The football player

Football player

The football player

The football player is one of my best client’s intimate friends. My regular Pablo and his wife share lots of social events with this athlete, and they also welcome warmly each and every new girlfriend of his. In fact, Pablo had told me many anecdotes about his celebrity friend before.

Until one day they had a conversation about some more intimate experiences. That’s when tantric massages became their secret conversation theme.

This story is real. Though don’t expect to see any real names and relevant informations about both of my clients. I’m sure you’ll understand I will not expose any too personal informations. As I also state in the testimonials, I always fight for all of my clients’ privacy.

Trust is a relevant factor, always and in all departments of life and business. And building it is a matter of consistency in time.

Back to the story, Juan Carlos wanted to meet me personally before deciding if I was “his type of type”. I suspect he did interview a couple more of male masseurs, and I’m not sure if he did it before or after my interview. I wasn’t certain at all he would choose me. Apparently Pablo had told him that I was the best masseur for him. But this sort of decisions are very personal. So I totally agree with him taking his own decisions.

And that’s all I knew before meeting this guy personally.


Pablo sent me a brief message.

Hotel Soho House. 4 PM cafeteria Cecconi. I know you are punctual.

More erotic stories

You’ll find a number of erotic stories I am writing during lockdown. By the way, how does covid-19 affect our service?

Recently I published the hot couple massage, which I performed together with Jack. And also Fernando, the Brazilian, a very sexy customer visiting Barcelona. Some guys answered me saying:

Those are very nice gay stories.

But, rather than fiction, they are descriptions —from my point of view— of true massage sessions. What the clients say are the testimonials, which you are also welcomed to read!

You will find the full story about Juan Carlos, the football player, with many more juicy details, on my Spanish website about forbidden gay massage. Along with many other stories I will be translating into English.

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