Matt gay masseur quit the massage industry

Matt gay masseur

Matt gay masseur quit the massage industry

Matt gay masseur was this young and handsome man. We say “was” because unfortunately he left this industry.

Fortunately for you, we can offer many new options, much better in massage quality, massage talent and also blessing!

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Just a short note on the picture heading this entry: Paco is the masseur on the left.

Matt gay masseur

Matt used to be in our team since 2014, and he has been serving clients until 2019. For many reasons —covid-19 is also one of them— he decided to quit. He first abandoned the team for almost one year. He made a very short come-back but he definitely chose to quit this industry for some personal reasons.

Many clients still remember him. Fortunately some new masseurs are able to fill this gap by offering even a much more professional service in many aspects, and delighting our clients beyond expectations.

Please check Alex, Jorge, Benito and Yamal, amazing professionals who work even better than Matt!

Erotic gay masseur

All the professional masseurs advertising here are proficient and well trained in many aspects of erotic massage. We are serving gay men, but Julian is also serving ladies since he is bisensual.

What talents do erotic masseurs need to fulfill?

Beyond physical assets, body beauty, facial beauty and blessing are extremely relevant to most of our clients.

The tender attitude of all our masseurs is a unique blend of masculinity and sweetness. I’d rather say it is an extremely sexy combination!

“I just fell in love with the masseur I chose. Just by seeing his picture! After he left my room I felt terribly alone”.

Most of our exclusive masseurs can be very seducing. Though be careful to understand the limits of our massage service and coaching.

“One hour with Benito is never enough. I think I need 2 years!”

“What do you think about gay marriage? I’m living in Los Angeles”.

Outcall gay massage

All the masseurs advertising on this website are also offering outcall massage.

Of course we also have our own massage studio. All the masseurs advertising here can serve you at this place, absolutely discrete, safe and always clean. Please have a look also at our covid-19 precautions!

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It is as easy as calling Paco to set up an appointment.

See you soon in Barcelona!

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