Benefits of Tantric massage

Benefits of Tantric massage in Barcelona

Benefits of Tantric massage do cover many different aspects! So let’s highlight a bunch of them.

Our customers say we are some really special male body workers. Because we use our hands, forearms, feet, legs and also our chest and shoulders to perform the massage —depending on the menu you choose. This means we use almost the whole body to deliver a really hot and intimate bodywork!

Consequently, this sets us apart of all other massage styles.

Choose your preferred masseur!

You are absolutely free to choose among many different masseurs. So different ages, physical stats and levels of expertise:

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Our variety is also a part of the benefits of gay massage. Mainly because your personal preferences are always respected.

Though Tantric massage needs a very specific training. Since we want to be honest at all times we want to stress the fact that not all our masseurs have this training.

So please contact us to ask for the masseurs who master Tantric massage.

Benefit 1: Relaxation

Relaxation is the first benefit you will experience. During the first minutes you will feel more and more relaxed, and you will notice how your mind is disconnecting from the heavy weight of stress and worries.

Benefit 2: Sensuality

Sensuality is the second benefit you will perceive. In our daily lives we lost a big amount of quality time spent for our well-being. We feel skin pleasure  more and more seldom. Some couples share just a short time of sensual body communication. And deep down we miss the tenderness and the sexy touch of our partner’s body.

Side effect 3: Sleeping better and deeper

Sometimes we don’t seem to be able to sleep. Time shift after a long intercontinental flight, an exhausting business meeting, personal trouble… too much stuff worrying our minds. And no way to get to sleep.

This is also a good moment to order a massage. The benefit of calming down our minds and bodies so we can sleep is relevant.

And many times a pleasing massage is also a way to relax and help us fall asleep.

Benefit 4: pleasure

Deep down, pleasure is not that frequent in our daily lives! And pleasure is also a very needed experience. Needed indeed for both body and mind, so for the physical experience and also for the emotional balance.

And finding balance is always healthy: after all, daily life stress needs some reward!

Benefit 5: Intellectual focus

Many men need a releasing massage to regain focus on mental efficiency. Once you release and forget the tension that has been building up in your system you will be able to concentrate on thinking. You might need it for your business meetings.

Advantage 6: Quality time

Or just for the sake of it! Yes, many tourists visiting Barcelona have heard of my service by word of mouth. And pleasure is something always welcomed.

Barcelona has so many different cultural areas to meet —gastronomy, architecture, clubbing, design, sight-seeing, sea-front walking…— you name it! Massage enjoyment should complete the circle on the less effort side.

What is gay male massage about

The massages I developed are about a refined selection of the spiciest aspects from Tantra and sensual massage traditions. This way we can create a very pleasant, sweet and special session.

A huge amount of gay men visiting Barcelona have already tried it. Since most of them call back we must think their level satisfaction is really high!

The massage will get more and more sensual as I use more and more of my body part. I will be using really blissful grips. All these will make you feel extremely aroused. Your mind and body will disconnect from stress and trouble.

Discover all the advantages of Tantric massage!

This is also one more of the relevant benefits of tantric massage: sensual excitement!

We all do have the special touch that will turn the session into very hot —of course depending on the massage intensity you choose. You might feel the need to release.

Freedom of choice is one of my main principles. So you are welcomed to choose whether releasing or not. You don’t even have to tell me! Of course you can play it by the ear and decide on the go.

Please feel free to choose among all these gay masseurs!

If you prefer using gay escort services, please go ahead!

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Sacred sex

Sacred sex is obviously not the same as regular sex. So let alone anonymous sex or the kind of desperate sex you can find in dark rooms, saunas or bath houses.

Did I say desperate sex? Well Sacred Sex is exactly the opposite.

What is Sacred Sex

Sacred-sex is a deep experience. It is meant to be mindful, meaningful and emotionally balancing.

To many men it sounds like “silly sex” though.

“Well Sacred Sex must be really boring! It sounds half-hearted and dull”.

Sure! Because this can happen if you don’t choose the right professional. As in all jobs, you’ll have to be able to tell the mediocre from the excellent.

Tantric sex is always a very special experience. But let’s go one step at a time.

How does it relate to Tantra?

So what does it have to do with Tantra?

Tantra is one of the possible frames to place a sacred experience. You’d also be able to have Sacred Sex in the context of Yoga or any other approach to spirituality.

Tantra is one of the safest frames to explore Sacred Sex.

Professional Tantra masseurs don’t have to be necessary offering Tantric sex, though many of us do.

