Fernando the Brazilian

Fernando the Brazilian

Fernando the Brazilian

Fernando the Brazilian is a client I served in the past. I just remembered him these days and I got excited. So I thought it could be a nice idea to share this gay story with you.

Before you ask, I need to tell you this is the transcription of a true story, so a true massage session that really happened. Instead of an erotic story you could also name it a testimonials, though not written by the receiver. All massages I’m performing do have this erotic and extremely intimate component.

As you will see, sometimes clients make deep confessions.

Before we go on with the story, I need to tell you that I changed everything about this man’s identity. So I guess he couldn’t recognise himself by reading this.

Fernando the Brazilian called me a warm Summer evening. His voice and his accent were the typical Brazilian. Some years ago I have lived in Rio de Janeiro. So I was able to recognise these details.

Fernando the Brazilian

There is a cliché that all Brazilian men must be extroverted, great dancers, cheerful and adventurous. Though Fernando’s tone on the phone sounded careful and shy. He placed a bunch of questions about my tantric massage service in a very careful way. Like trying not to offend me.

“I am a married man”.

He started in a hush. Sometimes clients start by sharing some deep and meaningful information about who they are. Oftentimes I think it’s a way to redeem themselves from some guilt.

“I’m interested in your Tantra massage. Will it be you serving me yourself, right?”

He emphasised his interest in myself, and I immediately started to feel a sort of chemistry. He had some amazing exclusive masseurs to choose from, but he wanted me. That phone conversation felt like a seduction dance. Dancing with a Brazilian man! The Tantric magic already started working because we were having a quite mindful conversation.

I tried to imagine this man. Maybe a mature, virile and straightforward man. With clear ideas about who he is, though wishing to experiment a while new dimension in sensuality.

“I have never been touched by another man”.

Thats what we call “straight curious“.

The myth of the curious straight man

As you will aso see in the next erotic stories, sometimes “straight men” contact me. The first thing they say about themselves is this information piece, which I never request. After the years I came to the conclusion that a few gay men use this trick because they think we masseurs feel more attracted to “convince” or “switch” somebody to the gay side of life. That’s what they call “straight man seduced”.

To me the chemistry factor is the most relevant though. Because tags as age, body type and even genital blessing don’t mean much to me. Those guys who pretend to be what they’re not, just to turn me on, feel manipulating and phoney, which is the ultimate turn-off to me. So they have the opposite effect, if that’s what they wanted.

That was not Fernando. Absolutely.

Fernando the Brazilian wanted to use a time window while his spouse went shopping in Barcelona.

So he was a little bit in a hurry to use that time. I got it immediately, so I jumped on my scooter and headed to his hotel.

As he opened the door, I asked for his permission to enter, as you always do in Brazil:

“Com licença”.

Fernando stepped back so I could come into his room. He was visibly nervous, but I could also sense his sensual excitement. His body language was a welcoming attitude, warm and careful. Also impatient.


That’s how my job works, even if you think it’s sad. Because after some minutes of pillow talk I got a shower, dressed up, picked up my massage kit and we said goodbye.

You never know if and when you are going to see a particular client again. Sometimes they surprise you after seven years. Incidentally one guy you remember well calls back.

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By mentioning Fernando’s heterosensuality I was also thinking about some previous clients. During the years I have collected an interesting amount of information on how these men think and work. That’s what I talk about on “first time gay massage“.

Please have in mind all the contents on this website are copyrighted.

I will be very happy to serve you if you ever visit Barcelona and need the best tantric massage!

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