Affordable gay massage keeping everything about quality

affordable gay massage

Affordable gay massage keeping everything about quality

Affordable gay massage in Barcelona: the best balanced price for the best quality and the hottest gay bodywork you’ll ever have!

Please check our affordable massage prices after reading this post.

Affordable gay massage

Many guys call me before ever checking this website and blog. First off, they go like this:

“I need the cheapest gay massage”.

Sure! Since me (Paco) and all the exclusive gay masseurs focus on quality massage to many men our prices may seem pricey. Especially to the younger students.

As we say in Spain “cheap stuff is the most expensive”. This is not an excuse, it is a true statement, especially here in Spain. Because cheap services are doubtful. And there are many reasons for them to be as cheap.

“I first tried another guy. He was really cheap! His massage was even worse than his looks though and his place was awful. So the money I spent on him was a total waste. I wish I had trusted you (Paco) from the start!”

This is also true for so many other things in life! A cheap car might serve you for a semester before you start paying mechanics, broken pieces, working randomly. Let alone having to hear all those humiliating comments from your friends.

Usually that cheap rented apartment is too far from your job. So you won’t be able to save in commuting —say the cost of a cheap apartment is your quality life.

Money, time, deception. Cheap stuff also has its price!

So be smart! Find balance instead of extremes!

Because you deserve the best!

Don’t you work hard for your money!

Affordable gay massage in Barcelona

We are very aware you can find 30 € massages. We just encourage you to try them.

After trying them just remember this post!

You won’t be the first to call back the day after and complain about other services. Please don’t say we did’t warn you.

Finally, you guessed it: our goal is the full quality of our services in all aspects.

Balanced gay massage prices

Most of our customers tell us we are offering the most balanced and reasonable prices. The highest quality for a medium range price!

The clue is finding this sweet spot between quality and cost. We also do have expenses just to be there. Existing as a legal business is hard and expensive in Spain.

“Your prices are fair! I did never had such a wonderful massage in other cities of the world. Not even more expensive massages have been better than yours. You guys rule!”

We are serving many customers a day. This is the proof we are offering the right service for the right price.

Affordable gay massage for out-call

Just for your information, many massage service are offering out-call without speaking about the transport fees.

Once you pay the massage you’ll have the terrible and nasty surprise to be asked for a random additional amount of money “for the taxi”.

This is never happening with us.

We don’t charge transport fees to our massage prices either.

If your location is really far from Barcelona’s city center we will let you know and we will deal personally. Common sense is crucial to us and you will see it.

Our best massages include quite far transportation most of the times.

Affordable gay massage prices

So these our our most affordable massage therapies. We call them “Express massages” because three of them are a bit shorter than one hour.

Express Relaxing Massage

The starting therapy of 45 minutes of duration.

90 €

Peaceful, releasing, also very spiritual and soft. You can achieve an amazing climax.

Express Prostate Massage

The middle range therapy of 45 minutes of duration.

120 €

Less spiritual than the previous, focused on prostate massage and including some body to body massage. You can achieve a blissful climax.

Express Naked Massage

The naked and inter-active therapy of 45 minutes of duration.

150 €

Want it cheaper? Sure!

120 €

For the 30 minutes session.

Longer and cheaper sessions

Peaceful, releasing, very spiritual and soft. You can achieve a powerful climax.

Regular Relaxing Massage

The starting therapy of 60 minutes of duration.

120 €

If 45 minutes are enough for you:

90 €

The full hour and full therapy for this peaceful, releasing and very spiritual bodywork. You can achieve a very special climax.

As you can see there are many options for massages under 200 €.

30 minutes massages

Finally, also 30 minutes sessions are available sometimes. We understand it as an emergency on your side. Call us and let’s discuss the details.

Order your affordable gay massage now

So book ahead and be safe! We are getting many calls and sometimes we can’t serve last minute calls.

Call Paco: contact me!

You are also invited to check the full website though! Many more contents as testimonials and erotic stories.

See you in Barcelona!

Please check also gay escorts in Barcelona if you expect full service!

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