5 relevant Tips for erotic massage

Tips for erotic massage

5 relevant Tips for erotic massage

I am frequently contacted asking for tips and tricks. How to give an erotic massage? Many men and women need tips for erotic massage before facing a special rendez-vous. Sometimes because an intimate date feels extremely important.

These tricks can be the clue to succeed!

However, it’s also important to know exactly what is erotic massage for. Because understanding this you’ll be able to succeed much easier!

Tips for erotic massage

Giving an erotic or sensual massage is a matter of intimacy. And also preparation. You will need to think about a bunch of different and non frequent stuff. This way you’ll be able to set the perfect room and the perfect time.

Universal tricks for erotic massage

These tricks and tips for erotic massage are useful for all kinds of partners. Alike for heterosexual or straight massage, bisexual massage, lesbian massage and gay massage. Sometimes they call it male on male massage. Even m4m massage.

Though these tricks are universal so useful for everybody!


Before preparing an erotic massage it is relevant to have the intention of building some intimate moments. You need to have the specific attitude for sharing sexual desire and intimate communication. Mindful massage is another clue to name the attitude needed.


Serenity and privacy are relevant facts as well. Make sure you won’t be disturbed by anyone or anything. Put your phones on silent. Choose the right time of the day and avoid making plans for later on or after the massage. Only this way you will be able to totally focus on this moment of sensuality.

Privacy helps for a much better connection. You and your partner should feel isolated from the rest of the world.


The right ambience will help you creating the best erotic energy. Both in you and your partner. How can you build up the setting? Use appropriate lighting, dimmed, soft and not direct. Screen all the bulbs so the light is diffused and soft, never pointing to objects. A much better option than electric light is using candle light. You will surely find yellow, orange and red candles. Because these colours are the most tantric ones.


Burning sandal, incense sticks or other oriental aromas will give this special touch to the ambiance. Using these is not a frequent practise so it will help building up a really special moment. Olfactive dimension is a part of the erotic massage ritual.

Ritualise the moment

The pace you are leading the whole session with will determine intensity and duration. Take your time and start by breathing really slow. Teach your partner to do so as well without words. Try to set up a non spoken communication. Use your look, your touch, your breathing, all with intention and mindfulness.

You can use the very sexy moment of undressing to start touching each other. So undress each other and discover each other’s beauty, both physical and spiritual.

More tricks

I will soon post more tricks and tips for erotic massage here. Stay tuned and get ready to enjoy!

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