New tricks to give Armpit massage

Armpit massage

New tricks to give Armpit massage

Armpit massage is some special grips to have in mind. They are also relevant as a part of erotic Tantra massage. Usually all men like it, without ever knowing they are enjoying this special under-arms massage.

Or call it “hands up massage“! Blink!

What is armpit massage

There are some very specific erotic massage grips to please armpit fetish lovers. It is a part of the frontal massage, after working on your abs, chest and nipples. Before coming back to nipples massage I usually take some time to stimulate your armpits.

Fetish massage

To many gay men the armpits are a sexy area. With or without hair, sometimes smelly and sometimes odourless. You can find preferences of all types —I can adapt to all of them.

To some gay men the stimulation of the armpits is the most sensually exciting massage grip. I know it since I also like to massage armpits of all kinds. I then sense you like it and I can stimulate you more and more in many different ways. It might feel like a pleasing torture to you.

I didn’t know I could climax without stroking my penis. You made me cum by massaging my armpits! This has been the most special apotheosis in a long time.”

Armpit massage
Armpit massage

How to perform the sexiest armpit massage

Of course armpit massage is a part of the whole body massage. I start working this area after warming you up on all your body.

Armpit massage has different strokes and moments as well. I start by connecting it from your nipples massage. I perform long strokes almost from your abs to your elbows, with your arms up your head, lying on top of the massage surface. This way your armpits are perfectly exposed and easy to work on.

Though if you don’t like tickling I will avoid it. Please check other fetish massages as ticklish massage. If you prefer not to laugh out loud during your armpit massage there are ways to do it safely and without being hilarious ;-).

Using my thumb I will grab your side muscles pressing them against my open hand. This way I go up and down your armpits. After that I use my open palm of the hand to press for it to work up all along your armpits. So from your chest to your elbow.

I can also stimulate your armpits by using my arms. I can then connect my arm to massage your armpits with my shoulder and my hairy chest. This feels really sexy!

“I like it so much when you use your beard to softly brush my armpit!”

Gay massage in Barcelona

If you enjoy armpit massage you will enjoy it to a very sexy dimension in Barcelona. Just contact me and tell me what your preferences are. It is very likely I can adapt to many a very special fetish request.

I can offer you the most discreet gay hotel massage. That’s what we refer to by out-call massage service. For the same price as in-call!

And I also have my own headquarters. Many men looking for a gay massage studio are visiting me here.

My place is absolutely clean, elegant and wonderfully set up. And discrete! You can have a shower before and after the massage session. Clean crisp towels, excellent quality shower gel, also many courtesy drinks to choose from!

Call me! Paco: contact me!

And please check other posts about fetish massages on my website.

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You are also welcomed to check our fellow gay masseurs in Madrid!

See you soon in Barcelona!

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