Gay fetish massage

Gay fetish massage

Gay fetish massage

The most personalised gay fetish massage in Barcelona is here! Contact me and tell me what your fetish is. I have served hundreds of different gay fetish massages and I am open to your personal and most special requests.

What is gay fetish massage?

It is a wonderful erotic massage with a strong focus on customising it to your specific needs. There are as many fetishes on earth as men with special requests. Matt and I can serve most of them. We just need to know what it is about.


So what is fetish? Fetish shares the “F” with words like fantasy. We all know about personal and very special preferences about sexually stimulating objects, erotic situations or prohibited moods. Many times they are dreams or sexual fantasies we need to make come true sometime.

Fetishes are all these associated with sexual excitement and arousal. To me all fetishes are legitimate.

Preparing your gay fetish massage

Some of the gay fetish massages need some time to prepare. Especially when we need to buy a specific uniform or instruments. Just think about a military uniform we need to rent. Or a kind of specific dildo you wish to see and use during our session.

Please contact me as soon as you decide to enjoy your gay fetish massage in Barcelona. So we can have it all ready for your appointment. Ideal time is one weekday day in advance.

Gay fetish massage catalog

The following are just some examples of gay fetish massage I have served. There are many more though yours might not be listed here. That’s why I need you to contact me and discuss your individual dreams and sexual fantasies.

I will list them in arbitrary order.

Uncut masseur

Many men have the fetish of watching and touching uncut dicks. The opposite is also true: cut or circumcised dicks, but Matt and me are uncut.

Tyson and Demetrios, on the other hand, are circumcised.

Cut masseur

Tyson and Demetrios are circumcised. We are telling you about these detail because we know many American and Muslim men share this preference.

Ticklish massage

If you like to get tickled as a way to excite your massage you re welcomed to say so. We will offer you your best and most hilarious ticklish massage ever!


Fancy Speedo swimwear? I own some Speedos and can wear them for you. I am also open to use the Speedos you bring along —as long they are clean though! 😉

Daddy masseur

Paco is a mature man. Virile, hairy, tall, strong and extremely expert. If you like daddy masseur you will enjoy an amazingly hot and unforgettable massage experience with Paco.

Young gay masseurs

Some men prefer very young gay masseurs. Matt and Demetrios are the best choice in Barcelona.

Sweat smell

I can come untoward if you like to smell my armpits or sniff my pubes. My natural smell is masculine and really sexy!

Foamy shower

We can have a shower together, use lots of soap, or even take a bath together in your hotel room tub. This is what they call gay erotic shower!

We can also have a shower or a bath in my gay massage studio in Barcelona.

Spa visit

I can take you to a Roman Thermas Spa.This is a really special ancient building, unique and truly Imperial. There in this ship with reverberating sound we can enjoy the Roman Sauna before having a hot massage experience.

Turkish Bath

Do you also like hot steam massage and the intriguing atmosphere of a Turkish Bath? Then I am your masseur!

Golden shower

So you dream to enjoy or give a golden shower on your masseur? Just let me know. We also call it watersports massage.

As you know, water sports include many different practices.

Spanking massage

Because I have this dominant side in my personal life. This does not feel like fake acting or imposting though. I really do it because I get very excited when you request my gay spanking massage.

More gay fetish massages

Stay tuned and read my next post on gay fetish massage coming soon!

It is always relevant that we speak first though. We both have to be aware of limits and how far we can go. Any wrong move can ruin it. While my goal is taking you to the sexiest cloud number. Honestly!

Call me: +34 676 648 226

Check my website for more information.

See you in fetish Barcelona!

If you need to go a bit further than massage then I suggest you check Matt:

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