The new Mindful massage

Mindful massage

The new Mindful massage

A mindful massage is a not too common bodywork experience these days. Because not all gay masseurs are trained in these really special techniques. As you guess, Tantra massage and other Oriental techniques are hard to find —at least the excellent ones!

If a mindful massage is what you are craving for in Barcelona you just found me! Contact me using the phone, whatsApp or SMS messaging. I usually answer immediately if not currently in a massage session.

So now go on reading if you wish to know everything about this very special massage attitude.

Mindful massage

As you can see, mindful massage is not frequent. You may know because you are maybe having a hard time to find masseurs that are offering this special bodywork style.

You can call it whatever you like: conscious massage, body awareness and Tantra massage. By the way, you can check this interesting introduction to gay Tantra massage if you still wonder what it is all about!

What is the main focus though? The focus on these massage techniques is delivering a fully awareness massage. It is relevant to stress that it should be for both the therapist and the receiver. The therapist has the clue and the responsibility to perform a second to second mindful massage.

So Mindful massage means full body and emotional awareness. This takes a very intense concentration effort from the therapist. Because your masseur is not able to be thinking on other stuff. While all my attention is set on you.

Though not just physically. The necessary serving attitude is extremely relevant. It is more about a talent you can improve by training than something you can learn.

Body conscious massage

Tantra massage is a lot about body consciousness. So each and every second, each and every breath is the biggest focus on the present moment and the present place.

Being aware about what we are doing together is the clue. Because we want to succeed in this intimate bodywork and spiritual massage session.

Since we start with the body, this might also be the reason for you to choose the therapist you desire the most. So choose among several gay exclusive masseurs according to your preferences!

Gay mindful massage

Gay masseurs, as any other kind of masseurs by the way, are more and more focused on making money. As fast as possible though! Having a nice body and face is a huge help to advertise and get hundreds of gay customers.

To me massage is my calling. It is not my job only but something that nurtures my existence. In many ways though, also socially and spiritually.

I am absolutely unable to perform a mechanic massage like a robot would do. I’m aware of you in each and every grip. So each and every second of my bodywork is aware of you and your responses. I can feel what you feel, and I can amplify the feelings of pleasure and delight.

“You have been here with me all the time, from the very first second you touched my feet. I could feel you not just physically. Your presence as a man and a friend is powerful and constant”.

All my therapies, from Relaxing to naked massage are mindful massages.

Learn more about mindful massage

Call me anytime!

See you in Barcelona!

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Sometimes clients mention silence as the ideal context for mindfulness. So let¡’s talk about the silenbce!

The new clues to achieve the Silent massage

Silent massage is a more and more frequent request.

What is a silent massage though?

The silent room, the non speaking session. So the lack of any sound or music polluting the intimacy.

If music is over-valued, what happens with silence?

Because to many men any kind of sound is disturbing.

While silence allows you to focus on the sensual pleasure and the sensual stimulation of your body parts.

Can we please have a silent massage? I just want to listen to our skins”.

Silent massage

The session in silence has many advantages.

  • Focus on sensuality
  • “Listen” to your skin communication
  • Focus on scents and massage oils
  • Massage in the darkness —if you wish
  • Listen to your breathing and moaning

Silence allows your senses to focus on other non visual stimulation. A sensual massage is a very intimate moment you choose to live up in a precise moment. When your schedule allows a break. When you have the sensual need for it. Or just fancy experiencing some very needed release!

The dimmed light, the scents of the oils I am using. Or even our own moaning. Or no moaning at all!

We can speak about all this and more. Just call!

Paco: contact me!

For those who don’t want silence

There are many other types of requests though. The thing is not only choosing between music or silence. The sort of the music and the sort of the silence are also personal factors.

Because another customer asked me this:

I’d like the playlist to be only instrumental music. So please no human voices”.

As you guess, all requests are legitimate to me. To me it is extremely easy to understand any personal preference. I also value the music as much as the silence.

Finally, the fact of knowing you at ease brings me comfort. So I can perform my work much better by knowing you feel in the right place.

Silent massage vs. music styles

Of course I adapt to many of all the possible requests. If you don’t want a silent bodywork I can offer several playlists with different music styles. From Oriental music to pop music. Also also Soul and R&B.

While some customers have their own playlist. it is absolutely OK with me!

Or no music at all! This session is about your right to have it as you wish.

Your erotic gay massage should be the best experience in a long time.

So I will adapt on all departments you tell me to.

Prices of silent massage

Prices are exactly the same: Prostate Massage or Naked Massage.

Do you have any other request for your gay massage in Barcelona?

Just call me. Paco: contact me!

And please explore my website. There is much more to see and read!

See you soon in Barcelona!

What are the advantages of blocking out all the disturbing noise? Do you need to set your brain on plane mode?

Plane mode

“Plane mode” setting is also useful for a massage session! Because you don’t want nobody to interrupt your pleasure.

