Everything you should know about hairy daddy

Hairy daddy massage

Everything you should know about hairy daddy

You are a hairy daddy, the kind of man that really turns me on! I first saw your pictures. Now I am in your arms!”

Yes i am a hairy daddy and I happen to be a masseur. So I can offer you an amazing bodywork!

Many men choose my gay massage in Barcelona because of my looks: hairy body, young daddy, tall and strong, caring, masculine, sweet and extremely sexy!

Well, and a very expert masseur!

You have no clue how happy I am now! I am enjoying this moment like crazy!”

Hairy daddy

This is a rule of thumb that will work for you always: choose the physical profile of your masseur according to your personal references. Some like them young, some like them smooth. You have to feel comfortable in the presence of your masseur. You have to like his pictures.

Massage is more than just grips and anatomy. Besides, the magic of massage is also the looks and the sexy chemistry. You have to be able to watch your masseur into his eyes and feel alright.

And this is especially true for erotic bodywork!

Here you can check some other masseurs in our gay massage directory for Barcelona!

Hairy daddy Barcelona

I am currently serving “the best gay massage in Barcelona“. Well this is what my customers say. I am humble and realistic enough to know that this is a matter of personal preferences.

I can serve out-call massage to hotels.

And I can also welcome you in my personal gay massage studio in the city center. True 15 minutes from Plaça Catalunya and 5 minutes to Sagrada Familia.

Hairy daddy masseur

I have used other guys in your city. I like hairy daddies but I have always chosen escorts with a huge dick. Of course they serve no massage at all. This time instead I have tried to overcome my prejudice that massage is less hot or not satisfying at all. How wrong have I been!”

Daddies are expert. Because daddies know how to serve you better. Again, this is a matter of preference. Many customers told me the opposite:

I have enjoyed this very young guy because he was so candid and did not know what to do. He was full of doubt and that was sexy to me”.

But the bad side to the same story is:

Well, the session ended on minute 50 though I payed for 90 minutes”.

Experience, self confidence, wisdom, the flexibility to adapt to many a situation is something you just have after some experience. It takes time and a busy schedule of customers to learn the infinite range of weird things that can happen during a massage. Or even before it ever starts!

This is where you can speak to me: Paco.

And this is the rest of my website, as the weirdest FAQs

You are also welcome to check my blog in Spanish: el masaje prohibido.

Maybe you also like Benito, the alpha male masseur who also works with me!

I can also suggest the best masseurs who deliver an amazing couple massage experience!

Meet your hairy daddy in Barcelona!

Let me touch your hairy chest again!”

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