol to see a masseur. Because you and us being on the same page everything will be much easier! Especially much more pleasing to you!

We also hope this massage guide serves like an appetiser to hire us!

Why this guide?

As you guess, erotic massage is on a very blurry area. Most of our clients see us as sex workers. Even if we don’t always perform sensual acts, but we deal with some kind of sensual pleasure. And this is a very special industry!

To many of our clients this service in an exception in their lives. That’s why we have seen many gentlemen asking us how to behave with us. Easy though!

Absolutely normal, spontaneous and natural!

We just need you to be aware of some very common sense details. In fact this massage guide is a very obvious guide.

First off, we are human beings. So we have our private lives, we pay taxes, we eat and sleep. We hang out and we also talk about our jobs to our families and friends.

Though nobody out there says he’s a client of us.

Again, please let us stress the fact we are masseurs and not escorts. Though very special masseurs!

We think you’ll also enjoy reading this massage guide!

Massage guide and masseur directory

Since every man has a different taste, we want to offer you different options, not only about therapies but also therapists. Check these exclusive gay masseurs. The purpose is not a catalog of endless body types to get married, but a selection of certified masseurs we carefully choose among the best in every city. Each one is reliable, expert, professional and safe in all aspects.

The covid-19 precautions

We are aware of the times we are going through. In order to keep you as safe our ourselves, we have developed a series of precautions to avoid covid-19. Both on the personal dimension and also when it comes to keep our studio absolutely disinfected and clean for each client. Of course we always discuss individual issues.

Introducing ourselves

You already know it’s not just Paco. Some exclusive masseurs are also advertising on this very website. After reading this post you can approach each of these professionals almost as if you know them. You have also seen pictures, both of body and face. So you already know stats and more than some basic personal preferences.

Though we still don’t know nothing about you!

Obviously the exceptions are recurring customers. Because we absolutely don’t need to introduce to ourselves twice. Most of the times we remember certain aspects of recurring customers.

Introduce yourself

It’s as easy as telling us:

Hi, I’m an average male in his forties. I’d like to explore mutual touch”.

That’s enough.

Though some gentlemen tell us a bit more about themselves, which is sometimes very useful. If the information helps us to give you a much better service!

Hi, I’d like to book Paco. I am married to a woman but I feel some curiosity about being with a hairy man. I’d also like to explore anal pleasure and mutual masturbation”.

Also some information about scheduling. So we know how to handle your request. Especially for late night and weekend appointments. For example:

I’m visiting Barcelona next week. I am interested to visit you in your studio maybe Sunday about 11 PM. Very intrigued about your naked massage”.


You reap what you sow. Though we are always polite!

So no matter if you contact us over the phone, write an e-mail or some other kind of written text. Polite gentlemen get a much better attention from us. Rude or insulting messages don’t work anywhere! Again, common sense!

We always prefer to be polite. It’s not only easy but also nice for everybody!

When finally meeting personally, politeness is also extremely relevant. From here we’ll go to very sexy though!

After all, both of us want to make the best out of our massage session!


Being on time is also a sign of politeness. Don’t have us waiting. Sometimes we have other appointments after yours.

If you are going to be soon, please let us know. It’s useful because we might be having a shower. Or even finishing a session with the previous customer.

We also make a big effort to be on time everywhere. At our studio or visiting your hotel.

If theres’ a traffic jam we will let you know as well. Please also have us informed about any problem you have with our schedule.

Agreed services

Usually we take some time with you discussing details. It is relevant to know the service you expect to get from us. Since massage is a huge universe of techniques, grips and extras. So we also expect you to stick to what we agreed.

Common sense also tells you that different services have different prices. We are always honest about what we offer and how much it costs.

To us it is always important to agree on all terms. After all, our goal is your satisfaction!


Don’t risk your own reputation. Either ours! This is very easy:

  • Hotels: don’t ask for us at the concierge. Proceed directly to the room. And viceversa!
  • Our gay massage studio: call the intercom and we will immediately open. Don’t talk to the neighbours. That’s also a reason to be on time: we expect you at the time we agreed.
  • Street: talk in a normal tone of voice.
  • Bumping into you the day after the massage: we won’t greet you if you don’t give us a hint. You could be alone, or not.

Since you are aware our job is erotic massage! So you will easily see that not everybody understands us. While you don’t care about your reputation because you are far from home, we are in the city we live in. Many people may know us here! And not everybody is as open minded as you.

Although all this, we are proud of our job. As you can be proud of having a fancy car or a big penis, but you don’t tell about it everybody on the street.

