Gay massage in Manhattan

Gay massage in Manhattan

Gay massage Manhattan: Matt and Paco are visiting manhattan in October. We will be there for one week only. Please make your reservation ahead of time. They have limited booking slots.

Please check gay massage in Manhattan

Paco’s gay massage Manhattan

Paco is visiting Manhattan every now and then. He has some recurring customers who also call him in Barcelona or set up appointments in Madrid.

Paco is also flying in to Manhattan under request. Please contact him to set up the meeting.

Erotic gay massage Manhattan

Paco and Matt are offering erotic massage for gay men. They also serve bisexual men and straight men who are curious to explore the homoerotic sensuality.

The erotic massage they offer has the foundation on tantric massage techniques though. They have the professional training to deliver this amazing experience!

To offer this intimate massage you need to have a specific training. But not only! Sexy attitude and generosity are also relevant assets. Though beyond relevant, this is absolutely necessary!

As some toys packaging say Paco and Matt “are sold separately”. If you allow us some little joke!

Anyway, you can hire them together for an amazing 4-hands massage! That’s the hottest massage experience you’ll ever have!

Tantric gay massage in Manhattan

Paco and Matt have many requests for erotic tantric massage for gay men in Manhattan. They go far beyond plain erotic bodywork. Tantric massage has some very special benefits. So it works differently from regular massages.

Order your gay massage in Manhattan

Paco and Matt usually stay at a hotel in Mid Town. This allows the customers to visit them as an in-call massage service.

Anyway, Paco and Matt can also travel to your location. That’s what you name outcall massage. In this case they will charge the needed taxi fees.

Please send us an SMS requesting our dates. Our next trip to Manhattan might be sooner than you expect!

Please call +34676648226

Or send us an SMS to +34676648226

We will be very happy to serve you!

If you are also interested in gay escort service please check Matt.

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