The one writing this post is Paco. I’m currently not offering Tantric sex. But Matt is. Matt is also a Tantra masseur and we are working together.

Sacred sex and Tantra

You’ll be wondering:

“I can’t tell the difference between Tantric sex and Tantric massage”.

It’s easy though! Because the words “sex” and “massage” describe different kinds of bodywork. They have never been synonyms.

While massage just needs a receiver and a giver, sex is about a mutual bodywork.

To perform a massage, the professional is using his hands, forearms and sometimes his chest and feet.

While sex needs the use of mouth and also the sensual organs as penis and anus.

So the mutual stimulation of all these mark the difference between an erotic Tantra massage and Sacred Sex or Tantric sex.

Why is Sacred Sex so special

Tantra needs the consciousness of your present moment and actual space. And also about the will you are currently engaged in the actions you really desire to do.

“Sex is something I always want to do, so what is the difference?”

The main difference is your attitude and your awareness. You can have sex in a rather routine way. Or you can block out all the world and forget about troubles, jobs and family life.

So concentrating to create this bubble in space and time is the first step to enjoy some real Sacred Sex.

In other words, when you start focusing on the intimate actions you are starting to have Sacred Sex.

It is a mindful sharing, giving, taking of sensual stimulation. It is like a dialogue.

“I had Tantric sex with you and it felt like an improvised choreography. We did not have a plan but it felt like we were dancing to a music we both knew by heart”.

This is a very nice description from one of my customers. Just follow our lead and you’ll dive into this amazing experience.

Sacred pleasure

Tantric sex will allow you to enjoy a sensual stimulation and a much longer time of pleasure.

For instance, when you eat a piece of chocolate and you decide to put some focus. Focus on the smell, the texture, the taste and how it melts in your mouth. Then you are having a Tantric chocolate.

This takes an obviously longer enjoyment. When speaking about Tantric sex, the memory of it will last for a long long time.

“I had a Tantra sex session with you four years ago. Sometimes I jerk off to its remembrance because I have very fond memories of it”.

I can also remember all of the Tantric sex sessions I had.

“I never felt as deeply satisfied —sensually speaking. And I never felt as hot and as horny as the days after that session!”

Where to find it in Barcelona

Oftentimes you want to share Sacred Sex with somebody you love or you like. In other words, somebody you feel sensually attracted to.

Though you might be traveling alone or with business colleagues. While your sweetheart is staying home. You miss him. He’d be the right one —the best one!— to have Sacred Sex with.

But you can also learn some new stuff to teach him once you get back home.

Being “very single” also happens sometimes. This is the time and the chance to choose a very sexy man to share Sacred Tantra with.

  • It is a ritual
  • Enjoy a much longer time for pleasure
  • It needs peace and relaxing
  • This is a deep experience
  • Choose the excellent professional

We master it. Just call us and find out.

Out-call service

Matt can travel to any hotel in Barcelona. The transportation is included in his service price.

Call to learn all the details.

If you are visiting Madrid please check the best gay massage in Madrid.

See you soon in Barcelona!

The new TantraTouch gay massage

Not too long ago TantraTouch gay massage in Barcelona was the best place to enjoy an amazing erotic Tantra massage. Paco welcomes you now at his new gay massage studio in Barcelona.

TantraTouch has always been the best tantric massage studio. Both for straight and for gay men. This is the enterprise that boost my knowledge and my professional engagement in erotic tantric massages. So I only have words of thankfulness for them. Unfortunately this enterprise does not exist anymore.

TantraTouch gay massage

Many customers visited me at TantraTouch’s premises on Calle Balmes. All of them kept following me to all the new massage studios where I have been serving. Many of those men remember fondly their first massage with me.

“You also offered other massages with other prices. What happened to those therapies?”.

This is one of the most frequent questions. The answer is very easy. Customers tend to like the best quality massages. Though also the erotically most intense massages.

Those lower intensity massages have been abandoned since a very few amount of men want them. By “very few” I mean a 1-5%.

Though time acts as a filter. So months and years had the job to discard those less popular massage therapies. So what’s ruling now? Only the sexiest massages and the most daring massage therapies. Also the longest sessions are the ones everybody wants to enjoy.

The new Tantra Fusion

Now I can see a very clear path. Since I started working as tantric masseur in 2003 until today the customers’ demand has moved to a very clear direction.

The trend is the higher and higher erotic intensity. In fact, the trend is about getting as close to sex as it gets.

Of course I need to set some limits. Mainly because I want nobody to be confused about my job! Starting with myself of course.