How’s this massage guide till now? Do you think it is useful? Please go on reading!

Small talk gets too big

Sometimes after the massage session some clients start —literally— interviewing us. They start smoothly with some small talk, about little things. But the questions go deeper and deeper. Sometimes we feel uncomfortable, so it gets hard to stop politely.

Now put yourself into our shoes. We avoid asking you any further than small talk. Of course we want you to feel at ease and with a spontaneous attitude. Though we’ll never dive too deep into your personal life.

This is a very special service we deliver, and we think it’s even sexier while keeping some distance.

“I know Paco since 2011. He never asked me anything about me or my life. And I am so happy we see each other exactly like for the first time. I don’t want this to be like a relationship, nothing assumed”.


This is relevant in all aspects. Because if you feel harassed or stalked, we can also feel. Politeness and the personal limits are also good examples. Put yourself into our skin and you’ll immediately understand. The value of reciprocity is being civilised. We are all human beings!

We want to be polite to you. And we’d like to be addressed at also politely.

Personal limits

Don’t assume you are an average person in all aspects. You probably have some different limits and preferences, as we do.

So please be very clear about your limits. For instance, we have one customer who never wants us to touch his feet. Another guy hates music.

Each of us masseurs has also personal limits. Paco, for instance, doesn’t like to kiss. Don’t forget this massage guide is about erotic massage!

I guess everybody knows the limits between erotic massage and sex. Though we will come back to this a few paragraphs downwards.


This is the opposite to limits, though also extremely relevant. For some guys fetish is almost a condition to put to work sensual excitement. For instance, if natural body scent like sweat is a major turn on for you.

We always try to custom taylor our session to your preferences. Obviously we can do this after you told us. We still can’t guess it!

Please check our post about gay fetish massage!


Be very clear about allergies or intolerances. As smoking, scents, fabrics or plastic. We usually offer a drink. Though please tell us in advance if, for instance, you don’t want to be offered any sort of alcohol.

Drug or alcohol abuse

Please avoid abuse of alcohol or drugs before our session. So please come sober. We never share any sorts of drugs.

As a sign of hospitality, we sometimes offer a Gin&Tonic or a can of beer, also depending on the massage menu you choose. The purpose is politeness, never abuse.

Sealed beverages

We only offer bottled water. Sealed cans of soda or beer. Also sealed juices. Please be aware that some extremely cheap masseurs will try all sort of tricks on you.

Our industry its exclusively massage!

Price and payment

Since we have a price list, you will probably make your choice before booking. We always ask about it. Since we also offer different session lengths, and that’s relevant to schedule our next appointments.

Please don’t try to bargain. Ever. Not during the booking process and also not immediately before starting the massage.

Payment is always immediately before starting our massage session.

We will never ask for wires, transfers or advanced payment.

Please don’t promise amounts, presents, dinners or traveling. That sounds like a sort of coaxing we always refuse. We will charge you only for the time and service you are asking us. Anyway, we are always nice and professional. This is our job! And we take it seriously.

Boyfriend experience is another option and also has a specific price list.

Massage guide on payment methods

With us you can use several payment methods. If you ask us, we prefer cash. We used to have a machine to sue with credit cards, but during the cob-19 situation we gave it back to the bank. Please contact us to ask about its current availability.

Another very popular payment method is the instant p2p payment we call Bizum in Spain.

We don’t have a PayPal account because we don’t want to use it.

Extending a session

If you decide on extending the massage session please ask first. The masseur who is serving you might have another session after yours. Or we need the studio for another customer. Your masseur sure knows if he got time enough to extend the session or not. If this is this case we need to interrupt the massage so you can pay the proportional amount to extend the massage.

Second thoughts

Some very few men feel extremely nervous right after making the reservation. They get more and more stressed by second thoughts. The idea of having an erotic massage troubles them. Our advise is: cancel! Don’t suffer from weird decisions on yourself. Nobody is forcing you! You called. So if you are in doubt or feeling uncertain, it’s easier to call and cancel. Take your time to think about it and leave this decision for tomorrow. Maybe you feel relieved from this pressure.

Massage guide to Canceling

If you need to cancel, please do it as soon as you realise you can’t make it. This saves us a lot of traveling, time, money, effort. On top of this, most of the times we can manage to serve another guy who’s really interested!

No show is a rude behaviour.

Once a guy told me:

So what if I didn’t call to cancel? I didn’t pay, you didn’t work, so I don’t care!”

My answer was:

You heard about karma? Don’t do others what hurts you too!”

Life is a boomerang!

