What to expect for your First time gay massage

First time gay massage

What to expect for your First time gay massage

The subject “First time gay massage” is frequently used on e-mails for a massage request.

Because a number of men write some very elaborate e-mails about their own past and present situation. Sometimes it is also about their fears and concerns. They obviously want to make sure that my massage will meet their expectations. And also the limits in many aspects.

All these are necessary before taking the next step.

I always have in mind those aspects. Absolutely!

So let’s talk about them here now!

This will be my frist time gay massage. I am a bit afraid though and I have some questions. It’s my first time doing Tantra. But I am also a little nervous and not quite sure what to expect”.

Even if this man expressed this about a gay massage as a generic experience, it is also good when you try a new therapist. Some men are used to just one guy, and changing the therapist is sometimes a reason to worry. Ever heard about the comfort zone”?

First time gay massage

It is really difficult to explain a massage in terms of what you can expect. Because sometimes men tell me about their expectations, while some others don’t.

First off, during my therapy you will feel absolutely relaxed and at ease. I am not an escort but somebody who cares about your massage experience. Erotic massage is not sensual intercourse. Massage is safe both physically and emotionally. You won’t be exposed to anything you don’t like.

  • Feel relaxed and at ease
  • No sensual intercourse
  • Safe in all aspects
  • No rigid protocol

My protocol is never rigid. So this means I will adapt to what I can sense from your behaviour. And also to the limits you told me previously.

Respectful massage

M4m massage or erotic massage between men is a very sexy experience! Only as sexy as you want it to be. Because I am always respectful and will understand your limits. Since limits of massage are easy to understand for everybody. Because we all know the difference between massage and sex, between a masseur and an escort.

Be safe: first time gay massage

With me you are absolutely safe in all aspects. Also in having the certainty that my service will be the best in quality and performance. At all times!

In all the aspects that are relevant to you: you’ll feel attracted to me, you’ll enjoy this moment exactly with the kind of man you like and who turns you on.

Because erotic massage is an intimate experience and it is important we enjoy each other’s presence. I say “presence” while other guys say “body and mind”.

I know how to make you feel good, at ease and relaxed. So you can enjoy this session together with me. Let me guide you to a really blissful massage!

First time discovering

First time has this magic of new discoverings. Erotic massage is really surprising and amazing when you enjoy it for the first time. I can understand there is a nervousness about it. Though it fades really fast while your relaxation and your enjoyment gradually grow and it gets more and more intense.

“I consider myself as a straight man. Though I have been feeling curious about the mutual touch with another man. Your website makes me feel really comfortable. This is why I am here. And your unique ways will make me come back”.

All of my customers who enjoyed their first time gay massage with me told me to feel absolutely satisfied. Also happy and proud to have the courage to treat themselves to this amazingly sensual experience. All of them told me they will have it again, no matter where and with whom.

So this means a lot to me! It makes me feel like the door to a new dimension of pleasure. Massage is a civilized pleasure and it is a sign of personal culture. Enjoy your best gay massage in Barcelona.

Call me and we can speak about the details that are coming to your mind now: Contact me!

By the way, my name is Paco.

And visit my website to find out more about the details of my services. There are also some other guys you can choose. Jut take a look at these amazing exclusive masseurs!

See you soon in Barcelona!

As a final note, why are these erotic stories so successful? I wrote them during lock-down but they are still the most read content of this website!

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