the new Bear masseur Barcelona & Sitges

Bear masseur Barcelona

the new Bear masseur Barcelona & Sitges

Looking for the perfect bear masseur Barcelona? You just found me! Though I’m not alone, there are some more bear with me.

As you probably found out, there are not too many bear masseurs in Barcelona. Because most of gay men are waxing or shaving their precious body hair. It is still a very strong fashion trend, I’d say a reminiscence from past trends.

f you are in Altea, Calpe, Teulada, Moraira, Xàbia, Dénia or Oliva, please ask me for availability. I am frequently visiting this area to serve my amazing tantric massages right in. your villa! Contact!

Fortunately you can now choose the sort of hairy man you prefer!

And it’s really easy since there just a few of us! But I guess you want the best professional masseur! So it’¡s even easier because there are less options.

Take my hand and follow me along this post. I will also suggest some other very interesting and hairy male masseurs!

By the way, I’m Paco. See many pictures and learn more info about myself!

Gay bear masseur Barcelona

I am a gay man. Strong, tall, hairy. I am also an uncut masseur, and very proud to be, mind you!

So this is how I look like. I am the proud bear masseur Barcelona.

Many customers tell me I am the perfect professional for men who wish to enjoy a sensual massage. Or some really spicy erotic massages. Or, what is best, directly the hottest interactive Tantric massage in which we are going to be caressing each other as well.

Doesn’t it sound hot? Well, it is honestly much much hotter than just hot!

And please let me stress the fact it’s not about having sex! Because my job is erotic massage. So a very elaborate and sexy bodywork!

Bear Sitges

As you will see, all of my massage therapies are based on sensuality and eroticism. These are the result of distilling the sweetest and the hottest techniques from the Oriental Tantra massage traditions.

Bear flag
Bear flag

Eroticism is something that usually is a relevant part in the lives of men. Why? Because drift through our days unaware of this speed that is not allowing us to stop for a minute, not for a breathe. Consequently not for some quality time either.

Now think about your present. Today, now. This life!

Maybe you feel you need to treat yourself —for a change!

Because your life is also about you, here and now!

Now you are in Barcelona, or in Sitges, you are so close from enjoying this amazing massage I got in store for you.

By the way, I’m sometimes serving also in Valencia, Denia, Xávia, Altea and Benidorm! So check my availability if you are visiting these areas!

Gay massage studio

Me and all the masseurs in my team share a wonderful place to serve you. We have our own gay massage studio, right in the city center! Close to Sagrada Familia.

Please call to set up a session with any of us!

As I pointed out before, I’m not the only hairy bear masseur. Here you can see all other exclusive masseurs, a few of them also hairy so in the “bear” category. You can’t miss them!

Personal preferences

I bet you have your personal preferences. And personal preferences should be always respected, starting with your own decisions. So don’t book a bear masseur Barcelona if you prefer shaved or smooth guys! For example, the frisky Roger! He is tall and does an amazingly seducing and exciting bodywork!

I can introduce you to some other excellent smooth masseurs as well.. Just let me know!

One of the most requested assets when looking for masseurs is “expert masseur“. Since money doesn’t grow on the trees, many men make the safest decision. You also want the best service for your hard earned bucks!

Of course the preference of young gay masseurs is absolutely legitimate. This is why I’m also working with younger guys. Check them as well, and make sure to ask me who is best for the sort of bodywork you fancy!

Beard massage
Beard massage

Contact your bear masseur Barcelona

Call now, use instant messaging as iMessage, SMS or whatsApp all numbers on this Contact page.Just a side note: don’t use e-mail since I rarely check mails! Sue the phone for texting or calling. My answer is immediate —if not currently in a session, obviously!

Book your bear masseur Barcelona

It’s time to take action now. So call now if you have a clear idea about what is the best day and time to enjoy your sexiest bear massage ever!

Be safe and book ahead of time!

Contact Paco or any other masseur in the team!

Do you still need more information? If you don’t want to call, please check these useful FAQs. or even the testimonials, to see what others have felt and how they reviewed our series!

Maybe you wish to know what is Tantra massage.

Or get more detail about all my massage prices and different options.

See you soon in Barcelona!

If you prefer the services of gay escorts please check these guys. All of them really skilled, and on top of everything, reliable!

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