Erotic massage for gay men

Erotic massage for gay men

Erotic massage for gay men

Erotic massage for gay men is a very special service. Because it works on your most intimate sexual energies.

Pleasure, well-being, also release. Though the most relevant aspect is intimate male on male communication.

So what is it all about?

Erotic massage for gay men

Erotic massage for a start is a very special experience. This is not something too frequent on every man’s life. Though a minority of man have it on a weekly basis.

Since some men see it as a substitution for a sex encounter, it is a quite different service. As I will describe next, erotic massage unites many aspects from massage and also from sex.

Eroticism is one of the most forgotten aspects in our lives. We do have priorities as job, friends and family. To most men health comes first though.

So we leave eroticism and intimacy for one of the last issues we take care of.

In some way this means we leave ourselves for the last of the priorities.

Gay men and bisexual men

Honestly, I don’t like using all these tags. I see each person as a unique individual. So with his own background, his plans and his present conditions.

Tags are useful for defining groups. Understanding a group’s habits is a clue to imagine some assets though.

But sexuality and emotional life have their own magic. I have heard many men describing themselves, though then feeling absolutely different during the massage time.

Wether you are bisexual, straight or gay, there is much more to it. The desire of living up this intimate experience of erotic massage is a legitimate wish. To me there are no tags. Just the need of sharing this intimate moment.

Tantric erotic massage for gay men

Besides, the blending of massage and some features of the sexual act has many advantages.

“Therapy massage feels kind of boring to me. But sex is a bit too short. I need some true engaging for the intimate contact”.

And this is exactly what tantric massage can offer you.

  • Massage lasts longer than sex
  • Mindful massage is a genuine male on male contact
  • No pressure on you: just lay back and enjoy
  • Feel the freedom to touch me
  • Forget about the world
  • Safe: no risks!
  • No guilt

More and more gay men are discovering the benefits of tantric massage. Also partnered men who need to cheer up with new ideas. So most of them do use them with their partners after learning them with me.

“I didn’t feel like cheating on my husband. Though I had an amazing time with you! This feels so new, so different! Really sexy, and I think I will use some of these ideas to share with my hubby”.

Try our erotic massage for gay men

Me and Matt are available for you to discover this new dimension of sensuality.

Try us if ever visiting Barcelona!

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