Nipple massage

Nipple massage

Nipple massage is something not too frequent. Masseurs —both therapy and erotic— see this kind of service as something exceeding intimacy and a bit too sexual.

Gay nipple massage is an amazingly sweet and sensual massage grip. Let’s discover it together!

Because to me it is a pleasure delivering some really spicy bodywork!

What is nipple massage

Everybody knows what it is. So about stimulating your nipples. Nipples have thousands of nerve terminations directly connecting to our brain and thus our sexual energies. You feel either sweetness or pain as a very fast neurologic response. And it is really easy to go from a pleasing stimulation to a painful one due to nipples’ sensitivity.

Nipple massage for men

Bisexual men learnt this special kind of stimulation from their male partners. While straight men seem to prefer being themselves stimulating their female partners’ nipples. An increasing number of straight men also like to try it. Though as it happens with prostate massage, they seek gay masseurs to perform these so blissful and sensual grips. It’s hard to find ladies mastering these specific fetish massages.

Nipple massage for gay men

Gay men are more into nipple stimulation than straight men. Because gay men are used to play with this body part as a kind of foreplay. And sometimes also as the final trigger to achieve ultimate climax. Well everybody knows his partners and how to use the nipples to share a more intense sexual pleasure.

Erotic nipple massage

As an erotic Tantra masseur serving men and gay men I learnt a bunch of interesting grips to stimulate the nipples.

I am not always focusing on nipple massage, meaning not during the whole massage session time. Though it depends a lot on what your preferences are and if you decide sharing them with me. Sometimes you discover it as a surprise, sometimes it is a no-no. So each and every man has his preferences and his fetish fantasies!

Try it in Barcelona!

Is this special massage something appealing to you? Whether you know it or you wish to try it? This is a massage fetish worth putting to test. So now you are in Barcelona don’t let this chance pass! Order an amazing nipple massage in Barcelona with me!

Nipple massage expert

Because I am an erotic massage expert and able to use it to torture you in a very sweet way. A way that will have you on the edge! You should really try it. I can perform it in your own hotel room or in my massage studio in the city center.

So nipple massage is a part of all my massage menus, as in-call massage and as out-call massage.

I will speak about specific grips and tricks for gay nipple massage in the next post.

See you in Barcelona!

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