While many therapy masseurs gradually switched to erotic masseurs. Then some of those those erotic masseurs also have moved on to the escorts business.

I really don’t want to transform my job that far! So I decided to offer some extras which I don’t see as massage grips. I don’t see anything negative in these additional services though.

So you can describe it as new features instead as a new job!

Please feel free to check my new post about Tantra Fusion! You’ll find out almost everything you need to know about this new massage menu!

Low intensity Tantra

Now I see those menus as an experiment. True Tantra on the massage table, using only my hands, sounds tacky now. Everybody wants to be naked. Because most of my customers also like to feel my naked body and be able to caress me back.

TantraTouch gay massage did not allow me to perform naked massages on their premises. Back then I could only do this when serving hotels as out-call massage service.

“Your massages have been evolving to something more intimate, sexier and more satisfying”.

This is what another customer wrote on an e-mail to me. Yes, I guess this is the clue.

“And your prices are still the same. Every time I call back I expect to see some higher pricing, but you still keep them. I can only be thankful for your humbleness and the amazing experiences we have shared”.

Yes I’m keeping the same prices. I just got rid of the basic and “boring” massages. So I’m concentrating on delivering the best and the most intimate and hot massage sessions.

Here you will find some additional information about the true tantric massage for gay men: El Masaje Prohibido.

TantraTouch gay massage team

Back then we were three male masseurs at TantraTouch: Tyson, Alek and me. We are still working as free-lance masseurs.

Tyson quite this business, while Alek moved to Madrid.

Though my team has been growing! My team in Barcelona is also about young gay masseurs. So you will find a masseur for a wider range of tastes. Smooth, young, defined.

Since many gay couples prefer to have two masseurs I always can offer you several options.

Check all the options about gay couples massage in Barcelona!

And we are also ready for even more daring practices, as the ones Jorge is offering: Gay Escorts.

If you also have any thought you’d like to share just contact me. I will be happy to answer you!

Contact me!

See you soon in Barcelona!

Sexy Tantra massage for gay men

Sexy Tantra massage: discover the 5 best kept secrets to excel in Tantra massage.

“Yours is a fucking sexy Tantra massage. You got all the clues to the right stuff. Much much sexier than 99% of what I’ve tried before!”

Sexy Tantra massage

There are many more best kept secrets though. It’s not just the following 5 of them. As I am sure you may guess! I will disclose now just 5 of them today. They might sound obvious, but they are extremely relevant. And — they are rare!

  1. Sexy attitude. Your masseur needs to have a sexy attitude to turn you on before and during the whole massage session. Eroticism is not about just placing a tag.
  2. Sexy body and face. Paco and Matt have different features. Some men prefer Paco, some others prefer Matt, and a lot of men like them both.
  3. True talent. Erotic massage is best performed by men who have the talent for eroticism and hot bodywork. We got it. Just read some of our testimonials!
  4. Professional training. Having undergone the best training is the perfect addition to talent. Talent alone can go far, but with the right training and experience you go all the way.
  5. Experience. Amateurs and too young masseurs lack the key to the most valuable tricks: call it experience! They can feel surprised or un-armed at certain situations. Self confidence and “know what you’re doing” is something very masculine that makes you feel safe —besides sexy.

Gay sexy Tantra massage

I use the tag “gay massage” to describe the fact that I am a man serving men. Whatever kinds of men: straight men, bisensual men, gay men. And men without a tag as well.

Matt is straight. He has this amazing talent for erotic bodywork though. And he is also serving all kinds of men. Paco and Matt we are both sexy and know how to make you feel amazingly hot.

We know how to perform the best gay massage and the hottest bodywork to give you the release and the satisfaction you are craving for.

Sexy Tantra massage Barcelona

The sexiest Tantra massage in Barcelona is only with us. We are true masseurs, experienced, sexy, smart and we can adapt to many a special request. Tantra massage and erotic massage is our calling!

Out-call service

Enjoy the best massage in your hotel room, anytime 24 hours: our super-convenient out-call massage service to your hotel room will save you time and the taxi bills. Stay in the comfort of your hotel room. This way you’ll be able to use your time however you please. And after the massage you’ll be able to stay in bed.

Choose between Paco and Matt. Both masseurs are extremely expert in erotic therapies and are able to take you to the highest levels of sensual excitement.

In-call massage

Paco has a professional massage studio in the city center. He can welcome you there for your 24 hours massage from Monday to Sunday. Please book ahead to ensure his availability for you.

Do you need more information? You are welcomed to check my full website about male massage in Barcelona!

You can also call me. Feel free to ask whatever you need to know!