Edging massage

Edging massage

Edging massage

Edging massage is the ideal practice for gay men who wish to enjoy much longer time! Much much —much— longer!

Because a number of men complain about the way the are usually having sex with their partners or casual encounters. Namely in a very short, hasty and stressed way. Like in a rush.

So not only single men who are used to cruising complain about this. Surprisingly, also partnered men do complain about not getting all the enjoyment time they desire.

Is there a way to improve it?

More than just one way. Though here we are going to focus on one go them.

What is edging?

I have seen this term since the end of the 90s. Maybe it existed before. It immediately sounded very interesting to me, so I contacted several men who were into edging. By then I was living in Rio de Janeiro, where sex is quite a quick stuff. Because Brazilians have sex many times a day with many different guys. They have a wonderful pace, though after climax and some sweet stroking, the gig is over. Then they get ready for the next… guy.

Nevertheless, I found a few of guys who discovered me the secrets of edging.

In two words, edging is about avoiding climax and release. So “keeping yourself on the edge of climax”.

This way you can be masturbating for hours. You can masturbate alone, or together with one or even many different guys. Since you are not ejaculating, there’s no need for recovery time. Most of us can keep an erection for hours as well.

So edging is about stroking almost endlessly. I have seen guys online who kept their climax for days. Many days!

Once you climax though the apotheosis is amazing! After hours of keeping it, it is more powerful and much longer than usual. And it also comes with a very abundant load of semen.

Understanding edging massage

There are more and more gay men who wish to enjoy a much longer time for their sensual encounters. We all know though how difficult it is to find an ideal sensual companion!

“It took me 45 years of endless testing. Now I’m almost 70 years old I finally found this guy. We fit perfectly in all of our sensual preferences. Though he still lacks some issues. Like edging!”

It is obvious that not just any random sensual partner will understand edging. You need to have some hours available. And the will to enjoy sensual pleasure for such a long time.

“How can I find someone who understands me in this matter?”

Edging massage

As you know, professional masseurs are able to understand a number of different needs. Sometimes the geekiest needs.

Because professional masseurs have seen and served an amazing variety of men. Each one of them with different and maybe peculiar needs.

You will find an outstanding efficiency among masseurs who know the Tantra techniques. Gay tantric massage is not only about breathing and awareness. It is also about release control.

So edging is a relevant part in tantric bodywork.

Of course there are many other things going on during the session time. It is not only about jerking off and keeping it on the edge. It is about using many different kinds of stimulations as well.

Gay edging massage

“This is exactly what I needed! I never call back any of those guys who want to finish me as quick as possible. But you really understand what I wanted from minute zero. And you also offer many other aspects that I appreciate”.

Gay men value the perfect service. Sometimes gay men can sound arrogant. But the clue is listening well to what they express. Because gay men are very clear and upfront with their massage checklist.

Choose the perfect massage

I can offer you many different massage therapies. My gay massage is about different things so you can choose what sounds best to you. My services could be the perfect answer for many different moods:

All of them include the edging factor. But please have in mind there are also different time lengths!

Finally, another relevant aspect. Where do you want to have your massage?

I can offer you in-call massage at my gay massage studio in the city center.

Though you are free to choose the outcall massage service with no extra fees for transportation.

Just call me and let’s discuss the details!

Paco: contact me!

If edging is not your thing, you’ll maybe prefer the gay escorts. These guys are excellent!

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