The new Silver gay market

Silver gay massage

The new Silver gay market

What is silver gay? A new wedding ring made of silver? Or maybe a trendy bracelet?

We used to know the “Golden Girls” on that —outdated?— funny tv show, but we never focused too much on silver boys. Now turns out the baby boom of the 60’s are close to retirement. And these guys —I almost see myself in the group!— are now enjoying life at its fullest.

After a whole life of working really hard —without all the technologies and tools we are used to these days—, the silver guys made their living, bought their real estates or made interesting investments and managed to save some money as well.

We also worked hard for our money, trust me Gloria Gaynor!

Some of them have children and grandchildren because they were married to women —the usual those days. Some of our silver boys didn’t discover man to man pleasure until their 40’s. I have many clients who tell me stories like this. Some of them have sent in their testimonials.

This new consumer segment labeled as silver gay men is not new though. The difference of the new breed is the fact its population is larger than the former silver gay generation —more on the diamond direction. During the fist decade of the 2000’s the wealthy silver gay men were “old money” —like, let’s say, from the Hamptons—, so really high class. While the new ones are the high middle class. Precisely the sort of middle class that is in extinction. The younger generations will probably be less wealthy, despite —or maybe because— all the new tech tools make life much easier. Human workforce is less and less valuable, so more and more irrelevant.

Silver economy

The new silver gay generations aren’t tired—nor retired— at all. They are hard workers from all the possible industries. They have saved money along their busy lives, and now have the legitimate right —and finally the chance!— to spend it in stuff they always wanted.

Luxury cars, exclusive first class traveling, nice dining in expensive and famous restaurants, you name it!

These guys deserve anything they can pay for because they have been working hard for decades!

Silver gay couples

I have met really handsome, amazing and nice silver gay couples. You immediately sense and see how much they love each other, how happy they are together. Maybe because after multiple mistakes, you finally learn how to choose the right guy for you to share your present and future.

Silver guys have a very open mind, they are able to tell the most meaningful core of many things in life, not just the most usual ones. This also means they want to share some intimate experiences together with their partners.

Like for instance a couple massage. Because silver gay guys do think this is a nice experience to share. A couples massage opens the doors to learning new tricks, techniques and secrets you can share in your most private moments.

Silver gay singles

What about silver singles! These are the most optimistic, free and happy guys I have ever met! Finally free! Maybe after decades of closed or monogamous relationships. Silver singles have lots of good friends everywhere, and they travel much more than anyone else on this planet. Single silver gays men have been everywhere you could possibly name.

A single man has always a much more open agenda, and is able to schedule the best gay massage whenever he pleases. No last minute change of plans, no eventual second thoughts by the partner.

Singles also like to spend some quality time, and sometimes also dare to enjoy many days in a row with a sexy masseur. That’s what we call coaching. And singles are very keen on experiencing this very special, warm, nice and intimate connection. Not for just a couple hours, but a long weekend.

Who says couples can’t do this too?

Too many options?

Some silver daddies tell me I’m offering too many options at the first glance, and they feel a bit confused about what or who to choose. Well, a personal conversation on the phone helps the most! Just call me and let’s discuss what sort of massage service you prefer!

besides, don’t forget to check all the exclusive masseurs who are advertising here to offer their amazing bodywork! Or feel free to ask for any additional profile you can’t find here. Maybe I know someone!

I am certain silver daddies can tell the difference between erotic massages and escort services. Please feel free to choose, because on this website we talk about the first. But I happen to know the most reliable gay escorts in Barcelona.

Any questions? Please call me or check these FAQs, they are quite useful!

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