Gay spanking massage

Gay spanking massage

Gay spanking massage can be soft, medium or hardcore. Because you are the one who chooses the intensity. I will always adapt to your personal limits. Have in mind that I am a masseur so spanking is a complementary request to a service which is about pleasing.

Gay spanking massage has also different levels.

  • Is it your first at time?
  • Are you a regular spanking customer?

Whatever your level you want to feel safe. First off, I am a professional masseur. So my goal is your satisfaction. I am absolutely safe, clean and always respect your personal limits.

I can also suggest Jack. He is extremely expert in a very wide range of fetish practises.

Submissive gay spanking massage

I am usually a top and a dominant man. So my big and tall body will help you feel submissive to me. I also have this natural dominant attitude. Dominant though not tyrannic. Because I value communication and dealing exactly what sort of experience you want to enjoy.

Besides, it will be you asking to be submissive.

The opposite is extremely difficult to me though. I can’t play the submissive role.

Humiliating spanking

I am only humiliating to guys asking for it. To me it is a role-play and I can understand any limits perfectly. I keep watching the whole situation at all times though. So I never go too far nor cross the boundaries you previously share with me.

Consciousness is a key attitude for Tantra massage, and this is where I am coming from. I am aware of your body language, your look and your voice. So I can tell the difference between pain and pleasure and know when something is going too far.

The magic blend of pain and pleasure is also known to me. And I use it.

You will feel absolutely safe with me.

Dominating massage

I can be dominating in many ways. By the attitude, by body language and also verbally dominating. I can use my natural deep voice to command. You’ll obey me from the start, willingly and with pleasure.

Limits of gay spanking

But I am aware at all times that no hurting nor bleeding will happen. By any means. Not even hick-marks or piercing that could leave marks on your skin.

“I felt absolutely safe in your presence. You were the master in my room and your wish was my command. I enjoyed it so much because you feel natural and spontaneous. You are not lip-syncing from old movies or porn stuff. So it’s the natural you at all times”.

Soft spanking massage

Soft spanking is usually the entry level for men who wish to explore this special erotic experience. It is extremely sexy, so sexually exciting in many ways.

  • Sexually exciting
  • Role exciting
  • Fetish exciting

One of my friends who is a psychologist tells me this is not a therapy because it will not heal anybody. My opinion is this fetish experience is for your pleasure though.

So if it is well performed and in a safe way it can’t harm you.

“I have been masturbating to the remembrance of our session. Sometimes I feel guilty for not sharing it with my partner, but I know he’d leave me. Though I just need this every once in a while. That’s all!”

Medium spanking massage

It is quite difficult to measure the intensity of spanking. Because guys that ask for “medium hard” are really harder than the ones asking for hard spanking.

I will adapt to what you tell me.

Hard-core spanking massage

If you ask me to I can be very hard though. Harder spanking usually comes with humiliation and also insulting. Give me a sample and the whole range will flow spontaneously from me.

“You surprised me in many ways. We couldn’t extend the session much longer because I ejaculated without even touching my dick!”

Fetish massage

I have practised other kinds of fetish massage:

Do you have a different one though? Just call me and let’s discuss it!

Order your first spanking experience

No matter if you are a regular customer or a first-timer of these kinds of fetish massages. So now you are in Barcelona you have the chance to experience the only safe safe spanking massage. With me or with Jack!

Paco: +34676648226

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