Foreskin Friday uncovers some new privileges for you!

Foreskin Friday

Foreskin Friday uncovers some new privileges for you!

Foreskin Friday like today again! So enjoy the sexiest gay massage by an uncut erotic masseur in Barcelona, Madrid, Sitges, Valencia or Ibiza!

While pulling up and down our foreskin you’ll also uncover some extremely sexy privileges!

Read more about this fetish massage and contact us to enjoy it all the way!

What is Foreskin Friday?

I recently found this #foreskinfriday tweet and thought it was absolutely amazing! Because this hashtag gathers all gay men interested in foreskin!

While most of my customers really don’t care what my dick looks like, some others do.

Sometimes customers ask me specifically about my dick status. So not only about the size. As you know, to me all requests and questions are absolutely relevant and legitimate.

Are you uncut? I prefer dicks with some foreskin!”

Yes, I do. I’m Paco. And also Jorge, Dani, Roger and Benito are #uncut in Barcelona. Check all our pictures on exclusive masseurs!

In Madrid, Ronaldo, Sebastian and Dario are also uncut. So now you can have your gay massage in Madrid with them!

The alpha male masseur Iker in Ibiza is also uncut. And what a tool he has!

That’s why we thought we could also offer a massage special on Fridays. Just for uncut lovers!

Foreskin is something only uncut penises can offer —obviously. As you know, uncut means not circumcised.

If this sounds sexy or intriguing to you please have us in mind for your next gay massage! And if interested in our massage service please ask us about our availability.

Of course, we never forget the special months we are living, so please have a look at our sanitary precautions!

Foreskin massage

As you already guess, working on a circumcised dick is different than working on an uncut one. Just the fact of having some foreskin means you can stimulate the skin, the tip, which is extremely sensitive.

As a matter of fact, the glans —or head— of a circumcised man is less sensitive. The reason is as simple as the glans is constantly exposed to friction with underwear.

While the foreskin of an uncut penis is protecting the glans from friction. So when the glans of an uncircumcised penis is uncovered, the stimulation feels much more intense. Of course all these varies from man to man. Not just habits have an effect on this, but also personal sensitivity.

As a conclusion, the foreskin massage allows different sorts of grips and stimulation pressure.

Foreskin Friday massage

We can both offer you outcall gay massage to your hotel and in our gay massage studio.

Whatever is best or more convenient to you!

The prices are absolutely the same because we don’t charge the taxis to your place.

Our regular prices are these:

  • 60, 75, 90 and 120 minutes sessions
  • Prostate massage —ask which masseurs are offering it!
  • Naked massage

All of them are different though! In the naked massage we also allow you to touch us —everywhere!

Naked massage is the most popular therapy since we started!

The most relevant privilege you have is feeling free to touch us, also our intimate parts. And this feels absolutely hot! Especially if you fancy some uncut dicks like ours.

Friday specials

Though Fridays are one of our busiest days during the week, we also want to offer you a special.

Please call us, mention our Foreskin Friday and we’ll go from there. You’ll have some special privilege for sure!

Dick docking

As you know if you read our post about dick docking, only one uncut penis is required to enjoy this special feature. Are you curious about dick docking?

Foreskin Friday
Foreskin Friday

Foreskin Friday with Paco

Paco is this sexy young daddy masseur. He is tall, strong and hairy. Very masculine and extremely expert in erotic gay massages!

Paco has the hugest amount of recurring customers from the whole world. Customer satisfaction gets really high because he masters gay tantric massage!What is it all about? Please read this introduction to gay Tantra massage.

If you need any additional information, besides checking the FAQs you can also contact me!

Foreskin Friday Paco
Foreskin Friday Paco

Try also Jorge, Dani, Roger and Benito

So Jorge is this young gay masseur. As Dani, Roger and Benito, extremely well blessed masseurs in Barcelona. These are the biggest guys, as far as we know!

You can see all their pictures on exclusive gay masseurs.

Most of these professional masseurs are also serving gay massages in Sitges.

Foreskin Madrid

Dario, Sebastian and Ronaldo are also uncut. You can check their pictures and special fees on gay massage in Madrid!

But there is much more they can do for you! Please feel free to check this gay escort personal website.

See you soon in Barcelona!

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