Foot fetish

Foot fetish

Foot fetish

Foot fetish blends really well together with tantric massage! Because both do have some stuff in common!

They both can be very exciting as erotic stimulations. If you like feet and they arouse you sensually then you should try it blended together in one experience!

Because combining gay erotic massage with feet fetish is the bomb!

Since you wish to have the right chemistry you should choose the masseur who is able to understand you best.

You already know that foot fetish is not universal though. It doesn’t ring a bell to many masseurs. Nor escorts! So don’t risk visiting guys who really don’t care about any kind of gay fetish.

Foot fetish

The special and exciting fantasy of feet is catalogued as a “paraphilia”. Paraphilia is to name when “non usual” stimulations, objects or practices do excite you. Wikipedia mentions “dangerous practices”, and they are also paraphilia. Though not all paraphilia are dangerous by any means!

So where are the limits to say that something is “non usual”?

I guess the definition of paraphilia will also be changing along the next years, decades and centuries. And it varies from man to man as it varies from time to time and society to society.

If feet turn you on, why don’t you use them as well?

Fetish massage

I have had many customers who discovered foot fetish during my gay massage sessions.

“When you touched my feet I felt the urge to touch yours as well. I didn’t know if asking you was even an option!”

Many other guys approach me as clearly as this:

“Can we massage each other’s feet?”

They know what they like, and of course they soon learn I can serve them. We can play with our feet in many different ways.

Foot fetish games

My erotic massage has the goal to be pleasing. And more than just that, to explore your personal universe of pleasure.

During my erotic massages we will be able to explore many positions and different grips. There is a Naked massage involving mutual touch and obviously mutual feet stimulation. This is the right bodywork to explore not just your feet but also the way to play with them.

Foot to foot massage

As you know, many men love “frottage” or the rubbing of tools. Namely dick to dick massage, which is the most popular tag.

Coming back to our feet, we can rub each other’s feet, it feels really exciting! Many a customer has achieved climax just by using this stimulation. Yes, without even touching his penis!

Book your foot job!

Talking to me is extremely easy. I am very accessible. So I usually answer all kinds of questions. No matter what makes you blush, it will be absolutely normal to me.

So call me and let’s set up a meeting!

You can also choose among many exclusive masseurs, with my personal guarantee or quality seal.

Contact Paco!

Any questions? Like FAQs, or previous testimonials that can be useful?

There is a lot to see and to discover!

See you soon!

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