The new Gay Pride Barcelona 2021 edition

Gat pride Barcelona

The new Gay Pride Barcelona 2021 edition

Gay Pride Barcelona 2021 will take place really soon! So you are still on time to make your reservations!

Are you excited?

First off, we as the Gay Community celebrate the pride to be as we are. So it is a fact of self accepting in the first place.

You know reaching our today’s status of civil rights and liberties has not been easy. In fact, it would have been impossible without us fighting for our rights during decades, if not centuries. Let’s not forget we had almost all ideologies and religions against us.

As a conclusion we could say that difficulties have united us. No matter how different we are, no matter how many different groups we’re made of.

Call us lesbian, trans-gender, bisexual, queer or gay, we are one big family.

From the start we always wanted to be diverse and inclusive.


What are the main events scheduled though?

Gay Pride Barcelona 2021

Barcelona has been celebrating this immense gathering since 2008. It is the major gay gathering in the area of the Mediterranean ever since.

Let’s first get back to 2016, the year we had an amazing success! Because more than 200.000 visitors participated in the Gay Pride Barcelona!

While in 2017 the increment was of 25% compared to previous years. So 250.000 participants summed up. Isn’t this amazing!

This year the covid-19 makes the forecasts really difficult to make, but some sources say er could gather close to a quarter million of participants!

Crowded Barcelona

Barcelona will be so packed and so busy! This means we should not only trust in good luck!

Consequently you should handle things planning ahead of time. So please avoid last minute risks of not finding accommodation, hotels or tickets to specific events.

We suggest you to check TravelGay, where we also placed our advertising since 2017.

Gay Pride 2021

Barcelona will be literally packed with amazing GLBT visitors this year. This is an outrageous celebration in many aspects.

  • Celebrating our Pride
  • Struggling for our rights
  • Expressing our joy of life
  • Meeting new people
  • Sending a clear message to the whole world!
  • Having fun!
  • Getting to know Barcelona
  • Exploring interesting new places as Sitges!

Gay men like to have fun though! So you’ll be able to participate in many events for different tastes, interests and styles.

Gay Pride Barcelona 2021 dates

  • Starting June 18 (Saturday) Avinguda Maria Cristina
  • Parade: June 26 (Saturday) Avinguda Para·lel
  • Please check the Official Program
  • Finishing June 27 (Sunday)

Key highlights

As you know, many different events will take place, for all sorts of tastes and styles. These are some examples:

  • High Heels Race
  • Parade Party
  • Gay Village
  • Artist’s Performances (hopefully including “la Patrick”)
  • Queen of the People
  • Main Stage
  • Pride Dance
  • Drag Queens
  • International DJs

During the previous and the next days you will also be welcome to participate in many other events. Stay tuned!

Sitges Bear Week 2021

Since I am a bear-masseur, tall and strong, hairy masseur and daddy masseur I am also interested in all the Bear stuff available! So I will also participate in the Bear Week of Sitges.

It will take place during the last weeks of Summer.

  • Starting: September, 3
  • Finishing: September, 11

As you know, Sitges Bear Week is one of the most popular Bear gatherings in the world! You can’t miss it if you are a bear yourself or an admirer!

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Finally, we all know that as gay men we have lost of very different interests. From gastronomy to architecture, from fashion to sports.

We like yo explore! Endlessly!

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Big sexy hug!

Hope to see you soon in Barcelona!


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