Fusion Tantra Massage

Fusion Tantra Massage

Fusion Tantra Massage is how we named the most popular and the most demanded extra.

As you guess, using a lollypop for stimulation is not a massage grip because it is clearly a different game. Yet it is a “must” for many men.

Since what we want is your maximum enjoyment and your highest satisfaction, we decided to include it as a brand new package.

We named it “Fusion Tantra Massage”. Not gross but elegant, sweet and tender, perfectly matching into the pace of our most mindful Tantric massages.

You can also decide the session time length. Of course the starting point is the interactive tantric massage.

In Barcelona this game is available by all of the exclusive masseurs.

It is relevant though you let us know at the moment you’re booking our services.

In Madrid the only masseur offering both ways lollypop is Ronaldo. While Dario can only receive it. Sebastian never offers lollypops.

Ask us about the gay masseurs in Ibiza!

Please contact us to make sure if our masseurs in Valencia, Dénia, Benidorm, Alicante and Málaga are also offering this feature.

Enjoy the sweetest Fusion Tantra stimulation!


60 minutes Fusion Tantra Massage

Enjoy the most popular package for this special massage! To most gay men one hour is the perfect timing to relax and re-fuel energies! Of course the menu includes all other features present in our best erotic massages. So we will work your whole body, back and front. Finally, the oral part will be the perfect topping after this really exciting mutual bodywork!

250 €

Available in Barcelona by all masseurs.

Available in Madrid —ask for specific options!

45 minutes Fusion Tantra Massage

Is one hour too long? Too bad! Though you have this choice we call “express massage” for men with a too tight schedule. For a start we will work on all your body to warm you up, and then top the session with the sort of oral you prefer! This session is ideal to recover from stress because you will feel the beneficial effects of unloading some weight.

200 €

Available only in Barcelona by all masseurs.

Please contact us to make your reservation!

90 minutes Fusion Tantra Massage

Extend the timing, extend the grips, extend the pleasure and be able to play also on each other! This is the ideal session for winners who want almost everything! Give and take, play and bet on the 69! Of course you will have enough time to enjoy all the grips included in the 90 minutes massage! The choice for multi-apotheosisic men who need to climax more than once!

350 €

15 minutes Fusion Tantra Massage

For men in a hurry, this session is exclusively about lollypop. Perfect for gentlemen who just need to blow a sexy masseur! Therapist’s release is not included. Who is going to be your masseur? Surprise! How big is he? Surprise! Cut or uncut? Surprise! Both available all out-call to hotels and in our gay massage studio.

50 €

Available only in Barcelona by the first available therapist.

Not Available in Madrid, Ibiza and elsewhere in Spain.

30 minutes Fusion Tantra Massage

If only giving a blow-job is not enough, meaning you also want to enjoy the treat, this is your perfect option. You will be able to enjoy both sides of the game without hurries. Who will be your therapist? The first available. How big is he? Surely well blessed!

150 €

Available only in Barcelona by first available masseur.

Available in Santander by Sebastian, only as out-call service.

Not available in any other cities in Spain.

The perfect creamy topping!

More and more gentlemen are requesting us also to ejaculate. Since we need keeping this energy for the next client, we never do. Except if you make this special request, to add on your previously chosen massage therapy, as the interactive Tantric massage or any of the Fusion Tantra menus. After we climax we can’t serve anyone else during that day.

100 €

Available by all exclusive masseurs in Barcelona.

Please contact us to request who can offer this extra in all other cities.

Fusion Tantra Massage for gay men

Most of gay men —and bisensual men, for the record— wish this special feature to be a part of our erotic bodywork. Since it is not a grip usually including in massages, we gave it this special name and also a little extra pricing. Because this extra is extremely relevant for many a guy, so it makes a big difference!

As for all other menus, you are able to decide the time length for this package. If you have any questions, peace feel free to contact us!

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