I’m a dentist, and I just hate it when a patient doesn’t show up!”

Unique sensual chemistry

No other massage guide will tell you about this, we think.

It happens frequently though! Both of us, you and your masseur, might feel a very special momentum of sensual chemistry. Some guys call it the romantic massage! This happens because we put a huge effort on creating it. The ambiance, our tantric techniques. Also the will to give you a really hot and sexy session! Yes, we also get very excited!

Can we please go on a date?”

This is our job, and none of us wants to quit in the near future. You bet we also have our private lives. Including sensual life, long term partners, family and so on.

By the way, who wants to date a guy who’s working this industry?


This sounds so logical that it almost hurts to write it. Though we see a few examples that force us to mention all these:


A good shower is always an excellent idea. Also for your skin to be prepared for our massage! You can have a shower in our studio, before and also after the session.

You don’t have to smell like roses, but be clean!


Trimming your nails is something you should always do. So you don’t need a massage guide to realise life doesn’t end or start with our massage service!

By the way: people look at it more than you think! Just like checking the shoes!

Intimate parts

Our erotic massage includes also your penis. We expect it to be clean. You know cheese. While pre-cum or pre-seminal fluids are absolutely natural and we greet them as a proof of your satisfaction!

Anal massage

Prostate massage requires you to be absolutely clean also inside. We use some latex condoms the size of a finger, for protection and also for hygiene.

Excess of cologne

Please don’t assume the abuse of perfumes is elegant. We might not like the excess of cologne, or a particular scent.

We are also discreet by using odourless massage oils and creams!

Massage guide about Morning breath

You don’t need a massage guide to realise this. Mouthwash is always an excellent idea! Not just foe today but as a habit. If you know you are visiting us after lunch, please use some mouth-wash after eating strong dishes with garlic, onion or curry for instance.


We have a full equipped bath-room. So you don’t need to keep the pee for the shower!

Number two

Please come ready for the massage. All that stuff is better taken care of before you leave home or your hotel room. Especially before your shower so you can do your anal cleansing!

It is also a bad idea to shit in our studio after the massage. Because you wouldn’t want to be the next customer! Nevertheless, we understand emergencies.

Not to mention that this does not apply if you are in your own hotel room!

 Massage guide on Sexual health

“Massage guide” just says it all. So you know we are offering erotic massage. And massage is an extremely safe environment of pleasure with no risk.

You can’t believe what an intense pressure we suffer. More and more customers are requesting more sensual services and extras.

So little by little some of our team members decided to go with it.

The result is that some of our masseurs also offer extras that can be seen as sensual practices. Like lollypop.

You guess it though! We never bareback!

Because unprotected sex is a very stupid idea for everybody. Please don’t assume all men have identical opinions about barebacking.

Of course you can always ask us! We are honest at all times. Now and the moment you visit us.

This is a massage guide, but you can place specific questions about whatever you need to know!

If you did not mention lollypop or penetration before our appointment, please don’t assume we bring or have the necessary protection. We only accept using sealed and unused condoms.

We are absolutely safe and tested. So we always take care in our personal lives and also in our professional lives. Because we only have one body. The same body for everything.

Extra dose of common sense!

We heard about masseurs who rob wallets and other personal belongings. In Miami, in Frankfurt, in Rome. And unfortunately in Spain as well.

Some official massage guides warn you about these inconvenient —and extremely uncomfortable— situations.

We are working in this industry since 2003. And we never ever had an incident. Because we make our living on massage! Nothing else but massage.

If you happen to visit weird places, just be careful. Have your antennas stretched out. If there is any sign of danger for you, leave immediately.

In our gay massage studio your clothes, your bag, wallet and all your belongings will be in the same room. So exactly a couple of feet away from the massage surface.

As you will see, there is no way another person can have access to your belongings. Not even during your shower.

Because we will be absolutely alone in our studio. There are no other rooms nor hidden people.

I like so much the fact there’s no other massage box in here. We are alone in this flat. I feel super safe, relaxed and released from any tensions! As you say, this is like a bubble!”

How do you achieve excellence

Our goal is your pleasure. And our means are providing the best quality massage. Also the best service from the very moment you first call us.

We could also write a massage guide to excellence. Well, we do it day by day! Together with our customers, who we also call fiends.

This is why we have this huge amount of recurring customers. Usually the highest end gentlemen! Both local and international customers.

Did we miss something? Please call us!

Any suggestions to improve this massage guide?

Paco: contact.

We will be very happy to serve you!

This is Benito’s and Jorge’s gay escort website, besides a masseur he is also performing some additional services.

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