As you know, one of the benefits of erotic Tantra massage is helping you forget troubles. So building this temporary firewall seems smart to block everything out of this moment.

You really need some enjoyment and some isolation. Finally!

Plane mode

This expression has evolved. From its initial meaning of turning off a smart-phone when boarding an aircraft. Now it is also a metaphor that signals you need some isolation off the world.

“I am on plane mode now. I told everybody I am totally out of reach. So this is some time just for me”.

This guys did id literally. He set his smartphone on plane mode and forgot about everything.

“I really disconnected from all my troubles. And you helped me with this amazing massage. Now I feel absolutely released from tensions and worries. From this moment on I’m taking my life in a very different way. I am my own first priority”.

Plane mode massage

Sometimes customers are suffering such a stress that they even forget about switching off their phones. When the phone suddenly rings during our massage session it scares out the hell out of him. And also becomes the total turn off.

All the sensual excitement breaks in a millisecond.

Though of course I got the tricks to get back on the same track. Really soon!

Of course avoiding these kinds of interruptions is always better than suffering them.

So please remember to switch off your phone. Putting it on silent is also a good option. Additionally you should turn off vibrate as well.

Customers avoiding isolation

Once I had a customer who needed to have his smartphone right in hands-reach. He was expecting a extremely important phone call. No problem!

“Hi sweetheart! Aw, so mummy just passed? Sure, I’m finishing this meeting and I’ll be in the Hospital in a heartbeat”.

I expected him to get up, but he did not. He just said:

“Now I can turn it off! Go on with the massage please!”

There are always very important phone calls that need the customers’ full attention. I never force nor forbid anyone to answer though. So it’s always up to you.

There are many other anecdotes about phone calls that my customers have answered. Yes, right in the middle of our gay massage session! And some of them are really fun!

Plane mode and respect

I don’t take it as a disrespect to my job. My customers are all adults. So they take their own decisions and they know what is priority or not.

Many of them have double lives and need to be reached by everybody. From the wife to the boss. From the boyfriend to a business colleague.

In my opinion it is the client who suffers his own disrespect. Because he is paying for a very specific service. Gay erotic massage is a blissful bodywork. And he is probably not enjoying it as often as he wishes.

Many of the advantages of massage are the result of isolation, breaking the routine and also exploring the inner landscapes. Intimacy, sweetness and this oasis in senses are only possible thanks to this little disconnection from the world.

You are the one choosing the session time: from 45 minutes massages to 2 hours naked massages.

It is your own will to escape from mundane worries and stress.


It is always your final decision. Turning off your phone, using “silent” or “plane mode” as well.

Though my suggestion is blocking out everything else. Exactly as when you’re in a movie theatre. If you are going to enjoy a very needed experience, dive in as deep as you can!

Call me now if you need more information.

You can also choose any of these exclusive masseurs if I’m not your type!

Though are silent massage, plane mode and mindfulness enough? Can we go one step further? Welcome to the soulful massage!

Soulful massage

Soulful massage is not about just style —it’s more like an attitude. Because you can give a soulful massage no matter the massage grips you are using.

There are very special customers who value this!

“As an afro-american male I like soul-food. And soul-sex. And when it comes to massage I treasure mindful massage. You go further and deliver soulful massage. You are amazing! And unique. Don’t ever change!”

Soulful massage

I am passionate about my job as an erotic masseur. Massage is a job that needs some soul as well. though massage Mindfulness is not enough. Because it’s different when you go further and give yourself during each and every second. Then you are using your job to achieve the higher status of soul masseur.

Not that I massage your soul but that I give a massage which has some deeper intent. So a much special massage session thats is meant to be this meaningful connection.

Soulful massage made easy

“Your job is not easy. I mean you have to be serving guys of all kinds. And I guess you don’t always feel attracted to the guy at hand —no pun intended! I don’t see myself as an ugly guy. Though I am also aware I’m not the most attractive guy on earth. But you made me feel I was. Thank you for giving something a regular massage is not able to communicate!”

You made it really easy! It’s no just about how sexy you are though. How you feel, how you react, your thoughtfulness are also relevant! Thank you for helping me unfold the whole massage protocol in a very natural way!

Here you’ll find some more testimonials. They say a lot about my service!

Soulful massage in Barcelona

“I have had many massages in all kinds of places around the world. I used to visit a masseur in Barcelona for a long time. This time though I thought I’d give you a try. Thank you so much for your soulful massage. This is where you are making a true difference!”

Thank you so much for your nice words. I love my job and I love my clients to enjoy the entire massage time. Of course if I can make something for you to “take it away with you” believe me I’ll do it. Being satisfied after a massage is relevant to all of us. I also enjoy massage every now and then and this helps me putting myself into your skin.

Besides myself, you also have the choice of some more exclusive gay masseurs who are sometimes available.

And of course famous Jorge the gay escort, with his huge dick and his best friends Leo and Benito!

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