Gay massage in Madrid

The best gay massage in Madrid is what you need now you are in Spain’s capital city! Besides, you are just minutes away from setting it up! Choose among these super hot guys. Any of them is your next best decision!

Adams (NEW!) | Hugo (on the picture above) | Dario (please scroll down) | Sebastian (please scroll down)

Scroll down to see the pictures of the best gay masseurs in Madrid!

Our masseurs in Madrid

See the best male masseur in Madrid

 It is really easy to set up a meeting with one —or two if you wish a 4-hands massage— here in Madrid. Please contact me on the phone —no blocked numbers though. You can also e-mail ahead of time to request your perfect massage in Madrid:

Please contact Paco!

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Out-call gay massage in Madrid

If you want your masseur to visit you at your place just call or send an SMS. Our only goal is your satisfaction. Always!

Please mention you are in Madrid!

In-call gay massage in Madrid

If you need to visit a massage studio Hugo and Dario are also able to offer in-call by renting a place. Just phone me to check their availability. Hiring a place means a little extra cost. We always mention the fact we don’t have a studio in Madrid.

Different words for different jobs

Please remember that I’m always using the right words to describe the specific content.

Massage means massage. Though we understand some gentlemen wish to perform some intimate acts we can’t consider erotic massage.

If you prefer a masseur who is rather on the escort side please say so. One of these boys is going some extra mile. Just let me know so I can provide you with the right professional.

“When is your next trip to Madrid?”

I am frequently traveling to Madrid. Please contact me (Paco) with some days in advance to check my availability there.

As you already know, you have several masseurs more to choose besides me! These guys are currently in Madrid —and strikingly handsome!

  • Hugo
  • Dario
  • Sebastian
  • Adams
  • Fred (sometimes in Barcelona)

All of these masseurs are different in style and in personal talents. Please call me so I can recommend the one that fits best your expectations. Only this way you’ll get the best gay massage in Madrid—ever!

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Erotic massage Madrid
Erotic massage Madrid