Gay massage New York

Gay massage New York

Gay massage New York

I am frequently visiting to perform gay massage in New York. And specifically Manhattan, where I usually live in a wonderful MidTown hotel.

Gay massage New York

So if you are living in New York, Manhattan or adjacent Boroughs you are really close to enjoy my best and hottest gay massage ever!

It’s really easy now! Just schedule your session with me or Ruben and I’ll be there!

Please feel free to check even more detailed information on Gay massage in Manhattan!

Unfortunately I am not always in Manhattan though! So please check with me my next availability. It is also relevant you mention in your message the fact you are in Manhattan.

Out-call gay massage New York

Actually I can also serve your best out-call gay massage visiting at your apartment. Though also at the hotel you are currently staying at. Just call me to find out my availability.

I bring everything we need to setup the most intimate and sexy gay massage. For instance: special imported massage oils, imported massage creams, hygienic towelettes and one-use sheets. These sheets are to protect your bed or the massage surface we will use for our private bodywork.

In-call gay massage New York

I can also welcome you at my hotel room in MidTown Manhattan. I am usually staying at a really nice and discrete hotel in West 44th Street.

We will meet at the library or at the lobby bar. There we can have a coffee or a nice drink and talk before getting to my room. Everything will be set to start a really sexy bodywork.

This is a really convenient massage and a very special service you’ll appreciate. You’ll forget your daily life, your business stress and all those worries. The longer the massage session the deeper you will dive into relaxation. Dare to discover this personal oasis I am able to build up for your enjoyment.

Sexy massage in Manhattan

As you can see while visiting my full website my massage service is a really special one. I use many Tantra massage grips, just the sexiest and spiciest. I blend these techniques with Oriental sensual and sensually arousing massage grips, also with specific Lomi-lomi hawaian strokes.

The goal of my massage is delivering a sexy, intimate and strictly man-on-man massage. As they also call it, m4m massage. This is a private bodywork involving all of tour body parts, including intimate parts.

Bodywork for climaxing

Your climax is something that is very likely to happen. It is a natural side effect of my hot and sensual bodywork. I will be very proud to allow it for your pleasure!

Serving you in Manhattan is a privilege to me! Please don’t forget to check my prices. I can offer you several session time lengths. The longer the more intense!

Naked Massage

Prices may vary depending on US$ and € currency rates. Currently I am taking 1 = 1.

I can adapt to specific fetish requests as well. Please contact me to find out!

See you in Manhattan —or in Barcelona!

Contact me!

If you prefer to go a bit further than just erotic massage you can also try Jorge in Barcelona.

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