Barcelona gay massage and the new professional guys!

Barcelona gay massage and the new professional guys!

Barcelona gay massage is the sexiest bodywork you’ll find in Barcelona. Not one here though! Go on reading!

This very special massage style involves some very special features, so also very unique benefits!

Let us introduce ourselves first!

We’ll introduce you to several expert gay masseurs in Barcelona. Afterwards we will also mention our gay masseurs in Madrid.

As you will see, you have several therapies and therapists choices! And you can also decide about the location for your enjoyment!

This is a relevant issue! Because where to have your best massage is sometimes the clue. Just to make everything much easier for you.

So we can offer you both in-call massage at out gay massage studio and also outcall massage service to hotels. Our prices are the same though! We don’t charge taxis inside Barcelona city center.

Doesn’t this sound as another big advantage?

Please consider our best massage, the naked massage. Because this is our most popular massage therapy!

So let’s start now with our team!

Barcelona gay massage team

We are a team with a broad variety of physical stats and ages. From the young masseur Victor to the amazingly expert Paco.

From the hairy daddy masseur Paco to the smooth and well blessed Leo. See all their pictures and complete profiles on exclusive gay masseurs!

  • Benito: 33 years young masseur, muscular and super blessed
  • Jorge: the young gay masseur, smooth, extremely defined and well blessed. He is our frisky masseur!
  • Roger: 26 years old, smooth, extremely frisky and handsome!
  • Dani: 30 years young, smooth swimmer chest with extremely well blessed
  • Paco: 46 years, extremely expert and hot, the blessed uncut masseur
  • Yamal: 26 years, very spiritual an ideal for real tantric massages!
  • John: the super expert and butch escort. Humongous dick and huge testicles —not always available.

Now you can check them all one by one: exclusive masseurs.

Your choice rules!

As you can see, we have a lot to choose from. A very relevant aspect you should always have in mind is what kind of massage you wish to have though.

To make sure your choice is the right one, please call Paco. He never fails in suggesting the right therapist for what you want!

Besides, Paco is always honest. Since our only goal is serving you with the most accurate option. Your convenience is first. Your personal preferences as well!

Paco is absolutely reliable. He doesn’t sell himself first! I told him my preferences about body types and he suggested a guy in his team who was not himself. He took care of all the details efficiently. I have rarely seen this and I feel absolutely thankful for it!”

See more testimonials: what our clients say about us and our services!

Contact Paco!

Barcelona gay massage

More and more men visiting Barcelona are requesting a nice gay massage. Massage is usually a treat, so it’s something we leave for specific moments.

Though more and more men are requesting massage more and more often.

Our sensual gay massages are amazing experiences. Because sensual satisfaction is also a relevant aspect for men who need a massage.

We are feeling this trend since 2010, so we are adapting our therapies to a wider range of requests.



Gay massage Madrid

Did you know we also have some professional masseurs advertising gay massage in Madrid? We all know each other personally, so the team in Madrid is absolutely as professional as we are. We also share some of the same therapies and prices.

Meet Ronaldo, Dario, and Sebastian! All of them are amazing!

On this photo: Dario.

Gaymassage madrid
Gaymassage madrid

Sitges Gaymassage

Sitges is this picturesque fishermen village just 45 kms from Barcelona. And closer to the Airport! Sitges gets very busy with all sorts of gay tourists during Easter Holidays and all the Summer until the Bear Festival ends in late September.

So we are also serving our best gay massages in Sitges! On the picture you can see Paco.

Testicle massage Sitges
Testicle massage Sitges

Universal erotic massage

We don’t like to use these tags, though they sometimes come handy to understand each other.

Namely the tags as bisensual men, gay men and straight men. We don’t necessary believe these tags are relevant or accurate anymore.

So the most generic term we could use is m4m massage! Because everybody seems to understand it. And it also does not include any sensual orientation tag. Since a man doesn’t need to be gay to enjoy a male therapist’s bodywork!

Lastly, out goal is offering these extremely sexy experiences. And we achieve it by uniting massage with sensual bodywork.

Who you are, whatever your background is, is not relevant to us. Because we focus on delivering the hottest massage experience. Always according to your preferences and your personal limits though!

Believe it or not, pleasure and intimacy are treats we are not enjoying on a frequent basis. Well, from what our customers are telling us.

Barcelona gay massage grips

We are using a huge amount o erotic grips. The session time length is the key so we can use most of them. But we’d also like to stress the fact that each and every massage session is different.

“I tried the same “massage menu”, as you call it, for three days in a row. It was always a different experience. And it got from wonderful to jaw-dropping!”

We’d like to suggest you to check some of our massage reviews. We have the largest percentage of satisfied customers. So this is why we have an extremely large list of recurring customers.

Gay Tantra massage

These grips are not enough though to understand our Tantra magic. Because we are using many Tantra secrets to deliver and even more blissful experience than plain erotic massage.

The clue is not only our talent. Also our training. Because without training the experience would be shallow.

What are the clues for the true Tantra massage though?

Mentioning them in a checklist may sound superficial. We are certain though that you’ll understand these are only for some information purposes here and now.

  • Mindful massage
  • Awareness
  • Ejaculation control
  • Mutual connection
  • Intimate communication
  • Sacred sex

Of course there is much more to talk about. If you wish to read more about gay Tantra massage please go on diving into this blog!

247 gay massage

Yes, we can serve you anytime during the day or the night. From Monday to Sunday. Please contact ahead of time for reservations between 11 PM and 10 AM.

Plan your Barcelona gay massage

Though we are serving many men on a last minute massage request, we have lots of planned sessions. Also for the next months!

Planning ahead is always safer. Though your convenience and your schedule are always first!

Contact Paco!

And please give us a call if you have any questions!

See you soon in Barcelona!

If you prefer hiring a male escort please consider contacting Jorge and his friends.

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