New masseur Madrid

New masseur Madrid

New masseur Madrid

New masseur Madrid: meet Ronaldo… and also Dario!

You can’t miss any of them, because both are extremely attractive young guys! Though in very different styles, each of them is amazing.

Ronaldo is a classic male beauty. Virile, honest, strong. And an excellent masseur!

While Dario is this young bi-curious guy. He is exploring the m4m massage experience not only to make a living. Because he is curious about the male sensuality. Besides, he is an amazing therapist!

Booking Dario or Ronaldo is as easy as contacting Paco. Please scroll down to find out how easy it is!

Dario: new masseur Madrid

Dario is very talented for all sorts of massage styles. Also for the most daring erotic gay massage. He started years ago giving gay massage in Madrid to all kinds of men.

This is Paco writing this post. So give me half a minute to explain how I first got introduced to Dario. It was the Spring 2015 when a mutual friend talked to me about him. I felt terribly attracted to him, just by seeing his photographs. Though as you know, I need to meet personally all masseurs advertising on my website. Dario happened to be coming to Barcelona a few weeks later.

So we had a very nice conversation. It felt as we had been friends forever. We are very much on the same wave length. “Such a handsome and sexy young man needs to be gay”, I thought.

Though he was cautious and told me:

Hey, I’m not 100% gay! Not even 5%”

In my opinion a masseur needs to feel a certain attraction. In order to serve the best massage there needs to be some sympathy with the client. And some sensual chemistry!

But are you willing to give erotic massages to gay and bisensual men?”

I asked him.

His answer is absolutely demolishing to me. I expect nothing less than the truth.

Yes. Absolutely. I love giving massages to men. They appreciate my job very much!”

Over these years Dario proved to serve absolutely amazing and very hot massages. His clients tell me they can’t believe he is not attracted to men! Deep down I think he does feel some traction, though he’s reluctant to accept it.

So I put him on test. All of the customers Dario has served ever since have been sending in amazing reports and testimonials about him. So it’s time now to take him seriously as a quality erotic massage in Madrid.

As a conclusion I need to say that erotic massage is not only based on a mutual attraction, but also on a professional approach. Dario knows what to do, and he does it. So all his clients are super happy with his service. Consequently he has many clients who are requesting him exclusively.

Gay massage Madrid: meet Dario
Gay massage Madrid: meet amazing Dario!

What about Ronaldo?

Well Ronaldo is also an amazing young man. Absolutely unique, for the record. Virile, masculine, muscled, defined and strong. His classic male beauty makes him feel as a magnet you can’t get away from. Yes, I confess I felt his very special magnetism.

He was also suggested to me by a mutual friend. By that time I used a trip to Madrid to met him personally. I had to stop myself from hugging him.

Ronaldo awakens on many man the wish to be loved and desired by him. His look and his smile are so genuine that you’d like to make sure he feels never alone.

And his bodywork is tender and daring. Though he can get as sexy and passionate as he looks like. So way too much! You are warned!

Since he is very requested, please make sure to call ahead of time se we can book you in!

Masseurs Madrid team Ronaldo
Masseurs Madrid team Ronaldo

New masseur Madrid for gay men

Dario also has this exhibitionist thing. He likes to be the star at photo shoots and he enjoys showing off in public for male and female audiences. Dario also loves to be a stripper on-stage, as we stated before.

And his sexy dancing might be a very unique fore-play for your hottest massage session!

Endowed new masseurs

On top of all this, both Dario and Ronaldo have long and thick tools. Extremely big, I’d say. Men of all kinds look at them in awe. And this is a major turn on for your sexiest gay massage! Both of them are uncut, for the record.

Some Arabic clients don’t have a preference for uncut penises. Just say so and they will pull back the foreskin.

Out-call massage: New masseur Madrid

Ronaldo or Dario will be traveling to your location to serve you their best and sexiest bodywork ever.

In-call massage in Madrid

Since we don’t have a massage studio in Madrid we will find another solution if you need it. Please call ahead of time so we can rent a special massage box for you. There are a number of them in Madrid.

Massage rates

Dario and Ronaldo share the same massage rates. They are both very requested and we need some time in advance to schedule appointments. So take a form decision as soon as you need them! You can’t miss their amazing bodywork!

200 €

This is a naked massage. Both you and your masseur will be absolutely naked. You are allowed to caress him and even touch his private parts. This is an awesome and sexy massage, very exciting! This session takes 60 minutes. Time flies though!

250 €

This is the intermediate time length. So ideal for many men who are afraid that one hour will fall too short. While 90 minutes a bit too long. It’s the 75 minutes session! Features are the same though you will be less stressed and your masseur will be able to use a larger amount of erotic grips.

300 €

This is Ronaldo’s’s most popular massage session: 90 minutes of blissful and extremely sexy and exciting massage. You can include erotic shower in this timing. Have an erotic shower with him. Ready to soap him up? That’s super hot!

400 €

This is Dario’s most popular massage session: two hours of bliss! He starts with a whole therapy massage, from head to toes. Massage connoisseurs are absolutely amazed by his skills. The last part of the session is extremely sexy and exciting. Even if you think this is a long time, Dario has the skills so you feel time just flew!

Oral as an extra

Though lollypop is not included in massage, it is also possible. If lollypop is a relevant feature to you please let us know. So please mention it in your SMS for the booking.


Booking any gay masseur in Madrid is as easy as contacting Paco!

Please be as clear and straightforward as possible, for example:

I want a massage with Ronaldo!”

Please include your location (Hotel or apartment) and also the session length you wish.

So are you ready to meet them personally?

Finally, if you prefer a gay escort, please check this link.

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