Blog on gay massage

Gay massage blog

Blog on gay massage

My Gay Massage Blog is a reference for many men interested in gay bodywork and erotic Tantra for gay men.

I started blogging about 5 years ago, after 10 years plus working as a Tantra masseur in Barcelona.

As I have been told, it seems that after all these years my blog and my service have become a worldwide reference. Since my posts are read, followed and trusted by thousands of users interested in this matter.

So please join me and keep up to date with news, special contents and new pictures!

I hope to keep up by offering interesting contents! My daily job is a huge source of inspiration!

Why this Gay massage blog

Erotic massage is my only job. It is my full time job. Because it is my calling and my passion!

I started a blog about my gay Tantra massage in 2011 —under my Spanish domain

My international customers wanted to know much more about erotic Tantra massage. While Testimonials were also very relevant for new customers from abroad. Because they needed some kind of reference and guarantee. What others say about their own experience is a useful guideline to many.

And the daily performing of erotic gay massage is constantly giving me new ideas of contents to write about.

Every time a customer needs to speak I really prick up my ears. Because I learn that every man has a unique life and different ideas and thoughts. And of course legitimate, unique erotic fantasies!

Consequently, listening to my customers is as important to me as performing an excellent massage. And both go together very well! Massage and conversation complement each other nicely! Though I always respect the silent men as well!

This blog is the result of my passion for gay massage.

Communication about massage

To me the communication with my potential customers is a cornerstone. This bog is not meant to be one-direction though. This can also be the start of a dialogue.

I like to hear what your dreams are and how a massage could fulfil them.

Use my e-mail address if you need to write some elaborate experiences.

Or call me over the phone: +34 676 648 226 — Paco.

So this is just the starting point —if you wish!

Tantra Gay massage blog

My job and each single massage I’m giving makes me think from the start about everything. Every time!

  • The goal of my job
  • My customers’ needs
  • Intimate communication
  • Sensuality and tenderness
  • Erotic fantasies
  • Intimate life and the need of closeness
  • Sex and satisfaction
  • Unique fetishes
  • Fighting stress
  • Sexual unsatisfaction
  • Fighting frustration
  • Understanding loneliness

And also new ideas and concepts I’m having every now and then.

Thinking about my job is relevant to me, as you can see. Also being able to express it and taking the time for it is meaningful and has no other benefit than communication.

Explaining my job to my potential customers is not easy though. There are still many misunderstandings. Because not everybody takes a minute to read this blog in detail. Not even the key contents that feel relevant to them!

I understand there are too many blog entries to choose from! But if you search for a specific content you will most probably find something written about it.

Many men prefer calling me to find out what my gay massage is all about and what the features are. Absolutely! I will be very happy to talk to you!

Paco: +34676648226

Erotic Gay massage

Many erotic masseurs assume everybody knows all about it as well as they do themselves. Well I don’t! Because to me my job starts anew with every single new customer.

Because each and every man has his own and unique expectations. How matching them and achieving this man’s satisfaction is not only a goal but a need to me.

So there is still a lot to say about erotic gay massage!

Gay massage is evolving

Erotic and sexual needs of men change constantly during life. I also follow those changes in a man’s life. And we are not speaking just about age though. I also focus on the intimate evolution of a man’s needs.

Different times embrace all the men at the same time. And different times have different needs and different attitudes to face the new needs.

All the humans interconnected by social networks are creating a different way to need, express and satisfy our hunger for sensuality and sexual pleasure.

What is the age of your customers?”

This is a frequent question. And the answer is “from 19 to 90 years old.

It’s funny how older men think I am only serving younger and young men assume my clientele is older.

So age is not a factor to differentiate needs among men. We assume young guys are partnered. But they can be a widow too —a too early one for the record. And older men are not always alone, they can have amazing social lives!

Older men

Older men know better than others what they need and what makes them happy. They earn deep respect from me and also a very passionate approach to fulfil their expectations. To many seniors the need to explore new things means an amazing drive.

Younger men

Younger men do explore and are thirsty of new experiences, learning and exploring sexual communication. I am willing to teach them as much I can in one session. They are never aware of learning, so they think they discover it all by themselves. And this is exactly what I aim for.

Middle aged men

Middle age men have already gone through many changes in life. While some of them are still searching for answers about their past, present and future. Conversation is relevant to them. They tell me they discover new dimensions and answers to their own sexual needs.

Open blog

Personal stats as being single, attached, the partnership kind you have. Also your own individual sexual needs do affect your daily life. And your thoughts and your emotional life.

More than all this I try to focus on the most intimate needs a man can have. Inside de strictly individual sphere.

You seem to know things about me my partner never guessed. With you I feel free because you are not going to judge me. And if you do, I won’t see your for a long time”.

Being somebody out of your social circles is a big advantage. No gossip, no intrusion in your personal life and even less in your professional environment. No judging! Ever.

This is a powerful guarantee that “what happens in Vegas stays in vegas”. Though just changing the word “Vegas” for “Paco”.

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