Gay couple massage

Gay couple massage

Gay couple massage

Gay couple massage is a very special therapy. Because it involves many additional features. Additionally, it needs some true talent to serve two men at the same time!

So you can say there are two categories of erotic massages. According to the men on the massage table or Japanese bed. Namely the individual massage and the couples massage.

  • Individual massages
  • Multiple receivers

What is Gay couple massage

Let’s go to the point for a start. Each and every couple has its own chemistry. The invisible gears that hold together a couple are sometimes obvious, sometimes hidden.

Your erotic tantric masseur should be able to see them and use them for your advantage!

I oftentimes find some very uncomfortable looks and attitudes between couples. While one of them had the idea to enjoy this experience, the other partner is still reluctant.

“You focused on my partner because I think you felt he was distant. You really did a good job. No only as a masseur but also as a psychologist!”

Of course this seldom happens. Though the goal is always the satisfaction. Namely for both of you!

Serving a couple is not always about fun. It is often about finding the right balance. We can feel what makes you feel most excited. And of course we adapt to it.

Though most of the gay couples have a really deep connection. You can also call it complicity. This is something you can sense in the first minute.

Couple massage features

When serving gay couples we always get absolutely naked. While individual massage like the Relaxing massage can be “prude”, couples always wish to have a really hot experience!

  • Body to body massage
  • Mutual touch
  • Sensual awareness
  • Naked massage
  • Prostate massage
  • Lingam massage
  • Tantra Fusion

There are many more aspects we can talk about personally. If your limits are relevant, please contact me to discuss it all.

Couple massage options

As a couple you might share one approach to your preferences. If you are, so to say, on the same wavelength. Or maybe you have two different ideas! To me all the options and needs are legitimate.

We can also try to blend both of your erotic fantasies.

You can share one masseur for both of you. So the three of us will be on the same Japanese bed. The massage will be simultaneous for both. We can also switch from one to the other. A very hot idea is having a four-hands massage, your partner and me working on you, then on him!

You are absolutely free to call me to discuss any preferences. Or call to ask where the limits are!

Gay couple massage prices

For couples massage we start with the most intense erotic massages, the naked massage. In all our couple gay tantric massages we allow the mutual touch from you to the masseur.

We also think that les than one hour falls really short. So one hour is the minimum time to serve a gay couple. You also have the choices of 90 minutes and two hours.

Just a short note about the prices. As you can see these prices for couple massage are 1.5 times the individual price. So not twice as much as individual, even if you are two men.

We chose to set the price in between 1 and 2 times. These sessions need much more engaging and effort than individual massages. But we think we can’t charge twice when you just need one masseur.

One masseur to share

These are three-some experiences. Of course the longer the session the more grips and games we will be able to enjoy.

  • 60 minutes: 300 €
  • 90 minutes: 450 €
  • Two hours: 600 €

Trust me that one hour falls really short. Though the three of us start to feel comfortable in just minutes. But as the session goes on we feel better and better, so more and more excited and confident.

We can also work individually, splitting the time to work on you separately.

Two masseurs (one for each of you)

You can choose among the various masseurs of our team. You are also allowed to swicth your masseurs at any time point of the session. Ideally at the half time though.

  • 60 minutes: 400 €
  • 90 minutes: 600 €
  • Two hours: 800 €

Choose the masseurs of tour own preference. You can choose among several young gay masseurs and also Paco, Jack and Benito, who are the most expert.

Additional services

To us additional means “features not corresponding to erotic massage”, such as oral sex.

We always want to be honest about our service. So we also request the same honesty from you. If you intend to request more services than erotic massage please say so!

See you soon in Barcelona!

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