Erotic gay tantra Benidorm

Tantra is not only about spiritual intimacy though. So we also stress all the erotic sides of tantric bodywork.

The main reason is because gay men indulge into all sorts of erotic and sexual practices. It not just a “plus” but a relevant need in our lives.

Since one of our main goals is your satisfaction, we include all erotic aspects in our Tantra bodywork sessions.

Gay tantra Benidorm prices

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Erotic Prostate massage

Interactive Tantric massage

Please contact Paco to ask whatever you need to know!

It is relevant you plan ahead of time to ensure Paco’s availability!

See you soon in Benidorm!

Enjoy a male relaxing massage with Paco

Our masseurs in Benidorm


Paco is sometimes spending long weekends in the Alicante area. If he happens to match your schedule you can say you are a fortunate man!

Paco is serving hotels, apartments and villas on the Benidorm area, including Altea and also Southwards to Torrevieja.

Please contact him to find out his availability!

Massage for Gay men Benidorm

One of the most forgotten services gay men are looking for in Benidorm is erotic massage.

It is easy to understand though! Most off gay men prefer sex all the way.

But massage is a cultural sign and more and more gay men are discovering it.

During the daytime gay men visit also the baches nearby. Watching hot men come and go, in their sexy bathing suits.

So you come back to your hotel or apartment. Absolutely horny!

Some erotic fantasies may come to your mind. That’s the perfect time to enjoy some nice massages.

And if massage can have some  hot extras, that’s even better!

Whenever you decide this is what you really want to have, please contact!

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Gay massage Benidorm

This is why I am offering you this very special service!

Send me an SMS and ask me about my availability and massage prices.

Paco is splitting his time between Benidorm, Alicante, Altea and Barcelona. So contact him if you are interested and we will set the ideal timing for you!

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