How to define an uncut masseur

Uncut masseur

How to define an uncut masseur

Uncut masseur is obviously a masseur who did not circumcise his penis. So this post is about uncircumcised dicks.

Because this tiny detail can be a huge and meaningful fetish to many men. If you fancy uncut men I’m your uncut masseur in Barcelona!

You can also call it a gay fetish massage if you like!

Let’s have a look at all the options I can offer you though!

You can enjoy my erotic gay massage in your hotel room. This means I can work both as an out-call service or as in-call in Barcelona. I will be very honoured to welcome you in my gay massage studio.

My goal is serving you to your maximum convenience, always adapting to your schedule and personal preferences.

Now let’s come back to the issue.

Uncut masseur

So I’m uncut. And also proud to be uncut! I just succeed to escape the knife when I was a child. And again once my previous boyfriend wanted me to get circumcised.

Because I was aware many men from all around the world have this special fetish about uncircumcised dicks. So I thought I’d better keep what I can’t get back.

Fortunately we all can choose among thousands of possibilities when it comes to technology, food, gear… and men. So now and here you have your uncut masseur!

Hairy and uncut masseur

And I am also a hairy masseur! The combination of these two fetish assets makes me a really sexy and appealing erotic masseur. Especially to the broad “bear scene”. This is what most of my customers are telling me though. No surprise since they obviously chose me because of these special features coming together in one man.

Though also because of my sensual talents!

I am tall (6 feet 1 or 185 cms) and strong. I am sporting a beard and shaved head these days. Exactly as you see me on my pictures!

More professional masseurs

Uncut or note, you can find more options to choose from here: check these amazing exclusive masseurs!

Dick-docking uncut
Dick-docking uncut

Uncut and excellent massage

There are other customers who focus on massage quality though. So this is also an extremely relevant aspect of my service.

What good is an uncut masseur if he’s not talented for massage?

My customers wish to enjoy an excellent massage. No matter what physical stats though. Since I master erotic gay massage! I am suitable for many different customer targets. Because I am appealing to many men of all ages and religions.

Amazing gay massage, the highest quality service, the impeccable treat. And also the most honest personal attention. These are extremely relevant aspects I am always taking care of.

Mine is a mindful massage therapy. You’ll experience it!

So quality and perfect massage service are a must to me and are my priority.

I may happen to be more attractive to you because I’m this uncut masseur. And also because you the hairy and tall masseurs. Then we hit the jackpot!

Uncut masseur
Uncut masseur

Foreskin Friday

Did you ever hear about this special day? I’m celebrating it each and every week!

Please check on foreskin Friday what it is all about!

Do you need more specific information? Feel free to call or text me!

Contact me!

Don’t forget to visit my website. There’s a lot more to see and read:

See you soon in Barcelona!

Jorge is also uncut and he offers really daring services!

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