No hands climax

No hands climax

No hands climax

No hands climax is often happening during a Tantra massage. Are you curious to discover this uncontrollable pleasure in Barcelona?

So let’s speak about gun and pleasure!

You can also see a video showing Paco during a spontaneous ejaculation. Scroll down!

Spontaneous no hands climax

Did you ever had a spontaneous orgasm with ejaculation? And with no previous masturbation or direct stimulation? This happens frequently during the night or sleeping hours. Especially on teenagers, but it also happens t mature men.

This also can also happen while we have erotic dreams —or call it sexual dreams. We feel we are climaxing in our dream and once we wake up we find out we are all wet. And we really did ejaculate!

So this is the spontaneous version of the handless climax.

Though we can also turn this into something deliberate. How?

What is handless climax

As you know, the easiest way for a man to achieve an orgasm is using his hands. Onanismo or manual masturbation is a universal skill we seem to be born with. Many of us don’t need no older schoolboy to teach us. Though it’s always a sexier option!

Many men prefer having sex like in penetration. Because this is the most intense way to experience an orgasm. Many things are happening in this act to provide us with an amazingly strong, sweet and irresistible sexual pleasure.

  • Pelvic movements
  • Humid and tight grip all around the dick
  • Warmth
  • Intimate connection

Coming back to our subject, the no hands climax can happen in many ways. You have sure seen some videos on youtube of men shooting their sperm without touching their penis.

Once this happens it is the result of an unusual sexual stimulation. Let’s go ahead!

When does no hands climax happen

See the video here:no-hands-cum and check also videos on gay massage.

Did you ever cum without touching your dick?

“Yes, during penetration. I was bottoming for my husband and I just came! Just like that! Out of the blue!”

Prostate stimulation can achieve this really intense sexual stimulation. And it can trigger an amazing orgasm! Because anal penetration stimulates our prostate.

Prostate pleasure is one of the sacred Chakras or key points of Tantra massage.

“You were massaging my testicles and my sphincter when I felt I was getting closer and closer. I did not believe I was going to shoot just then —not to mention without touching my rod. But I did and it felt absolutely incredible!”

Combining different stimulation spots will get you to a new kind of orgasm. Nipples and armpits are also interesting sexual spots. Believe it or not.

If you are curious about it you should try it!

No hands climax massage techniques

Each and every man has his own G-spots. You know it.

“You pushed all the right buttons. I felt as if you knew me from a previous session. But this was the first time you were giving me your amazing massage”.

I have some other secrets I’ll not disclose here and now though.

Because the goal of all these stimulating techniques is your pleasure. Your enjoyment and your sexual excitement will take you gradually to a long awaited climax.

I will control it and it will only happen at the end of our massage session —if you wish. By then you will experience a very special orgasm:

  • Feel how your dick gets harder in front of you. No hands grabbing you!
  • You will see your most abundant ejaculation —ever!
  • Pleasure time will be much longer than usual
  • Sweetness will be incredible
  • Your orgasm will feel more intense than ever
  • Longer lasting sense of satisfaction
  • Your sexual drive will also be increased in the next days or week

This is an amazing experience you are now very close to live up. If you are in Barcelona or Sitges you shouldn’t miss it!

here you can choose among many exclusive masseurs to live it up with!

Enjoy your most special climax

Call me now and book your hottest gay massage ever!

Paco: contact me!

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See you soon in Barcelona!

Hands up!

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