Male nipples massage as the new stimulation for sensuality

Male nipples massage

Male nipples massage as the new stimulation for sensuality

Male nipples massage is a specific massage grip, a special feature not all masseurs remember to include in their sensual therapies. Not to mention therapy massages, which of course never work on so called “forbidden areas”. Besides, many legitimate massage therapists see this sort of stimulation as a too intimate one.

To me and all the exclusive masseurs, nipple massage is a “must” which should be a relevant aspect because of its sweetness!

The fact is that more and more clients are also asking about it before starting the session. Are you into it too?

What is male nipples massage

The male nipples are very similar to the feminine ones, though there’s a little difference you surely guessed. Men can’t still babies, but our nipples are as sensitive and capable of arousing sensual excitement as on the ladies.

The anatomic reason is a simple as nipples have thousands of nerve terminations. As our hands, fingers and anus.Depending on the sort of stimulation, the grips can go from sweet to painful. There are many men who like it a bit strong, though be always do it carefully.

All of us have the right training to tell if you wish to cross the boundaries of pain, though we never take it for granted.

Sensual nipples massage

You will seldom see a straight man requesting a nipples massage from their female counterparts. Nowadays bisensual men are a bit ahead and already experienced these amazing stimulation. So they oftentimes request it to make sure we perform this grip during our erotic massages.

Prostate massage is another technique which all the straight men know and tried before. Sooner or later they discover it as well, and from then on, they will always want it!

We don’t know if this is because of prejudice or because of male versus female roles. But in our opinion, all straight and bisensual men visiting our gay massage studio make sure we do these techniques. As they say, we do it much better than any female masseuse.

Secrets of nipple stimulation

When we speak about gay men, both nipples massage an prostate massage are a “must” to me. These should always be a relevant part in any sort of sensual session.

Of course we master all the little secrets of foreplay, and we use all the gradual levels of stimulation on these sexy body parts.

Not all gay men are sensitive on these areas though. Some guys are asking us to focus on many other grips as body to body massage and lingam massage. Which we certainly do!

To nipples massage lovers though, this is the best way to combine with masturbation to achieve climax!

This has been the most amazing climax ever! Nipples – plus anal – plus penis! Wooff!

Erotic nipples massage

The stimulation of nipples helps to increase the erotic temperature. Of course there are many tricks, and also the best moments to start performing it on the receiver.

Please allow me to keep these and other secrets to myself —I don’t want this to be a spoiler!

You need to remember though that we will practice many other stimulations on other body parts. For instance feet, buttocks, testicles, armpits and even the ears!

If you have any sort of preferences or limits, please say so before we start the session!

Try it in Barcelona!

Now you are visiting Barcelona, this is a perfect moment to indulge into this pleasure!

Our exclusive masseurs can serve you almost anytime, both as in-call or as out-call!

We also know a bunch of amazing gay masseurs in Madrid!

Finally, we are also serving gay massage in Sitges.

How does it all sound to you?

Hopefully exciting enough to try us!

Nipples massage expert

We include this special nipples massage in most of our massage menus. As you will see, the differences among them is interaction or not, ando also prostate massage.

So the whole massage experience depends on your own choices.

See you soon in Barcelona!

Contact Paco!

Please be also welcome to visit this website run by gay escorts, if you prefer a much more explicit sort of service.

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