Outcall to hotels

Outcall massage service: right in your hotel

Outcall to hotels means you’ll enjoy your gay massage in Barcelona following your person convenience first! Check the different benefits of booking the best out-call massage service!

The place where you think you will enjoy it most is important to you —so it is to us. So we can serve you either ways!

Trust Paco’s expertise: it’s about your pleasure!

Benefits of outcall massage

Our mobile massage service in Barcelona has the only goal of making everything much easier for you!

So you will enjoy many advantages. First off, the convenient fact that you don’t need to dress up! Also no need to step down the streets to look for some premises that might be far away.

One more benefit? No sharing a waiting room with stranger guys!

Welcoming us at your hotel room is just the start of many privileges you are about to enjoy.

Additionally you will save time and taxis. Back and forth. The taxi rides are included in our service so we will never ask for a tip or for taxi money.

A benefit you’ll find out right after finishing the session: you will be able to take your time before having a shower. Or you can fall asleep anytime on your bed —something absolutely impossible in a massage parlor.

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Outcall massage service from Monday to Sunday

You are free to ask for a massage session anytime, so 24/7. Please book ahead of time to ensure our availability!

Ahead of time means for instance that if you wish to enjoy a massage at 3 AM please let us know before 11 PM.

In a nutshell:

24/7 — Save time — Save taxis — Save stress — Lay back and let me work for your pleasure — Relax and enjoy!

Same fees: save taxis!

Massage prices are exactly the same for both hotel outcall massage Barcelona and for in-call in our studio. So no extra fees apply on hotel out-calls.

Because we think your decision should not be about what is more affordable but what is the most convenient for you.

Of course all the massage features are the same for both options.

Out-call: no stress!

So your hotel may be the most convenient place for you. Don’t need to be hailing taxis under the rain, late night or under the burning summer sun.

Our massage service in Barcelona for gay men will you save time and money. Isn’t this an easy and convenient option?


With us your profile is never exposed. Because all the masseurs in our team dress as a regular citizens. Since we are masseurs, a legitimate industry.

So hotel lobby-staff see us as a client, a host, a laptop technician, a translator, a business partner or a good friend of yours.

We are bringing it all

All we need for the massage session is coming with us: massage oils, massage cream, one-use protection for your bed. Even some paper sheets for one-use. Even the music! So you don’t have to worry about anything.

Just call and open your room door to enjoyment and pleasure.

Quality is first

Our outcall massage service has a strong accent on quality. Rather than performing countless massages in one day we focus on serving the best experience for you.

So we are always fresh and charged with some the most positive energy. Gay gentlemen appreciate this fact!

We do muscle and aerobic workouts almost every day. To us mental and body health —thus balance— are extremely important.

Choose the clean and sexy masseurs

To perform a wonderful massage your therapist has to be in shape both physically and mentally. As you guess, drug use and abuse is an enemy to excellent massage performance.

We never use drugs, we don’t smoke. We rarely drink alcohol — socially only.

As you probably expect, our outcall massage service demands balance in all aspects.

Finally, though we maybe say too many times, we focus on quality. And quality is everything you can recognize as well done for your satisfaction.

Hotel out-call massage: the right choice

Being sexy masseurs is not enough —though it sure helps! Our pictures will probably help you decide before knowing any of us.

Because our looks are very appealing to many men. After knowing us they don’t like just the external. But also the performance. Meaning the high voltage chemistry we are able to build up during the massage session.

Being nice, empathetic or sympathetic is a relevant aspect to all of us. The kind of massage we can offer you is about intimate connection. Skin, body but also a personal chemistry: everything needs to click.

This is our job!

24/7 gay massage service

You are free to enjoy our gay bodywork anytime during weekdays. Please book our massage service in Barcelona ahead of time to ensure the availability of your chosen therapist.

Trust this team

Trust us and you will experience a wonderful and extremely satisfying bodywork. Other customers left their testimonials and of course you are welcomed to check them.

On a funny note, a customer once told Paco “hell I was afraid you were going to assault me in my room. Now I see I can trust you —and wish you’d assault me!”

Choose your masseur carefully

The kind of service we are offering you is an intimate experience. You should choose your masseur carefully in order to enjoy as much as it gets.

We want your massage service in Barcelona be the best experience ever!

Though money is not growing on the trees! So we all should take smart decisions about where and how we are spending it. An excellent clue is trusting your instinct. This way you will most probably get the best for your cash.

If you like hairy guys —bear-style—, strong, tall and sexy and expert, that’s Paco. Follow your preferences since erotic massage is an intimate experience. Your personal taste should rule.

Tom and Leo are younger, also expert and extremely attractive.

Tyson is our black masseur.

Finally, Jack is the butch guy with the sweetest heart. Though extremely proficient in all sorts of role play!

Any of us is a safe and a wise choice!

Hotels served

We serve all hotels in Barcelona and also in a certain distance of the city.

Choose our hotel outcall massage Barcelona!

Please feel free to call and ask how long we take to travel to your location!

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