Mutual massage

Mutual massage

Mutual massage

Mutual massage from man to man means we can interact during our massage session. I will be giving you a massage and you can touch me back. No limits.

Are we both naked?

How far can we go?

Go on reading and you’ll find out everything about the sexiest gay massage ever!

What is mutual massage?

As the word says “mutual” means “each other”. The regular massage is about you lying down in an absolutely passive attitude. This is what we call “receiving massage” in our professional vocabulary.

Mutual massage is the regular therapeutic massage experience. The receiver does not need to worry about what to do. He is paying for the professional therapist to work on his body.

But what happens if you feel attracted to your masseur? You happen to like men and would like to caress his body. Or even go some extra mile.

Why mutual massage?

Massage can be a very hot and sensual moment for you. Gentlemen who request my services don’t risk booking a regular massage and then being rejected whenever they get a bit frisky.

If you are a man who knows you’d like to be allowed to touch your male masseur you’ll be better off here. By hiring a professional erotic masseur!

Remember: you are a pro at your job. You know the difference between being a trained professional and just an amateur. And you’ll want to receive the professional bodywork of somebody who knows the skills. And somebody having the erotic talent as well!

Since my job is tantric massage for gay men I not only allow to be touched but I’ll also encourage you to do so. I will guide you through the new landscapes of sharing sensual touch. The longer the session the more intense the sexual bliss.

Mutual massage for gay men

Are gay men friskier than the straight ones? I don’t think so! Men are men! Whatever we prefer in our sexual and emotional lives, we feel like reaching out and grabbing what we want to have. Let’s face it, the masculine instinct is like this!

I’m stating all these facts because you should know that male masseurs have their limits. And I think it is absolutely legitimate! Everybody should be aware and follow his personal limits in all departments of life.

You should always go with the stuff you feel comfortable with.

This is why you’ll also find male masseurs who don’t like to feel touched. Sensual massage has its specific professionals.

Count on me to enjoy the most wonderful mutual massage ever!

Do you want us both to be nude? Check my naked massage!

Mutual massage in Barcelona

If you are visiting Barcelona you have this amazing chance! Live up your erotic fantasies and be allowed to touch a male masseur. Also intimately.

“I have never had such a wonderful massage anywhere else. You are a relevant part of my Barcelona memories!”

Mutual massage man on man or m4m massage is a special experience. It goes a bit further than just massage for all the facts I stated before.

Are you longing to enjoy it?

Out-call mutual massage

I can travel to your hotel or private apartment anytime for your safest 24 hours massage. From Monday to Sunday. This is what we call outcall gay massage.

I am charging no extra fees inside Barcelona city! Isn’t this convenient!

Mutual massage studio

You are also welcomed to visit me at my studio. Please book ahead so everything is ready on your arrival.

Limits of mutual massage

I have my personal limits. If we already know each other these limits might change. Personal chemistry is relevant to both of us. As men we can’t fake sexual excitement.

Please check my FAQs page and call me if you have specific questions.

Massage and sex?

Well I’m not an escort. I am working with Matt, who has a much wider range of sexual services. Please check him out on

“I prefer a masseur who is not an escort. I want Paco”.

“Once I’m in a sexy massage as this I want to go one step further. I think Matt matches my wishes best!”

Book your mutual massage

Now you decided you are game! Just call or send me an SMS to set up the meeting. Anytime and anywhere feels best for you!

Paco: +34676648226

SMS: +34676648226

There is still much more to explore on my website and blog:

See you soon!

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