Gay sensual massage

Gay sensual massage

Gay sensual massage

Gay sensual massage is for men who like to enjoy a special bodywork. Sweet, tender, engagingly sexy. And with some special spice!

Read these tricks to succeed in sensual massage for gay men!

Sensuality is not as frequent in our lives as we need. And as we think!

Give it a try and feel satisfied again!

What is gay sensual massage

This is a very special bodywork!

Sensuality is a skin feeling you can achieve by stroking your body. It can go from very careful, tender and caring, to really strong and deep.

As you guess the attitude of the masseur is relevant. If your masseur wants to be sweet, he will caress you in a specific way, with a special pace and having in mind that intention.

Deep tissue massages can be aching. They are commonly used for therapeutic use.

Sensual massage instead is for your enjoyment.

They way I’m doing it professionally is following different rituals or massage protocols. It depends very much on the personal wishes of the receivers.

We can go from a relaxing massage to a naked massage. The medium erotic intensity is for the prostate massage.

How to give a gay sensual massage

You need to have many things ready for the session.

  • The right space
  • The right massage surface
  • Body oils and creams
  • Sensual scent
  • Relaxing music
  • Clean hands
  • The sensual attitude
  • The will to serve!

Starting with the right space to perform it. Then you also need a massage table or a Japanese tatami. This is the best option if you also want to perform some body to body massage. Relaxing massages are best served on a massage table.

Using best quality massage oils is extremely relevant. Since I’m serving all kinds of men with different types of skin I prefer hypo-allergenic oils. I am very picky choosing the right oils. Some men prefer scented oils —as Argan oil, vanilla, cinnamon or coconut oils—, some others want to keep it discrete and prefer a non scented oil. The same goes is good for the creams.

A scented studio is always a plus. Sandal, roses, cinnamon and other scents help to welcome your massage receiver and build up the right mood. Sensuality wants this little dose of romantic details.

While a minority of men prefer silence, most of us enjoy some matching music. Choosing the right music also matters! The atmosphere might change from relaxing to boring! Don’t risk it!

Hygiene is one of my highest priorities. I need to feel clean, look clean and be clean. I always offer my customers to have a shower before the massage session so they also feel comfortable in their own skin.

Attitude is the clue for erotic bodywork. Your own wavelength is responsible for your success!

Having a brilliant day is also of great help to deliver a wonderful massage! Cheer up! Feel vital, yet relaxed and with the right sensual attitude to express sweetness and sexy touch!

Outcall gay sensual massage

All these are excellent tricks. Wether using them in your own studio or taking them to the client’s hotel room.

I am traveling to all hotels in the area of Barcelona. Please feel free to ask me to your room!

I never charge transportation fees.

Book your gay sensual massage

Now you know you want to feel this sexy massage on your body please call to make your reservation.

Don’t think about it too long. Matt and me are having many requests!

Paco: +34676648226

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See you in Barcelona!

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