Straight men massage (2)

Straight men massage

Straight men massage (2)

Let’s talk about “straight men massage“. Though It is the second part of the subject “Bi-curious men massage“.

See a note about the featured image scrolling to the end of the post.

While in the previous post we were discussing the fact that more and more straight men curious about mutual male touch.

Because it is a sexually exciting idea to some straight men —too. Though they feel a certain risk to be pushed into some forced or uncomfortable sexual intercourse. That risk feels somewhat sexy to them.

But the risk feels different if you choose a masseur or a gay man who is just looking for sex.

So what are the differences between a random man and a professional masseur?

Safe straight men massage

Lately the straight men visiting me tell me they need to feel safe.

They say that setting up an encounter with a gay man is often following by some fear. The fear is because they think they’ll be entering a situation with a difficult way out. Because first time sexual encounters might go too far. Or it might feel uncomfortable to give in to certain practices a gay man will enjoy. While a straight man would rather prefer to abort those.

This is why I created this straight men massage. So a specific naked massage for men who want to got one step at a time.

Though I know there are female masseuses out there. But for some reason you want a male masseur this time.

Your choice is absolutely legitimate!

Straight men massage

Massage is this safe environment where everything is under control, under your control. And massage is safer than sex in many aspects. Starting with hygiene and the risks that unprotected sexual relationships carry with.

Another advantage of massage is emotional safety. Because a massage with me will never put you into any sort of risks.

With me you’ll be free to downgrade or even cancel during the session. This happened once and this customer felt really comfortable by seeing me smiling and honestly understanding it. This man had set up a test and he knew the results just soon enough to abort. Both feeling well with himself and also with me.

Sexy straight men massage

Most of the straight men I’m serving feel so well that they ask to upgrade the session. Once they feel safe they dare a more intimate straight men massage.

So once they feel comfortable and secure they dare to ask for more. Though I am always keeping the red lines they ask at the start. It’s them wanting to go further. “Further” means for example being both of us naked, being allowed to touch me, and embracing in a tight body to body massage.

Some of them ask me for oral sex. That’s what I can also offer you in my Tantra Fusion massage. Because all these desires feel very intense to them. Usually they start by anticipating it very much in some kind of nervousness.

Gradually, intimacy feels better and finally right to straight men. And this is where they really start to explore how far they can go. I guess the way I conduct the straight men massage is working seamlessly.

This post may be appealing to you. So you feel you match in this story somehow. Then you’ll be very welcomed to contact me. Respect is a very relevant asset to me. I can guarantee you I will first listen to you very intently.

Pease be welcomed to check my website:

In case you missed the previous post please check bi-curious men massage (1)

Any questions? Do you wish to speak to me on the phone? Paco: +34 676 648 226

See you in Barcelona!

Matt is also a member of our young gay masseur team. Though he is straight in the process to becoming bisexual. So he can easily understand heterosexual men. Check his website on

Short note about Paco’s picture

Some guys have sent notes asking why I chose this image for this subject. Honestly, it’s not only about fun. I have some very big respect for these —very tough— jobs on the land. Jobs someone has to do. I have many straight customers who are passionate about their job on the land. So they don’t live in big cities and they don’t like them. Their jobs are related to agriculture. These man share relevant aspects to me. As honesty and always being straight to the point. Their lives are everything but easy.

So you can see this image as a tribute to men who live far away from our big cities.

See you soon in Barcelona!

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