Enhance your penis massage by using the new lingam Tantric techniques

Penis massage Barcelona

Enhance your penis massage by using the new lingam Tantric techniques

Penis massage is something so obvious that we don’t pay much attention to it. Though it’s about time to regain consciousness to focus on its absolutely amazing benefits… and pleasures!

Some masseurs usually start directly by performing these techniques during a massage. But it is also a relevant fact that using the right timings and the right dosification we can achieve a much higher level of erotic intensity.

If you know what, how and when, you’ll have a lot more successful massage session!

So take my hands and come with me to discover many new sorts of stimulations! Your own penis will give you much than you think —or than usual!

Penis massage is also called “lingam massage” in professional tantric massage slang. What it is about seems to be quite obvious. We are going to speak about it on this post though.

There is much more to know about this genital play than you might think!

Additionally, you also get to choose among several gay exclusive masseurs, chosen only among the best in Barcelona, Sitges, Madrid and other Spanish cities.

Penis massage

Everybody knows the simple mechanical action of rubbing your penis is a source of amazing sensual pleasure.

Penis massage
Penis massage

So why is lingam massage so relevant? Many erotic masseurs study the many techniques and grips. This is why gay masseurs can be so expert in masturbation.

To achieve special and more intense sensual pleasure you can perform additional techniques.

“I could not do this to myself. I need both my hands but also a certain range and angle of movement I don’t have on myself!”

Letting others work for you is also an additional asset to gay tantric massage. You can just lay down and enjoy. So let go and enjoy this wonderful bliss!

Should we say “lingam massage”?

Lingam is the Sanskrit word to name the penis. Much more than just the penis though! To ancient Hindus the male sensual organ is the “magic wand” of power and creation. Not just fertility. Creation.

Tantric traditions have brought this concept up to our days. This is why it is a relevant part of Tantra.

The spirituality of this action is difficult to understand for us. In our Western culture sensuality is a merely carnal aspect of our lives. On the opposite, the ancient cultures of India an Nepal saw sacred sensuality as a spiritual dimension.

It is spiritual because it involves a very intimate communication between two men. And also maybe sensuality connects you with the Nature and the powers of creation.

This is what makes lingam massage so special Also to us! Even nowadays or especially nowadays!

“Sex is something so superficial in the gay scene today. We gay men have the privilege of sensual freedom and the opportunities to live it up. I wish we also had the talent to share something deeper than just the mechanic stuff. Climaxing as the only goal of sex is shallow to me”.

That’s what we can achieve with erotic gay tantric massage in Barcelona!

Testicle massage and prostate massage are also included in most of my massage menus. Check all the massage options, like Relaxing Massage and the fascinating interactive tantric massage!

Specific penis massage techniques

There are dozens of penis massage grips. Some of them depend very much o the penis’ specific morphologic characteristics.

Small penises allow special grips. Huge dicks on the other hand need other kinds of stimulations.

“My dick is very curved. Is this a problem?”

Of course not. It just needs a specific range of dick massage tricks. There is no impossible dick massage!

“I am a bit old and I sometimes can’t get it up”.

I had many customers like this. Especially after prostate surgery it becomes difficult. But I have some specific techniques that make it all possible again. And you will enjoy an amazing climax!

Order your best massage!

Just contact me and let’s go from there. I can serve you an outcall penis massage in your hotel. And you can obviously visit me at my gay massage studio in Barcelona.

Paco: contact me here!

See you soon!

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